How to get time-lapse photography right | Nikon D7200 & Corey Rich
How to get time-lapse photography right | Nikon D7200 & Corey Rich

18 thoughts on “How to get time-lapse photography right | Nikon D7200 & Corey Rich”

  1. Junkrat says:

    Awesome tips!!!! Now just to get the Nikon D7200 one day πŸ™‚

  2. Teo Pit says:

    yeah,no flicker,BULLSHIT,how much did the adobe after effects flicker free cost?because that's what you used,in-camera "exposure smoothing,had absolutely NO effect on the flicker of for example a sunrise I filmed,even though the only auto settings was the A mode and auto ISO,it still had a lot of flicker.Cant a fucking company be honest just for once? for fuck sake

  3. 1bradsvids says:

    I followed this video exactly, with a Nikon D7200, timelapse photography mode, Aperture Priority, Auto ISO, Active D Lighting Off, Vignette Control off Exposure Smoothing On everything mentioned in the video, photographed a sunrise today…bad flickering in final video, I don't understand how you could get a non flickering video using Auto ISO, surely the camera will adjust the ISO between shots, tried again with a set ISO and no flickering seen in final video, does Exposure Smoothing do anything ??

  4. 1bradsvids says:

    Don't misunderstand me, Β the D7200 kicks arse, just a bit disappointed with this particular video.

  5. Grimrepear says:

    Really cool πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  6. John S says:

    Corey – probably shouldn't say "guys like us"…women are photographers too.

  7. Dave White says:

    this showed nothing about the timer settings lol and Nikon gives this fool cameras??

  8. T Van says:

    Why don't you use videos time lapse interval on the Video Icon setting that build in the d7200? I can see you using the Camera Icon setting the interval timer shooting.

  9. Manuales Y Tutoriales says:

    Download the user's guide:
    -> (ES)
    -> (EN)

  10. Matias Sentis says:

    Increible la del taxi

  11. Digital Escapades says:

    What color grading did you use in this video? Thanks

  12. daniel tonina says:

    hello Cory I am a photographer of the glaciers national park. I'm here to see tutorials to learn how to use time laps and I just found this video!
    nothing better than the same place where I'm going to do it !!!
    Thank you so much I hope I can do it!

  13. orion 2250 says:

    Going to try 1 st experiment with sunrise time lapse with my new D. Wish me luck..because I think something wonderful is gonna happen

  14. aym313 says:

    Hi I've got same idea, where can I buy the suction mount?

  15. Michael Nylif says:

    Really Cool!

  16. A guy with a camera says:

    The in-built timelapse mode consumes a lot of battery, is the auto interval mode any better in this sense? I can't leave the timelapse going for all the hours I want because of the battery

  17. Sjengstah says:

    how long am i able to shoot a time lapse on average say in the night with a original Nikon battery and 3s interval on a D7200? i know an exact number is hard to tell but an estimated would be much appreciated.

  18. Aaditya kaak says:

    How to get this function in 7100

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