How to draw a landscape with a windmill with soft pastels  🎨 Landscapes
How to draw a landscape with a windmill with soft pastels 🎨 Landscapes

This is a sandpaper.

20 thoughts on “How to draw a landscape with a windmill with soft pastels 🎨 Landscapes”

  1. vitor dias says:

    Wow…beautiful really, I like it

  2. TaTa Rb says:

    That's fabulous (Y)

  3. Mike Norton says:

    I love the flower technique. This entire video is so helpful

  4. debbie linderman says:

    Oh that is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fritz Guiao says:

    i wish i got a hand skills like that!!

  6. Матрёна Обалденская says:

    Какая прелесть! Любуюсь Вашими работами и в инстаграме, и на этом канале. Спасибо за красоту!

  7. leslie saunders says:

    Not seen many good pastel landscapes …until now. You really are a master of pastels! BTW, what paper did you use? Looking forward to seeing much more of your brilliant work. Well Done!

  8. Ксения Новикова says:

    я совсем новичок. Подскажите, что за основа у вас, и что за карандашики такие – желтый и черный, которыми вы рисуете набросок и потом мельницу?

  9. Анжелика Ангеловская says:

    Интересно,какие дураки ставят дизлайки??!!

  10. steve ebbage says:

    This is gorgeous. As ever

  11. Margaret Brownhill says:

    Your work is so beautiful, I feel inspired to give them another go especially as the sandpaper is much cheaper than something like pastelmat. How do you sharpen your pastel pencils, I have difficulty with that, and do you break your soft pastels into smaller pieces, sorry to ask so many things

  12. Vidadi Mahmudov says:

    SALAM. Vo vsex vashix kartinax ya viju teplatu. Znacit vi dobraya, xoroshaya,laskovaya devushka kak vashi kartini.

  13. Brenda Morgado says:

    Sheshina , love all your videos . You are so talented. I have always used my pastels for portraits. But your landscapes have inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and try landscapes . I have a set of the Rembrandt halves the 120 ct but I find them to be more on the hard side . Do you only use that brand because they sponsor or you work for the company . I see a lot of landscape artist like to use Terry Lugwig and I would like to buy a big landscape set but they have so many sets for landscapes I don’t know which to buy could you recommend one …thanks always for sharing your videos with us ,hugs

  14. Dilawar khan says:

    Very very beautiful technique … I love them …

  15. Dilawar khan says:

    Which material to use this pic

  16. Claudio Zanovello says:

    Complimenti e un piacere vedere i tuoi video

  17. Marie Louise says:

    this is so lovely. really great. thank you.

  18. Eric Argos says:

    I love your creations!❤️

  19. Hakim El aichi says:

    you're soooooooooo talented 😍😍😍

  20. Nicole Julien says:

    Pretty, very pretty; Have you tried Pan Pastels?

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