How to Find Good Free Stock Photos

Oh, hi there. I just got done shooting a stock photo. There’s a good chance that in a few
days, you’ll see it on thousands of blogs and websites. You might even download a copy for
your own website. Stock photos can be a necessary evil for small
businesses. No one likes spending hours, scrolling through pages, just to find the right one. However, unless you’re going to take the photos yourself or commission a very expensive
photographer to take them for you, you’re pretty much stuck with stock photos. Hey, man! We use free stock photos because…free. They are free. And there’s some decent ones out there. However…most of them suck. And, just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean that you can just use it. There are licensing rules out there. Look for the Creative Commons “CC0” license,
which means you can use the photo however you like. Remember that while taking your own photos can be very expensive, you pay a different cost with stock photos: You pay with your time, sorting through dozens of photos to find the right one to fit your site and your budget. Please tell me there’s something better
out there than hands holding tiny things. Indeed there is, Amy, just keep looking. If you’re not an art school grad, it can be tough to figure out what makes a good stock photo. So here are a few questions
to ask yourself when searching for stock photos. First, is it boring? Just say no to boring stock photos. Second, do the colors work with your site,
and do the images work with your brand? You may want something bold if your site is
low key, or sleek and minimalist, if it’s pretty busy. Just because a photo is cool doesn’t mean that it fits your brand. Does the subject make sense for what you need
it for? If you’re having a hard time finding exactly
what you need, try thinking in more abstract terms of what could represent your topic. Finally, one last suggestion. Take a look at the free stock photos we put together. We sifted through—literally—thousands
of stock photos and found 150 really good ones that we think could help with your business. We made sure that they’re all CC0, free to use with no attribution necessary. So just click the link to download our free stock
photo pack and save yourself a little time!

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