How photography connects us – David Griffin
How photography connects us – David Griffin

39 thoughts on “How photography connects us – David Griffin”

  1. Olov Svedjeland Ödlund says:

    happy newyear

  2. MrFinoglio says:

    Fantastic video.

  3. David Lowery says:

    Polar bears are fantastic swimmers. Biologists were considering calling them semi-aquatic.

  4. tomasborlin says:

    As an advanced fucking hipster, I really enjoyed this video. (Also fapped to it). Thanks.

  5. Mr Wp says:

    the n-word.
    Ron Paul for president.
    9/11 was an inside job.

  6. tomasborlin says:

    This guy, this guy gets it.

  7. kaygirl10101 says:

    Leopard seal: Dude, eat the freaking penguin!

  8. Redman10 says:

    What happend to the short interesting vids they use to upload? Now its all really long vids!

  9. AH-M- FA says:

    nice : )

  10. Limbomber says:

    Thought the title said pornography *facepalm

  11. Alexandr Zaytsevet says:

    This is an amazing video. TED continues to quench my thirst for knowledge, all the while revealing interests I never knew I had.

  12. kicking pinecones says:


  13. Jackson Hogan says:

    At 11:53, I heard "that touched our rears deeply."

  14. zirbat16 says:

    That was very cool

  15. XOTheCrystalStarrOX says:

    I love that leopard seal 🙂

  16. Peter LeRoy Barnes says:

    Understandingless, I am.

  17. TheBelmontClan says:

    It is amazing how the brain will take visualization and turn it right side up, but the more amazing part is why it was upside down in the first place..

  18. Guywithcrazyideas says:

    My youtube channel gives people bad flash memories that's why kids love it.

  19. Richard Perez says:


  20. Barbara Mountrey says:

    You're such a romantic!

  21. Manuel Pena says:

    I think I'm going to use this video to show how important photography is, and why we need to create a photography lab in my school.

  22. Abdelhamid Bousaadi says:

    Brilliant !

  23. Varsons says:

    One of the best teded videos!

  24. patricio chavez says:

    this just show if girls like u then they will take care of u but show no intrested and u get dumped

  25. SuperHeroR says:

    That last one was a touching story.

  26. Kyle Hetzel says:

    Wow, this video made me laugh and cry. Great video!

  27. Bruce Lee says:

    I love TED

  28. Ludwig Spiegel says:

    That was great!!!!

  29. Timara Lawless says:

    Great Photography can be emotive, reaching us on some many levels, conscious, subconscious, emotional, shocking, empathy, excitement etc…. awesome video. Too good not to share….

  30. squidb8 says:

    Not very good Swimmers? I don't know very many people who can swim 3 miles at a time.

  31. Kevin Buana says:

    My god these photos are OLD. Some of these are way back from 80's and 90's

  32. Andrew Abouna says:

    great explanation of catching those moments in time that should be captured.

  33. Hatem Kotb says:

    Wow, the leopard seal part ….. <3

  34. Pakung says:

    this makes me happy

  35. kay9x says:

    This is a boring talk. I feel nothin when the man talkin, like he was reading a book.

  36. Mohsin Ullah says:

    the first photo was taken in pakistan, and the girl was afghan refugee and nowadays she caught by pakistani police, and put her in jail because because she was using illegal ID card issued by Pakistani department NADRA, they imprisoned her and fined her for one lacs pakistani rupees, which is huge money for a refugee, and the national geographic magazine payed her for that photograph but the famous journalist rahim ullah yousafzai, who interview Usama bin laden after 9/11 got her money and used that money for his own expanses. she need a justice. she is not a criminal shez just an innocent refugee. rise voice for her.

  37. Lupe Orduna says:

    This was a great video, it shows that photography can be memories, dreams, or something fascinating.🎥🌠

  38. Sonia Azalia says:

    The power of photography and great storytelling combined

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