How to Get More Photography Clients
How to Get More Photography Clients

everybody my name is Walid and I said in
this video you’re gonna learn some amazing stuff number one you’re gonna
find out why people hire photographers it’s not the reason that you think and
number two I’m gonna show you exactly a new trick that you can do that’s gonna
make you stand out to your clients but one of the things that I do that really
helps you find unique locations for photo shoots and helps me think and
helps me find unique textures and ideas and everything for my shoots is I
actually wander to different places so I always go around I walk different places
I try to find what’s unique to me this is Bernie rad so here we go we are
at an airport I don’t know how this is but this is so cool look this is in this
video you’re gonna learn how to stand out to your clients in a way that nobody
else can nobody else really does and I want you guys to try this trick it’s
easy and it’s actually the preferred method of sticking out to your clients
okay now I’m going to tell you five reasons why people hire photographers
what they’re looking for and what makes you stand out above the rest number one
a lot of people think it’s for your camera so I want to go ahead and I want
to squash that right now nobody is hiring you because of your camera no
one’s hiring because of your lens or your tripods why they’re hiring you you
remember we are in the age of throw a rock and hit a photographer
if you guys are wondering why I’m at an airport I’m gonna tell you exactly why
but I’m gonna keep talking first as to why photographers get hired what clients
look for and how you can absolutely stand out okay so number one people are
hiring you for your personality they’re not hiring you for your camera they’re
not hiring you for any of your gear I promise you that’s never gonna be a
reason why somebody hires you or somebody of value that wants to hire you
and I’ve never had anybody in my career ask me what kind of cameras I have I’ve
never had JLo asked me I’ve never had uh sure asking me I’ve never had anybody
from NFL or CBS or anybody else that has ever hired me ask me what kind of camera
I have so that’s the first thing that we want to put to bed is the myth that your
camera is everything people generally want to work with
others that are pleasant they want to work with people that match their
personality skills and these are very very long days and long projects so they
want to work with people that are gonna make the experience wonderful for them
now keep in mind if there are so many photographers how are you gonna stand
out so many people have the same type of photographs but nobody can ever beat you
so you want to go ahead and show your personality can you stick out can you
stick out above the rest or are you gonna be pleasant to work with and is it
going to be something that’s gonna make everybody look good make everybody be
happy if you cannot be pleasant nobody wants to work with you no matter how
good of equipment you have or how good of a portfolio you have the second
reason why people hire photographers is because they want to know can you lead a
set can you lead the models into being in the right position can you lead the
crew the producers the hair the makeup the stylistic catering the studio
manager can you believe that agency executives and anybody else on set can
you be that point person and still take a beautiful picture because if you can
you are gonna go ahead and stand out above the rest above other photographers
any day I’m gonna go underneath the wing because the wind is a little bit lighter
so the third reason why some photographers get jobs and other ones
don’t people want to know can you deliver not only on time can you deliver
ahead of schedule can you deliver under budget and can you exceed everyone’s
expectations that’s what they’re looking for
they don’t care about your camera they don’t care about your lenses they don’t
care about your gear number four number four why certain
photographers get jobs over other ones is because of reputation reputation is
everything people want to know are you honest are you gonna make me look good
are you gonna deliver on time are you safe are you gonna be good for me are
you gonna make me look good reputations are built over years but they come down
overnight so you want to make sure that your reputation is solid so you’re
probably wondering why the hell is well lead at an airport I’m gonna tell you
why I’m at an airport and why it makes sense now of course the fifth reason why
people hire certain photographers over others is actually the work you know we
sometimes we forget it is about the work and it’s about what you can provide the
client so what they’re looking for is consistency they’re looking for the
master they’re not really looking for the jack-of-all-trades or at least the
clients that like to pay your fair wages they’re not looking for
jack-of-all-trades they are actually looking for the master so those are the
five reasons why some photographers get the job and some of them are just left
behind it is not about your camera it’s not about your lens it’s not about your
lights or your gear it’s how you use them and it’s more about the person
holding that camera than the actual camera body itself now that we discussed
the five main reasons why some photographers get jobs and other ones
don’t I want to tell you one simple trick that’s gonna put you ahead of
everybody else that’s gonna put you on the map and it’s gonna instantly sell
you just like that to your clients all right guys so by now you’re probably
wondering what the heck I’m doing at an airport I’m gonna tell you exactly what
I’m doing here this place is one of my favorite places only because as a kid I
wanted to be a pilot I want actually before that I wanted to be an airplane
and then I realized I couldn’t be one I wanted to be a pilot I’ve always had the
special fascination with airplanes these metal birds are fly through the sky
I’m amazed every single time I’m on them so wait a minute so if everybody is
hiring you for you for your personality what you can accomplish they want to be
around somebody pleasant wouldn’t it make sense that you actually leave them
a video instead of a whole long paragraph or essay about you right that
would probably make a whole lot more sense so this is what I’m suggesting and
this is what I’ve actually seen work with the students in my master class I
want you guys to make a video because if people are hiring you for you
let’s give him you let’s cut out the whole long essay let’s not scare them
let’s not overwhelm them let’s actually give them a video that they can watch
they can sense where you are they can make a decision and you have a much
higher chance of actually hooking in your ideal client remember that is our
goal to find the ideal client so what would make a good successful video might
tell you everything every good thing has five parts who what when where and why
five things if you know those five things you are golden so I’m gonna go
down the list real fast and I’m gonna cognate to a mock video at an airport so
you guys get an idea and actually do some of them number one who here’s one
everybody my name is Wally dasami thank you so much for visiting my website in
particular the about me page obviously you want to find out a little bit about
me and this video is gonna show you who you could be working with number one I’m
a commercial photographer I’m a music video director by direct branded content
commercials and I’m also a creative director where I help brands go from one
level to the next simple enough right so here’s the second w-what so here’s an
example of what I do so I’m a commercial photographer I’ve done record covers for
people like Usher and Ciara I’ve directed music videos for Tamar Braxton
Mariah Carey Chris Aguilera for TV spots like NFL CBS
Volkswagen HP computers I’ve done a lot of branded things look right off the bat
if you are looking for a commercial director I’m your guy
if you’re looking for a commercial photographer I’m your guy you can trust
me if you are looking for someone to photograph your wedding I’m not your guy
if you’re looking for someone to photograph maybe just a headshot I’m not
your guy this video tells you right off the bat Who I am and my ideal clients
that I’m looking for so here’s the third one where so I’m a commercial
photographer out of Los Angeles California but I’m often in New York
other parts of the country and I’ve also traveled around the world for my work
simple enough that’s all that is now they know I’m not in Phoenix Arizona but
I could get to Phoenix Arizona if it’s the right job is a little bit tricky so
you can use when any which way when did I start photography you could talk about
when you decided to go commercial or when you decided to master the genre
that you’re in or when you are available or when is the best time that they could
reach you the same thing with even who you could talk about and who you want to
work with you could talk about what you photograph and you could talk about what
you want to photograph all of this is gonna be very conversational you’re
talking to the camera are very very simple finally the fifth one is the Y
which is so important why do they need to hire Y leaders on me why do they need
to hire you that Y is also why I’m at the airport the reason why I’m at the
airport is because I have this fascination with finding new things I
have this fascination with being a pilot one day maybe right hopefully I have
this fascination with discovering new spots seeing new things that other
people are not shooting at I have that kind of fascination so that
is why I’m here at the airport it’s not a really huge reason it’s more of this
is a spot that I loved I’m fascinated by these machines big and small and it
tells them a little bit more about me remember I told you they’re hiring
people for their personalities now there are some people that are gonna watch
this and go just dork walks around an airport that’s not my guy and that’s
cool I’m not your guy I don’t want to be
hired by you you don’t want my services and there’s nothing wrong with that but
there will be that person that gets it and they’re like I like this guy he
walks around different places he discovers different places he’s not
really afraid to try new things he’s somebody I want to work with on this job
on my client he’s somebody I want to bring into my project so doesn’t have to
be so big you could be walking in a park you could be sitting at your desk at
your kitchen counter it does not matter show them who you are show them what
makes you happy show them what makes you stick out the
video doesn’t have to even be very long the whole video should be no more than
two minutes discover your five W’s sprinkle a few extra tips about you and
let them hire you for you remember nobody is hiring you for your camera
your equipment they are hiring you for you so you might be wondering what else
you can throw in the video that gives it a little bit of flavor a little bit more
about you tell them tell them what you like tell them that’s why I want you to
sit at your kitchen counter I came to an airport you can walk around the park you
could be sitting there with your dog or your children or whichever other hobbies
you have it’s not about being that creative it’s just about being yourself
so this should actually be so much easier because I’m asking you to be you
so I’m at an airport I love this I go jogging around an airport I have no idea
if that’s legal it scares the crap out of me every time I do this and I’m
someone’s to stop me but I don’t care I love it I
love this area the right client is going to see that the right client is going to
be this is the kind of guy I want to work with as a creative director he
thinks outside the box this is the kind of person I want to use as a director or
a photographer show them who you are show them what you stand for show them
what’s important to you and watch how you stand out it’s gonna blow away
anything that is a written about me or about us page tell them what you do show
a little video the video can only be two minutes long that’s so simple
watch your bookings go up so I want you guys to try this I want you guys to put
yourself out there just be very informal walk around with your iPhone and just
make a simple video people are hiring you for you
they are never hiring you for your camera all right guys okay guys so if
you are a photographer that wants to build your photography business that you
actually want to start booking more clients make money from this and take a
full time and I’ve got a free workshop for you that if you sign up right down
below this video there’s a free sign up for a workshop that I’m teaching online
I have three requests from you I’m gonna try get it to you real fast
before the airplane comes number one make sure you sit somewhere quiet and
take good notes number two bring a piece of paper and a pen take great notes and
number three make sure that your internet connection is fast I’m giving
you guys a lot of information and I actually thought about charging for this
course but I’m not it’s a free gift to you I want to help you guys find your
ideal clients which will help you advertise better which will help you
post better design your galleries better market better write your captions on
social media better and all in all relate to your clients so your ideal
client finds you thank you so much for watching you guys I’m gonna get out of
here thanks so much for watching guys I am
gonna go home done exploring by the way that was a cop
behind me he was watching me nothing you leave about being here I don’t think

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