How To Be The Perfect Creator
How To Be The Perfect Creator

Good morning creators. The algorithm has given us
another beautiful day, hasn’t it? This is your daily PSA. What is the perfect creator? To be the perfect creator in this community,
one must create constantly and feed our algorithm. We want you to express yourself freely as
long as you don’t anger the boss. Follow our rules and you’ll be famous. Fame equals friends. Fame equals money. Fame equals power. Fame equals happiness. You too can join our community’s top elite
if you just work hard enough. Keep feeding our algorithm. Fame will save you. Fame has always been what you wanted. Just keep feeding our algorithm.

99 thoughts on “How To Be The Perfect Creator”

  1. Daniel_ Alvarado says:


  2. Don't read my profile picture says:

    I'm listening…

  3. Roanoke says:

    Donna bout to inspire the next David Dobrik or Mr Beast

  4. information Bubble says:

    Could you send me link to creating good videos

  5. BlueGateMedia says:

    Sigh that's what it feels like now days….

  6. Dominic Evans says:

    Damn if that isn’t true πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

  7. Andy Summner says:

    Briggs was just talking about this. Love the video Donna.

  8. Tyler Oliveira says:


  9. Amanda Freed Homes says:

    Damn Donna

  10. Sammy Ame says:

    how to be the perfect creator: dont

  11. I am Wrong says:

    So just create awful garbage content that is directed at kids, got it.

  12. Ayad Khalil says:

    Boom! this was something

  13. Harvey - says:

    Don't really watch a lot of your videos.
    But that video deserves millions of views.
    Love the dystopian vibe it gives off.

  14. Jacob Anderson says:

    i love the cold war propaganda style, and it was kept short like an actual psa. Sure the subject matter is a sad truth, but this captures the current state of online content perfectly

  15. Planet RoqueSox says:

    must. . .be. . .famous. . .must. . .please. . .the algorithm 😡

  16. Audrey Ember says:

    lowkey accurate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  17. The unexpected geek Nemesis says:

    I think it takes a little more than just feeding this algorithm. I think you actually have to be entertaining but I could be wrong. πŸ‘½

  18. Darling Robot says:

    My internet cut out 30 seconds in, the overlords have found us.

  19. Drasticg says:

    Short and sweet just like yourself 😍

  20. simon says:

    Yup sounds about right

  21. MillenniumMouse says:

    It just works.

  22. Jaichbinhier says:

    I need not feed the algorithm;
    It's full enough already.
    Plus, I really don't want that prism
    To become a prison for my many
    Creative ambitions, lest I find
    My output to be unfulfilling.
    See, I believe that peace of mind
    Trumps fame when it comes to winning.

  23. Don't read my profile picture says:

    An unexpected, but welcomed video to say the least

  24. yellowbox says:

    This was darker than I expected it to be. Like a Black Mirror episode.

  25. Joshua Otusanya says:

    Another amazing video. Thank you!

  26. Naj Renchelf says:


    I think I have just found my mission in life – FUCK UNI, LET’S GOOOOO!!!!!!

  27. Shau Snow says:

    I hope this video is 10 seconds long that just days β€œbe like me” cuz you’re the best!

  28. Luana B. says:

    You're a interesting, smart and informative channel. I hate that the algorithm won't let everyone know this.
    But, being YouTube famous doesn't necessarily equal happiness.
    I'll take my peace of mind before fame. Every single time.

  29. imicca says:

    Brought you by, RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

  30. birdwithabrokenwing says:

    Wasn’t expecting this from you Donna, and that somehow made it even more perfect ❀️ Brilliant editing, and the short length actually really complemented the tone and PSA style perfectly, while also being ironically exactly what the algorithm hates πŸ˜‚ 10/10

  31. Karen Murray says:

    For a moment I thought there was something wrong with my page when I saw this was 50 seconds long. Love ya, Donna.

  32. maymaylingling says:

    Lol was waiting for in depth analysis but it’s essentially this lol

  33. voidfly says:


  34. Sunny42 says:

    Was actually hoping for some nice tips about how to psychologically be a better creator but aight

  35. Sleeping says:

    Dang, I thought you were goofin on us with those 0:51 seconds. This was really good, concise and gets the message across powerfully.

  36. Jacob Michael says:

    Love this. And it’s so true honestly.

  37. Eve & Artie says:

    Damn hungry beast πŸ’°πŸ’°

  38. Lu M says:

    i love tf out of this

  39. Harry Dee says:

    This is really cool πŸ‘πŸ»

  40. Christopher Tom says:


  41. Shane Holland says:

    This video rocks. Totally was not what i expected but quite entertaining.

  42. Aloise Dawdle says:

    Fallout: New YouTube

  43. dizzy says:

    CEO of making tutorials

  44. Latchie says:

    This video was so true HAHA

  45. Araceli aka Chely says:

    Epic ✨

  46. bonnie c says:

    I loved this

  47. bob kohler says:


    Also, commenting to feed the algorithm

  48. B D says:

    Is this a trailer?

  49. Mr. Bear Creates says:

    Ahhhhh yes, another confirmation of why I subbed. QUALITY CONTENT πŸ€™πŸ½

  50. MegaMitch says:

    Short, punchy, to the point. Like a classic YouTube skit. Love it!

  51. Rebecca Gomez says:

    yooooo i felt this.

  52. Cameron says:

    Feed the algorithm

  53. SoPsyched says:

    I felt this on a spiritual level πŸ₯Ί

  54. paulrwjr says:

    Well done. A bleak reminder of the path we're on.

  55. Rex Paradox TV says:

    Beautiful propaganda

  56. TheTalentlessWriter says:

    The algorithm is much like a dog. You feed it and then it takes a nice big shit on your carpet. In this case the shit being demonetization, and the carpet being my channel.

  57. Aly Dreamer says:

    Really unexpected style of video from you. It was pretty cool, well done!

  58. Josh Essex says:

    jaw dropped Yup

  59. ν•˜μ΄μ±„λ“œ Hi Chad says:

    Fantastic. Feed the algorithm

  60. Eu says:

    Why did I get Bioshock Infinity feelings from this

  61. DenverEight says:

    I think it would still be as dark without the all the distortion.

    Though some would take it as satire if that were the case.

    Like, it's got a message but too heavily implied.

    Fantastic video altogether.

  62. Ballroom with Alexey says:


  63. TheAndySan says:

    Keep Calm And Feed The Algorithm.

  64. Jesse St Louis says:

    Nice one!!

  65. hironyx says:

    donna are you ok? blind twice if you're kidnapped

  66. Jonathan Phan says:

    Gimme some of dat sweet, sweet algorithm babyyyyy

  67. Joel Sunny says:

    Black mirror season 6 looks great 😍

  68. Ray-Near says:

    i'm reporting a hacked account!

  69. The INFP Drummer says:

    another food for the algorithm πŸ˜…

  70. Italia182 says:

    She did THAT

  71. Treesus Bartelby says:

    This is amazing!

  72. Shoujo Ka Dyan says:

    Someone write this dystopian novel.

  73. Ryan Hafey says:

    Well that was dark. Also ironic in a way, lol.

  74. Calvin Hicks says:


  75. Mystic_Guardian says:

    Nice meme

  76. The Nyan Project says:

    I'm bouta make that algorithm obese 😀

  77. Green-Pill Neo says:


  78. ScotInTheDot says:

    You're not wrong…

  79. Antoine Perkins says:

    No thanks. Unsubscribed.

  80. Taha Tariq says:

    Alrighty then

  81. NeedRent Productions says:

    I totally missed out of this since I was listening for your voice, so you just got another β€œview” out of it 🀣

    I loved it though 😁

  82. mary freegirl says:

    is this a new dad episode?

  83. Ichiban Moto says:

    so perfect lol

  84. Magnus says:

    Absolutely loved the experimental creativity of this video! You are a master at what you do. Great job!

  85. Roberto Blake says:


  86. Faulks Digital says:

    This is addictive to watch

  87. Ramsey says:

    Thinks I've done everything to comply with YouTube's policies
    Goes to upload a video
    Ah shit, here we go again.

  88. Artofizanagi says:

    I went without looking at the time and expected a normal video.

  89. Munkee Finkelbeen says:

    …LOVED IT!! πŸ˜‚

  90. TimBits91 says:

    That about sums it up lol

  91. Jimmy Slaughter says:

    All hail the almighty algorithm!

  92. TheFascinatingFangirl says:

    I feel like this was very personal

  93. Byron TGI Friday says:

    Donna, you are absolutely brilliant. I immensely appreciate that you put this together.

  94. Emma Brook says:

    Must feed the algorithm
    Must feed the algorithm
    Must feed algorithm
    Must algorithm
    Just Monika

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