How to Be a Bad Boy (and Why Nice Guys Finish Last) – Nice Guys vs Bad Boys vs Alpha Males
How to Be a Bad Boy (and Why Nice Guys Finish Last) – Nice Guys vs Bad Boys vs Alpha Males

Gentlemen, today we’re going to tackle the
most heated debate in all guy-kind: nice guys vs bad boys. The truth is, most dudes fall somewhere in
the middle, so today we’re gonna take a look at the traits you really need to get
the girl. And because we’d never ask you to just take
our word for it, We’re also going to dive deep into why one
type of guy is clearly better than the other. Or maybe not. You’ll have to stick with us ‘till the
end for the complete story, the whole shebang, the full kit and caboodle. And after we break down the nice guys vs bad
boys conflict, we’re going to share one very specific thing no guy should ever do. So pay attention If you want to have any hopes
of attracting a suitable partner and check out these
5 scientific reasons that will finally settle the disagreement between nice guys vs bad
boys, plus the one thing nice guys AND bad boys should ALWAYS avoid. 5. Nice Guys SOMETIMES Finish Last Do nice guys finish last, or is that just a trendy, easy argument to make? Most of our male action heroes are pretty
badass, so it must be true right? Well, the truth is that it depends. Right Kay? That’s right, Beardy. Studies have shown that women will tend to
prefer strong, masculine, attractive men when sex is their primary goal. It makes sense when you think about sex as
an act of passing on one’s genes. Women will want to select the most desirable
traits in their man. However, when a woman wants to settle down
with a true partner, other attributes become more important than physical appearance,
Like income earning potential, maturity, and affinity for parenting. So in the younger, less committed, hookup
culture, nice guys are probably more likely to finish last to bad boys,
But as women get older, their priorities change. But what if a guy can be both a nice guy and
a kickass bad boy? Um, slow down there, Beardy. We’re getting ahead of ourselves. 4. Be a Nice Bad Boy One of the tricks to get girls to chase you is to try and be the whole package. But what does that mean exactly? No matter where you are on the dating spectrum
– just looking to hookup or looking for your future wife –
Being a bad boy, alpha male will only attract a woman’s initial interest. It creates a spark, but to keep her interest
you’ll need more fuel to start a fire. And the coal in your furnace needs to be a
select few nice guy characteristics, like emotional maturity, stability, and some
glimmer of hope that you’ll be a good father one day. So if you’re already a devilishly handsome
fellah that can turn heads in any crowd, You should be focusing on some more nice guy
characteristics Like getting your room clean or being fiscally
responsible (that means being good with money. Hey Beardy, what’s your credit score?) But let’s say you’ve got adulting all
figured out and you feel like your personality isn’t the thing that’s holding you back
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so make sure you act quick! 3. Stop Being a Nice Guy Doormat Wait, so are we saying that nice guys DO win sometimes? Yep, nice guys don’t ALWAYS finish last. But, Kay, when DO nice guys finish last? According to research published in the Journals,
Evolutionary Psychology and Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science, women are attracted to
characteristics of nice guys and bad boys. So the key is knowing which traits you should
develop and which traits you should overcome. And the trait that most often causes nice
guys to finish last is being a doormat. See, being a doormat – someone other people
walk over – keeps nice guys from even joining the race. I get it though… You want to be helpful because that’s just
who you are. Unfortunately, being too nice makes it easy
for other people – guys and girls – to take advantage of you. So that’s why we say “don’t be the nice
guy.” Being a guy who’s always available to help
ironically keeps women from seeing you as dateable, and it makes you much more likely
to be used. Are you wondering if you’re the nice guy
being taken advantage of? Check out this video on the Common Signs a
Girl Is Using You. Think you know who wins the nice guys vs bad
boys debate? Better stick around to the end to hear the
final score. And don’t forget that at the end of this
video, we’re going to share one of the worst things a guy can do that will always ruin
his lady luck. So stick around ‘till the end. Now let’s get back to the last 2 items on
our list. 2. Stop Being the Nice Guy So Beardy, what’s a poor fellah to do if he finds himself being taken advantage of
or just not getting anywhere by being so darn nice? What advice would you give to teach him how
to stop being the nice guy? I wouldn’t know Kay ‘cause I’m a total
bad boy. Sure you are, Beardy. Okay, why don’t I take this one? Guys, the easiest way to STOP being the nice
guy Is to stop being so dang selfless and responsible. The nice guy never makes a move without considering
the feelings of those around him and the consequences of his actions. This, of course is a noble trait, but it doesn’t
mean you have to be straight laced ALL the time. So break the mold and DO something bold. Don’t worry about being cliche; go buy that
impractical sports car. Or finally coordinate that mountain climbing
trip with your bros you’ve been dreaming about for years. We’re not saying go BE something you’re
not; We’re just saying go DO something you’re not normally expected to do. By deviating from your normal thoughtful,
calculated behavior, you’ll slowly break the pattern of nice guy behavior,
And all the pretty ladies will be forced to look at you differently. 1. Balance Out Your Alpha Status Kay, can I ask you something? Sure Beardy. What is it? So, like everybody knows, I’m a certified
bad boy, but I wanna have some of those admirable nice guy traits. Got any tips? Sure, Beardy, you’re a “bad boy”. But I just so happen to have a little bit
of advice. If you’re struggling to find a deeper romantic
connection because of your bad boy persona, It’s because women don’t associate bad
boys with the attributes they look for when seeking more meaningful, long-lasting, romantic
connections. Just as nice guys wanting to be more like
bad boys need to break free from their typical patterns of behavior,
Bad boys seeking to be more balanced need to do the same. That’s why every male profile on every dating
app shows a picture of a guy with his shirt off, doing something adventurous and flexing,
and another picture with him looking like a family man holding his niece or nephew. The balanced approach is absolutely effective
and essential for attracting the right girl. Being too much of a bad boy or too much of
a good guy is one of the main reasons girls think you’re unattractive, or at least undateable. So how do I be less of a total badass alpha
male, Kay? And don’t say I need to shave my beard. You don’t have to shave your beard, Beardy. What the heck would we even call you? Facey? Every time you do something that might be
perceived as irresponsible, like spontaneously taking off to Bali or gearing up for a Summer
of music festivals, Do something responsible to balance it out
like seeking out a financial advisor and working on a 3 year plan. ‘Cause you wanna know a really good secret,
Beardy? Women LOOOOOVE a man with a plan. The Number 1 Universal Mistake for Nice Guys
and Bad Boys So Kay, what if a guy is working diligently
on being a well-balanced suitor but just getting nowhere in the dating world? Well Beardy, he’s probably doing one of
the most unattractive things guys don’t know they do
And shooting himself in the foot despite his herculean efforts to find that perfect balance
between nice guys vs bad boys. We’ve said it before, and we’re saying
it again. Nothing will turn a woman away faster than
a guy with a wandering eye. Because a guy with a wandering eye signals
two things to a woman: A serious lack of commitment potential
And 2) a high likelihood that he will be unfaithful. It’s totally normal to notice and appreciate
other attractive human beings. But when you’re with a girl, try and give
her your undivided attention. There you have it, the long-lasting debate
between nice guys vs bad boys and who really finishes last, and the one thing that will
run off a woman as fast as yellow teeth and stinky armpits. And don’t forget to visit today’s video
sponsor While you’re here, why not check out these
other powerful videos? Thanks for watching!

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