How To Find Free Stock Images For Your Websites – [DEV PILLS #6]
How To Find Free Stock Images For Your Websites – [DEV PILLS #6]

hi to everybody today i would like to show you a bit of useful and the legal resources to download images for free or at low cost let’s start immediately with the first one that is This site is very nice we can see popular searches, people, business and so on we can filter for all pictures or let’s take a look to the trending topics of the moment. Let me try a simple search with the keyword nature here we are we have some of wonderful pictures for example let’s select this one and click on it then we have the download button another click and as you can see we are downloading the picture without pain it is very easy. The second website is a here we are and we can try immediately a search like the previous one with nature and we can immediately see a little difference with and this is the first banner here and we are presented some paid images from shutterstock but let’s jump them and go immediately to the free one these are all for free for example let’s select this one and when i click the free download button we have to select the size and then because of we are not to subscribed we have two compiler captcha here we are and the image is downloaded as you can see it’s very very very easy the third site is we can try the our usual a searche natura. i can see a wonderful image with the night sky and the milky way in the background click on it and we have the free download button the downloads in this case doesn’t start immediately but the image is opening in the browser so with a right click of the mouse you can do a save as and save the images on the hard disk. I want to show two more site let’s close this tab the first one is freeimages this is the slightly different from the previous three because we are required to to subscribe in order to the download so let’s start with our usual search keyword search with nature we have a set to the images and let’s select for example this wonderful mushroom so when I click on the download button first of all we have to select the which size we want to download and then we are required to sign in so if you want to download the images from you must subscribe to the site. The last one is a deathtothestockphoto this site it’s a little different from the previous one because it is based on their freedom model so you can sign to the premium or you can leave your email and then subscribe for the free monthly photos and then a they will send you a stock of picture via email each mount and last but not least i have a special gift for you. This is a collection of resources Here you can find links to sites with free images resources and with this collection of links i think that I provide to you an amazing set of resources from which download for free pictures to use in your website or brochures and so on. For this video I think it’s enough and see you soon on the next one. Bye

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