How to Find Your Person, with Science!
How to Find Your Person, with Science!

91 thoughts on “How to Find Your Person, with Science!”

  1. Mubarak Hayath says:

    Trace Army Yaay✌️

  2. Raghav Gupta says:

    Are you trying to say psychopaths aren't my type !?
    My whole life's been a lie😐

  3. Abdul Rauf says:


  4. Abdul Rauf says:

    She must be a 1. Russian 2. a physics PhD 3. My type( which can't be described by words I guess, when you see one you know it).

  5. Moxie says:

    Someone who's smart, can and does work with his hands (if not for work at least for fun/to fix stuff that needs fixing), funny, loves animals, is friendly, not self absorbed or pretentious, likes to talk about hypothetical scenarios and questions, taller than me, gives great hugs, loves traveling, is okay with staying at home and watching a movie, nice teeth, good hygiene and has short hair or wears a man bun all the time 😀

  6. Peter Quinn says:

    pleased about your mum Trace…. i have no idea what my family would do without the NHS, but i bet it cost

  7. Quinn says:

    My "type" is smart (nerdy is a plus) and outgoing, usually charming but also likes to be a bit competitive :3 >_> and I like them to be a bit bigger than me ^_^

  8. Alejandro Seetal says:


  9. Local skeptic says:

    Omg this is just what i need

  10. EAE says:

    I'm 30 yrs old and have never even seen real life boobs with my own two eyes. This vid clearly isn't for me.

  11. GilgameshEthics says:

    Whoo humans. Loving whoever's closest and easiest since we are just monkeys after all

  12. DreiMusic says:

    It's 122° in Saudi arabia and I'm walking outside.

    My types is someone who I am smarter than. Technically people I can manipulate.

  13. Sori Fierce says:

    I like skinny and short (cause you can pick them up) and cute personalities, like that bit hyper or like when they sing loudly to music just because they like the song… You know, not dead inside

  14. Zulthyr says:

    1. Not my family
    2. A human being

  15. Sori Fierce says:

    Wait no more!! I like your beard

  16. Lionel L. says:

    My type is breathing, human, and nothing like me.

  17. Nomad Sessions says:

    You're definitely my type, Trace

  18. Manuel Bonet says:

    2:45 Why is type an adjective? I'd say it's a noun, but considering I am a non-native English speaker I might be wrong.

  19. Mai Mariarti says:

    My type is me. I love me. I listen and obey me. We are together until death do us part.
    Since I am the only one of my kind, there isn't another to "Compliment" me.
    I am complete as is.

  20. UniQuE TV says:

    someone who is female, asian, has a pretty and big face, is open minded, short ~150-180cm, ~ age of 20-30, knows TwitchTV-memes, …

  21. Dann Mitton says:

    Love you and your vids so much! My comment isn't really about types (that's a whole 'nother conversation) but off-topic about the vids themselves. I think part of the reason folks like me have followed you to your channel from Seeker is your force of personality and the way you curate information. We're invested in your personality and delivery. So I'm not sure if you edit your own vids or not, but it could be cute (especially on social-science-heavy vids) to include B-roll bloopers as outtros? That way you're always reinforcing the personality, curiosity, humility, sense of humour that's central to your brand while making the viewer feel even more connected to you as a person? Keep making these vids, I love your work. <3

  22. thebatmanover9000 says:

    I like cis gender females with tattoos, piercings, no religion and no woo beliefs.

  23. Don't, Jimm says:

    Thanks Trace! I listened to you on SNAQ the other day and it was awesome! I live near Pittsburgh.

  24. Suvi-Tuuli Allan says:

    So I want to date someone ugly, broken, unstable… a complete failure… my data don't fit your model, never dated anyone like that

  25. Don't, Jimm says:

    I really don’t feel like this applies to me but I guess that’s how everyone feels.

  26. Don't, Jimm says:

    Heck yeah explorted!!

  27. elianna m. says:

    Oh, I was just thinking about installing audible!!! Thanks Trace!!!

  28. Don't, Jimm says:

    Great beard, Trace!

  29. Vinicius says:


  30. Vinicius says:

    Please, make a video about manipulation on studies.

  31. - says:

    • How can people like others who are like themselves and people who complement them? 🤨 You can't complement yourself; that's an identity function (in this context, literally 😀) like multiplying by one or adding zero. Humans are inconsistent and want literally impossible things. ¬_¬
    • For most people, the only factor that has any influence is who's available near by and will reciprocate. ☹

  32. Dumb Bitch says:

    Finding out trace isn't gay is making me suicidal

  33. Like Bot says:

    I don't think you'd be able to be yourself with your "type". I married the person who I feel most relaxed around and she is definitely not my type and I couldn't love her more.

  34. Mixter Muxter says:

    a robot.

  35. Pjs 27188 says:

    Hmm, I guess what all my partners had in common was..a pulse pumping red blood

  36. Laura Pulido says:

    Tall, tanned, brown, or dark skin, a bit thin, and dark hair. Smart, with hobbies, likes cooking, and reading. Should like to dress up (but not always of course)

  37. What_are_we_doing ? says:

    Thanks for the info. Also great content 😀

  38. Jerry Rupprecht says:

    Stop talking about heat while I’m in the middle of winter!

  39. Zander says:

    Thank you so much for this Trace. It honestly helped me out a lot.

  40. Ped-Away-G says:

    yeah… come to think of it my type really is a version of me… that's weird.

  41. Saul Goodman says:

    My type:
    is who are smart, strong, and can agrue with me and sometimes wins too, outgong, love animals (cats)
    Same height as me (174 cm [shorter grils my secound type]), beautyfull legs, ass, and bolnde, but naturally brunett

  42. Karina Hunter says:

    All the compliments directed towards you – because you know, You're AWESOME! 🙂 Thanks for another great video Trace 🙂 Have a great weekend. Hugs from Northern Ontario (unless that's crowding your personal space in which case maybe a high five? LOL) 😉

  43. Paul Anup says:

    Don't understand what you said, but you talked about psychology or may be. I am concerned about a similar thing. When a man is in Teen, he has certain sets of youth icons. When he grew to twenties he have other icons. As he grew older, the number of icons, role model reduces. Where does he look at when he is in 40's or 50's?

  44. It's Me says:

    I like people who are smart.
    Cute. Kind. Non religious. Non judgemental.

  45. EctoMorpheus says:

    3:55 damn, imagine actually doing "X" for a living 😂 you'd be completely depleted of serotonin, but at least the first few weeks of the job were really fun

  46. Peter Schmidt says:

    Funny, I've always said for years that the best person to be with is someone who complements you, not someone who only compliments you. Though, what I meant by that was you actually don't want someone who is just like you, but similar. You want someone who is different enough to you that they make up for your shortcomings, but isn't so different that their interests and behaviors clash with yours. It's all about finding the right balance. You want someone similar enough to you that you can relate to them and feel like they're family, but not so similar that it becomes a competition. Besides, there are aspects about ourselves that we don't like, and we don't need someone so similar to us to promote that.

    Anyway, I agree everyone has a type, but I legitimately don't know what it is. I know confidently what it isn't, but that's still very broad. Every single person I've dated was completely different from the others, whether that be weight, political alignment, religion, skin color, sexual promiscuity, interests, wealth, or height.

  47. Mr. Bennett says:

    Back when I was dating, my "type" was someone who was sexually active, I could spend time with and not feel like I was forcing anything, didn't trigger a disgust response of any kind (either from physical attractiveness, personal qualities, or uncontrollable things like reminding me of my mother mid-date), and, crucially, lived within 25 miles of my home location. I'd push for 50 if I REALLY liked them, but those generally never worked and it was always more of a hook-up situation.

  48. Cyberwoolf LOL says:

    i can deleat every point after thinking xD interesting

  49. Peter Hamilton says:

    For me, the order of importance has been:

    1) Someone who is honest, and has integrity
    2) Someone who has similar values
    3) Someone I'm physically attracted to (Average in looks)
    4) Some level of common interests would be nice, though I tended to pick up my partner's interests, more than vice versa

    I was in a relationship for 25 years, and we grew apart as we aged. I then spent five years in dating and in relationships, and it was difficult.

    The hardest thing in those years of dating was being in a relationship with someone who had mental illness (Depression, PTSD, and a long list of other mental and physical issues). I'm not someone to just someone by those sorts of things, but I would learn than mental illness REALLY affects who we are, and I wouldn't go through that again.

    And then I just met the woman who I clicked with effortlessly. All prior relationships had required work. This one is just so easy. We seem to compliment each other effortlessly. We married after nine months. If you told me I'd marry someone in under a year, I'd have said you were crazy.

  50. GuanoLad says:

    My type has always been consistent. A creative, independent, funny, intelligent sort. Enough similarities to get along together, enough differences to learn from each other. Physically, I've always liked women with dark hair and a tomboyish style, but that's loosened up considerably over the years.

  51. PixelFodder says:

    Science says: You've got to slay some dragons to get to your queen.

  52. emanuel hammond says:

    I like short haired girls that can challenge me and motivate me to be better than I am now, she also has to like games and anime.

  53. Joebie Kong says:

    Other men who are attracted to men; calm and conceded yet has a goofy side and makes me laugh. Prominent arms and strong forehead and weak jawbone structure. Agnostic/atheist.

  54. Sofía T Garcia says:

    When you're down by the sea and an eel bites your knee…that's a moray!

  55. katgirl One says:

    I'm a nerd and I am attracted to dumb men cause they're easy to dominate

  56. NinjaSquirel99 says:

    My type :Feminine people, not not necessarily women but people with some amount of femininity. I'm demi so likely a friend but someone I can get to know as a friend for a couple months. Someone nerdy with aspirations.

  57. Jay Marcum says:

    Another great vid Trace!

  58. W9e0e2e3e4pizza NC Compilations says:

    Adventurous, moderatly talkative/social, loves the outdoors, is at least mildly knowledgable in modern sciences, not short (cause well, I'm tall), mildly to not religious, doesn't favor everything everyone says as equal no matter of backgrounds (IE: is rational and uses facts).

  59. Branli Caidryn says:

    Pun overload! :: faints ::

  60. Collin Willoughs says:

    Male. White. European (specifically from England or Germany). About my height or shorter (5'9") though height doesn't really matter at the end of the day. Weight depends a lot; typically I like my size or lighter but there's a few guys on the heftier side that are great in other aspects that the weight doesn't really matter. I don't mind a few tattoos but don't over-do it – and if there are tattoos, they have to mean something to him. Not just because it was "something to do on a Friday night". Green eyes, brown hair, freckles are cute, clean shaven.

    Communicates when there's a problem. Speaks English (and preferably German as well). Is a gamer. Not obsessed with anime. Funny and likes dark humour. Atheist but can discuss religion respectfully. Likes foreigners as much as I do. Wants to travel. Creative in some way (filmmaking, drawing, music, etc). Educated (doesn't end sentences with prepositions, respects the Oxford comma – things like that; though academically that'd be nice too). Would like a family. Financially smart (no gambling and saves regularly). Doesn't smoke, drink, crew tobacco, vape, abuse drugs, etc. Likes cats and wouldn't mind having a black, or black and white one. Faithful (won't cheat). I'd like for us to have similar interests but if not then at least be willing to try things (like D&D). Programming is hot; ngl. If you can program at all that's fucking hot but personally I like C++. Java is also cool. LISP is trash and you should feel bad.

    That all said, love can come in all forms. This is just what I would choose if I could create the perfect guy for me like in The Sims and be as specific to my likes as possible but most of this is shit that doesn't matter. There's a few in there that are deal breakers (like being male…) but all of it is on a per individual basis. This doesn't mean I don't find non-whites sexually attractive or that I won't date an American (such as myself). These are just preferences; not laws of the universe.

  61. Chelsea Conlin says:

    Hmm, my type is any gender, intelligent and funny, doesn't want kids, loves animals, is very liberal, and vegan.

  62. Aya M Bayomi says:

    my type is a rational, reasonable person who is also emotionally generous, it would be nice if he also read Jane Austen and shared my faith, my physical type is a bit of mystery to me though, I mean my favorite character from Arabic literature Refaat Ismail is not exactly the definition of handsome by any measure, my favorite athlete Mo Salah is middle eastern handsome with curly hair and dark dreamy eyes and my favorite character from international literature is Aragon, so there is no clear pattern here.

  63. Daniel Nicholson says:

    My type: guys since I'm gay oof

  64. Just Here says:

    My Type:
    Slightly shorter than average
    Open minded
    Well educated, or at least very knowledgable in a few topics, preferably science or math.
    Has good manners
    Listens to Rock
    Loves scary movies
    Not overly materialistic

  65. J Wild says:

    Trace! I missed you! I haven't been able to watch YouTube lately and I missed you❤

  66. Osiris Malkovich says:

    My type is me! All this time I thought I was a narcissist!

  67. Şahin yaşar says:

    I dont know What's my type
    What should i do to know ?

  68. xavillinares says:

    Sorry to say this Trace, but had a hard time trying to follow your speech and missed half the information you give. Too fast for me, and that's saying a lot, because I can understand Hank Green 😅

  69. Hari Dulal says:

    My type is intelligent , handsome and you have great sense of humour

  70. Tate Hawk says:

    Is the audio different?

  71. beau costa says:

    i like people that look nice and approachable, fun, (having tattoos, piercings and dyed hair is a plus) have no religion, people that like at least some of the music i listen to, have soft skin, good listeners, like cats and other “not so lovable” animals such as pigeons and rats, have a good sense of style and good taste in memes (that’s definitely hard to find tho)… and are emotionally mature and resolved

  72. Kawsar Hussain says:

    Wow. so Ill never date a Stacy ;(

  73. Sarah -changed my icon_ says:

    I definitely am attracted to people like me. I'm a little self absorbed, so I'm not gonna try to deny it. I love most of my traits, and think I'd make a great partner, and some one just like me would be perfect for me. Both physically and in personality. If only I could clone myself…

  74. kavii suri says:

    I like girls who are ambitious and passionate in life. Someone who doesn't just want my attention and care but give it back. Someone so cute i just wanna hug them all the time😊

  75. joseph's daughter's son says:

    But I'm biiiiiiii! 😭😫

  76. Borsányi Márton says:

    At 02:10 comes there perfect description of “my type” 😆😆😆

  77. Deadlyish says:

    I've been single for a year, after the end of a ten year relationship, so I've been considering what I'm even looking for quite a bit lately. For me it's probably a mix of things I aspire to or like about myself (educated, open-minded, non religious, similar values, in reasonable shape) as well as some things that are pretty different to myself (someone who's financially secure, healthy, extroverted, creatively talented). Still not sure how I'm going to find someone like that, but I'll keep looking.

  78. Matt S says:

    I've heard that commenting on this youtube video drastically increases your chances of finding that special someone. My type? Huh. I never really thought of that. I'll go with smart and sarcastic, with a healthy dose of post-modern sensibility.

  79. Athrun000 says:

    Someone who is at least average looking; an atheist; scientifically-literate; inverted; generally cheerful/optimistic.

  80. Holly Wood says:

    I am pretty open, but I know I am attracted to bigger guys with shaggy hair who work with their hands or have a Master's degree. I also like if they play an instrument. My main attraction is character though. I need someone who is understanding, patient, and just genuine.

  81. Sonia says:

    Trace, could you hook me up with some videos on criticisms of both qualitative and quantitative research in psychology? Or criticisms and benefits of reductionism in psychology and how it impacts us today. I really enjoyed this as a topic in my undergrad and found myself drawing blanks in a recent conversation about it.

    Also please for the love of god make a video on how articles are manipulated to predict certain results.

  82. Brad Thomas says:


  83. Jonathan Brady says:

    I'm attracted to people who are smart, logical, honest, kind, warm, can communicate their wants and needs, and are non-religious. (oh and I say people, but specifically guys)…. Oh and Trace, here's your compliment; I love that you aren't afraid to be a little more 'fem', and your enthusiasm and, for lack of a better word, your 'aura'.

  84. artchick07 says:

    Thank you for always including LGBTQ+ folks. It means a lot. Your videos are always fabulously informative.

  85. Alestrius says:

    3 months late getting to this video on a binge of your channel, but.

    I don't really have a physical type. My type is (usually) interested in nerdy pursuits of some fashion or another, simply so I have something I can talk about in common. Preferably loves cats, but will accept a dog lover if their dogs are WELL BEHAVED and they also like cats. Must be able to fill time with conversation when I fall short, preferably can make me laugh, is able to deal with my need for space and distance from people at times. Must be able to agree to disagree on things we disagree on (especially things like politics, religion, etc.). MUST BE ABLE TO MAKE THE COMMITMENTS THEY COMMIT TO (especially things like "let's have a date on Saturday at 7." — it's fine if something comes up once in a while or life emergencies, but someone who's perpetually canceling things or "spontaneous" instead of a planner is hell for me to deal with).

  86. ICEE Wifey says:

    I like men who are wise, caring HONEST, even about little things. And who want love for more than just physical attraction. And I love nice smiles, and nice clothes styles.

  87. Darwin Kalenor says:

    I like girls that can do math.
    That shit is sexy

  88. Thulani Mtileni says:

    My type is someone short, body fit, Wild, Smart, someone who travels

  89. Niklas Universe says:

    I like a lot of things in people. In men I like beards, cool hair styles, broad shoulders, some muscles (but not too buff). I also like it when they wear some typically feminine accessories. In women I like a curvy body, not too thick and not too thin. I'm actually not a huge fan of massive boobs, it's totally fine if they're a little on the smaller side. I also for some reason really like women who wear glasses. I like both short and long haircuts, it depends on the person. I don't have any prefered race or ethnicity. There are beautiful people all around the globe. Personality wise I like people who are very gentle and have a good sense of humor. Someone who's probably also a bit of an introvert but can open up when you get to know them. I also really like intelligent people. Maybe also a bit of a nerd. Also someone who is not religious or at least not very strictly religious, as that clashes with my personal lifestyle. Yeah, I guess that's the short version of it. It's already long enough. But I've also felt attracted to people who don't fall into these categories. These are just the most likely ones I fall for, from what I've experienced so far.

  90. Hezekiah Apostol says:

    Sodomy is a sin and God is real as well as His finger print: 1.618

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