How to Find Copyright Free Stock Photos Online And Not Get Sued

you have a project you need some photos
but photos cost money so you will see that every picture will be ten bucks or
so it’s becoming expensive you will finish you know your project with you
know three four hundred bucks only for photos that’s expensive and god forbid
you need videos it’s much more expensive people go to Google Images and they will
search for example nothing so that’s that might search and those are the
pictures that they want to take now the problem is most of those pictures are
copyrighted you can’t grab them it’s not yours, right? Imagine that you created the picture and someone else was just using
it. it’s not fair, you can not do that. In order to know what pictures can be used legally.
You click on tools and then you click on usage right and then labeled for reuse.
Once you click on label for reuse you can actually see all those
pictures and those pictures are okay to use as they are not
copyrighted. There is a chance that more people will use the same photos but you
getting it for free and it’s legit you’re not breaking the law by by using
those pictures. I can tell you from my personal experience. a few years ago
there was a company that copied pictures from my website and I sued them
and I won. it was two hundred and fifty thousand okay it was a big win and I’m
telling you from first hand it’s real. you can really get in trouble if you
using someone else pictures. Now if you take if you go and you write free
photos and you search on Google you will get different different stock photos websites.
Some of them again I am just clicking around right so some of them will write
free stock photos right it will be free free free free free. The only problem is,
that most of them, again I don’t have this specific website but most of them you
can use for your personal use but not commercial so this one for example the
picture is free for commercial and even for commercial use okay so that’s good
to probably I would read the entire page just to be
sure I’m on the right track right I don’t want to get sued and whenever you
finish make sure that you go and you take a screenshot of the page, that’s
what I would do so I will take a screenshot of the license page and I will write
the date, the picture that I download from the website and I will send it over
Gmail to myself just I will ever record in case that’s one day someone wants to
bite my ass with with a lawsuit because I used those pictures I will
have a record with the time step from Google from Gmail, right? no one can say forged
it, and also with the license because they can change the
license and tell you that you broke the law right? now if you go to more
websites so let’s click around just want to show you one more example okay? so
those also with beautiful free images I just want to know if it’s also for
commercial use so I will try to see Terms of Use or I will try to check
anything that suggests what will be the license. About, Community, Stories to
remain license beautiful. All photos published can be
used for free. you can use them for commercial and non-commercial purpose. you
do not need to ask permission… that’s beautiful because it’s also a free website so
that’s what I want you to do whenever you want to get photos you need to read
the license and everything before you’re going to take a screen cut screen shot
of the page and you’re going to send it to yourself using an email it can be
gmail or hotmail I don’t care but you need to keep a record that on this
specific date the license said that it can be used for commercial use very
important it can bite you in the ass. it’s extremely expensive all those lawsuits
okay? that’s it really. Have fun. See you soon.

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