How to find free stock photos for your website or social media ads
How to find free stock photos for your website or social media ads

hi guys and welcome to this video this
is jamie from and we’re gonna make a short
video here of how to get some great stock photos for your web designs or
social media projects getting good stock photos can be quite expensive if you go
through some of the sites where they sell them but there’s a great wealth of
free resources out there if you know where to find them
anytime you download a stock photo you want to make sure that it’s got a cc0
license that means you’re free to use it if I just show you cc0 license it’s a public domain license
and what it means basically is a person who’s associated with a work or a deed
has dedicated the work to the public domain by waiving all of his or her
rights to the work worldwide and the copyright law including all related and
neighboring rights to the extent downloaded by law you can copy modify
distribute and perform the work even for commercial purposes all without asking
permission what this basically means is you’re free to use these pictures on
your social media on your websites on your advertising however you want to
use them if you just go around downloading any picture from from the
web though like a lot of people used to do you can get sued they can ask you to
take it down or they can actually demand money for you using their product which
is kind of fair enough so it’s best to do it the right way
which is to use cc0 public domain pictures so let’s get to it here’s a few
of the sites I use and I’ll put a list that I’ll put these links down below
this video so you’ve got them first one if you’re if you’re making anything to
do with food or dieting or anything like that foodies feed is a great one it’s
dedicated to pictures of food and creation so if you’ve got a restaurant
site you’re building or if you’re advertising something on Facebook or one
of the social media sites this is a great place to find and download
pictures and there are really are they’re good quality pictures when you download these things you want
to make sure you double check the licenses because they may slip in one
that hasn’t got free license so we see over here that’s CCO license free for
personal commute commercial use which is absolutely fine and what we’re looking
for a lot of these free photography sites will also have links to premium
sites like shutterstock where without you knowing it’ll take you to a new site
but of course when you try to download a picture from one of these sites it’s
gonna ask you to pay for it so be aware of that
another great site if I just pull it over here it’s pink jumbo they’ve got
some very interesting pictures and again they’re high-quality and you can just
type in what you’re looking for and I’ve used these many times if we go up the
top here and say typing computers that’s right there and hit the search button it
brings up some nice pictures this circuit boards there but I’ve actually
users try just computer itself because I’ve used these several times and there
we go there’s a lot of real good pictures here I’ve used this one before
for a start I’ve seen a lot of these on other people’s site and they really are
good quality fact I’ve used that one I think for one of my udemy courses and you just click on it and you can
download it for free some of these sites will ask you for a tweet or something
like that just to give them a boost but for the most part they’re absolutely
free and I’ll pull over another site here
that that I’ve used several times and it’s got some quite amusing pictures on
it it’s called gratis ography and it’s got
some interesting pictures that a lot of them are quite comical in topic
especially some of the people ones as you can see here and you know you can
select the topic that you can either search or select the top topic you’re
looking for but several of them are very amusing and quite i catching and if
you’re looking to get eyes on a particular photo or ad that you’re doing
this is the sort of place I use for these sort of pictures I think some of
the whimsical ones that’ll people are good I’ve used them on Facebook
advertising before now that one looks like me in the morning so there you have
it the next site I’m gonna show you is my absolute favorite and it’s actually
the one I go to the most purely because it’s got so much range I would just pull
it over and it’s called the stalks and it has got within it doesn’t also
different sites and you want to want to look of shutter stocks but that’s a paid
site you can go through you can get all types
of images off here make sure they’re all CCO as we
mentioned earlier because you don’t want to get into trouble for using somebody
else’s picture it can cause you a lot of stress down the road but one of my
favorite sites and one of the most easy to download for is it spec sales here I
think they also do video backgrounds as well and they’ve got a huge range of
pictures of all topics let’s put in computers and see what
comes up again they’ve got a high range in
several of these I’ve used in my blogs before now and some of my Facebook that
one I’ve seen advertising a bunch of udemy courses and once you start using
these sites you’ll start recognizing pictures there’s that saying one from
the other side you’ll start recognizing pictures that have been used by other
people for advertising stuff and this is really easy to download from this one
you just click on the picture that you want there’s what we wanted to see cc0
license fantastic and you know up to nineteen twenty by twelve eighty you can
just hit the download button and it’ll download it for you I think if you use
the largest size you may have to either give an apt rabito something let’s try
downloading it and see what happens well no it’s just downloaded that’s
absolutely fine that’s huge that picture there and as you can see that qualities
is awesome it’s just openness yeah as you can see
the the quality is stunning look at the resolution on that and like I say these
are totally free to use in your projects adverts websites whatever it is you
happen to be doing and this is one of my favorite sites like I mentioned before
and the stocks like I say all the links are put down below is awesome they’ve
got so many different places here you probably won’t need to go to another
site so there we have it there’s a little tip
I hope you find it helpful I’ve used these sights when I’m designing websites
and when I’m doing my social media advertising and I suggest you do too so
if you’re looking for some pictures have a look at these sites now I wish you all
the best it should prove really useful for you so once again this has been
Jamie with system 22 and great web design comm if you’ve enjoyed this video
and found it useful please subscribe to our Channel thanks for watching have a
great day

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