70 thoughts on “How to Brand Your Dropshipping Store – Step by Step Guide with Examples”

  1. Jin Raigami says:


  2. Owais Raza says:

    Make a video on payments gateway

  3. Xavier Maximin says:


  4. amine hammouti says:

    We wait the next

  5. Mubeen Khan says:

    you missed the about us page because a story is necessary for a good brand image

  6. Rich Smith says:

    That’s brilliant

  7. Timothy Olofson says:

    How bout "Yellow Jackets or "Jack It Now!" LOL

  8. Akash Raguesh says:

    Hey there, any chance of you actually have a look at my store and give me any opinions on it?

  9. Claudia Michielini says:

    I find your videos so helpful on every way! Thank You !

  10. ChelseaLouise says:

    This video was very helpful for new people! Thank you so much. Very great concise and informal content.

  11. christian trimino says:

    thank you soooo much for all the constant value. i think what would be EXTREMELY helpful for dropshippers is explaining how to take a product and create an ad for that product. Where can you find images and videos that you can use to advertise? Do you HAVE to order the product and create the video yourself? Is that the best way? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! also, i watched this video because i got an email! i love the email updates! thanks again jessica and team oberlo!

  12. Soufiane Ech Chentouf says:

    And another great video! Thanks

  13. Manav Singh says:

    You did a Great job with explaining this!

  14. Terrance C. says:

    This channel is better than any paid courses you are going to find!

  15. Care Maniac says:

    thanks for this. Do you have any detail on payment setting and SEO optimization?

  16. Lee Soyka says:

    Oberlo = Quality Video.

  17. matheus camargo says:

    Thanks from Brazil 🇧🇷


    Great ! You use the unsplash trick well. People can't know which jacket the person is wearing.

  19. Innerspark Studio says:

    you rock Jessica. your videos are full of useful information

  20. Cheap Entertainment says:

    Again and again Thanks 🙂

  21. Fray Fray says:

    Somebody snatched up that name quick. lol

  22. Terry Norman says:

    Great info as always Jessica!

  23. Xceloverdose says:

    Great video. Thanks for your knowledge

  24. Maddie says:

    Dang where was this video when I started! Awesome, quick and helpful

  25. Angel Dario Barvo Moreno says:

    Jessica, greetings from Medellin-Colombia. Once the brand is created, that brand will appear in the jackets that the customer purchases. If or if initially, the owner of the store asks the manufacturer to make said fence printed on said jackets; otherwise the jackets will reach the customer with the manufacturer's brand ???

  26. Genevieve says:

    So helpful! Did all these steps in creating a store today

  27. Stella Jin says:

    good video. also you can do print on demand product to set a brand!

  28. Jon M says:

    please do a video on step by step DS product branding =] thanks

  29. Dániel Kustos says:

    I wanted to ask if i register with my private e-mail adress will the customer mails come there or can i setup an e-mail for my store later? Or should i create an e-mail for my shop beforehand?

  30. monica manglani says:

    But what if we want to change the product we are selling due to no or less sales on our shopify store
    Once we buy the domain we have no option of changing the same
    What to do in that case

  31. David Prosser says:

    Escellent video.

  32. Barry Heavers says:

    Now I have watched this video I need to make some changes to my site! First a new Domain name, unfortunately for me I just bought one a few weeks ago. My question is….does Shopify let you cancel a Domain name and put the cost paid towards a new Domain name that fits your needs better as a result of watching this video ?

  33. Rishu Saxena says:

    This is okay. But what happens when your customer gets the package with some Chinese labels and all. Is there a way in Oberlo where we can tell the vendor of a particular product to attach our Brand logo tags and all if we can design and send them the design.

  34. David F says:

    Great tutorial. I hope to see more of this in the future. 🙂

  35. Llv14 says:

    I am STRUGGLING with Facebook marketing and I wish you guys would do more videos on Fb marketing strategy from beginning to making daily sales. Most experts on YouTube skim over marketing when it’s the most important part! What’s the point of a solid website and product when you are getting no sales?

  36. Joe says:

    The technical/ business focused videos you guys have been uploading recently are top notch, cheers and hope to see more 🙂



  38. draf chanel says:

    Im from indonesia

  39. SrLoren says:

    Why can i not see my orders in oberlo and i already did the override product and nothing yet can you guys help me?

  40. Παναγιώτης Μ says:

    I am at shopify settings-payment providers of my shop and i cant find option to pay with debit/card card , is paypal the only payment option?
    If anyone knows please answer!

  41. Doctor. NAYAK says:

    Can I start a Dropshipping business in India with Shopify ????😊 Give me some tips

  42. Marlon Minott says:

    This was grate and i realize you chose the same logo i chose this makes me feel good.

  43. Jeewanjot Singh says:

    Make more of it

  44. Md Younus YNS says:

    Loved it ❤️ but !
    This video needs a part -2 or series of branding with more branding tips

  45. Dj A-Live says:

    just wanted to say thank you! your videos really helped me with building my store. looking forward to your new videos 🙂

  46. Fitness guru says:

    Thank you jessica looking forward to your new videos

  47. John Evans Official says:

    Oberlo more than just an app. Always delivering amazing tips and content. Thank you! 🙏🏻

  48. Ali Alrubayee - Valour Marketing says:

    Best dropshipping youtube channel hands down

  49. ONYEMA OMEZI says:

    Good day..
    Nice video really but I would like to ask you some questions personally on this particular video..
    Any link for direct questions to you?

    Thank you

  50. Hesham Abdel-Ghany says:

    Great Video! Waiting for another one about Private Labeling to complete the branding cycle

  51. RandomTV Essential says:

    One quick question – do you send the logo to the suppliers so they could put the logo on every product they ship over?

  52. Santos Guevara says:

    Very helpful video. At first I was reluctant to view Oberlo videos, but now I am binge watching.

  53. Mino Di Marzo says:

    Hi Jessica! Thank you for your very effective video! The only doubt is: when you create a specific brand for jackets (or other products), I suppose people expect for a branded product with logo on it. If you send them a jacket from Aliexpress with no logo instead, don't you think they could be disappointed? Thank you!

  54. Himanshu Lohani says:

    You are superb mam! I loved the video..

  55. Felipe Mendes says:

    Such a great content! Thank you 🙂

  56. Megan Jansen says:

    I love this!  WOW – I wish I could come up with a store that quick!

  57. iamvictoriac says:

    Great info.

  58. Ricardo Hepburn says:

    This Company Oberlo is giving away information that some people would charge so much money for. I really appreciate the work being done here. Oberlo is great.

  59. Mohammad ibrahim says:

    great video..

  60. Amjad Sohail says:

    The Year experience in just 12 minutes 😲 , impressive video on branding.

  61. Tirath Mudher says:

    Jessica you are great love you👍🌹

  62. James Young says:

    Question: which is better to do first . Find your niche or find a winning product and build a nitch around it

  63. Daniel Rotnemer says:

    Definitely the BEST video i have ever seen on branding. you explained it in such a way that it is so understandable and practical. Thanks a lot!!!!

  64. AK49 VT14 says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m under the impression that you have to create a new store and then a new brand every time you find a new Niche product?

  65. Joe Braden says:

    Awesome tips and guide, thanks for this!

  66. Elvin Bowler says:

    I love how you move through a lot of great information quickly. Thanks.

  67. Paul White says:

    Great video for a newb like me…..thanks

  68. Justin Alexander says:

    You're not actually branding anything except for your store. The key is to brand your products, and the way to do that is to contact the supplier and make them do that. Can oberlo integrate with actual branded products?

  69. Teemahl says:

    This is a great video on creating a brand but how do i get the brand onto the product am dropshipping?

  70. Thomas Gedle says:

    Amazing, informative, clear video. Setting the standard on how to do step by step guides. Thanks

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