How i shoot the streets – Street Photography in London
How i shoot the streets – Street Photography in London

hey guys though back in London again
more street photography absolutely love the place so the plan was yesterday I
came to and spent some time with family and I’ve got another date and in London
now so I’m gonna do a bit street photography around the city and I’m
gonna revisit where I started well picked up where I left actually last
time I was in London I am I had a quick quick glance in Tate Modern the art
gallery absolutely fantastic in it for the
photography but hanging out half an hour and it got to go me to you only for
modeling shoot which was really really awesome but I couldn’t wait to get back
in here have another look round so yeah I have a quick look in Tate Modern which
is where we are now and then hopefully it’s really really strong like today so
hopefully we’ll get some nice bold contrasting colours and nice strong
black-and-white images as well yeah looking forward to it big good big good
fun day I’ve packed a lot lighter today last time because I had the modelling
shoe as well I have to bring different lenses different cameras and I today
today I’ve just got my Fujifilm X Pro 2 with me a 23 mm and the 50 mm prime so yeah
just then I’ve got the GoPro on top of the year the GoPro Hero 7 on top of the
Fuji as well hopefully we’ll get some nice smooth footage of the shot so get
as well yeah so be good fun yeah I’m gonna come on inside now I’ve seen a
minute that was absolutely fantastic
should be love it in that amazing I did get told off a film in apparently it
didn’t realize you weren’t allowed to film it so yeah mainly because I put
this camera down on the tripod and yeah I was trying to film one or two other
shots we got with this camera that told off for that it’s quite funny but all
good fun anyway so yeah it’s a thing I’ve got some really really good shots
in there in there I mean it’s there’s some really really Oh interesting lights
I was just looking for nice contrast people standing out against no spawn
leaving shadows yeah bit reflection and stuff like that so yeah looking for
contrast basically people with interesting people standing an interest
in light and yeah there’s some really really awesome textures this amazing
staircase in there which I’ve seen pictures of before I didn’t actually
know it was in there yeah managed to wait around there that
was actually where I got to haul off the film it because I was waiting for people
to come down the staircase give me some nice interesting because I said
staircase kind of is a sort of spiral staircase so some awesome tones and
shadows on it as well so yeah that’s gonna be also note for them pictures
come out really nice I’ve just had a quick look and they were really good so
I was just pretty much aperture priority letting the camera go down to about
sixty of a second because I didn’t want to you know obviously push the ISO too
much so I think about sixtieth of a second night I say there’s about 6400 it
to between F 2 and F 2.8 it’s quite dark in some places so yeah just keep an eye
on the histogram making short wasn’t clipping and yeah I did obviously we’ve
got people moving and stuff you don’t really want to be shooting at 60 of a
second but it was good do the best you can’t anyway now so I’ve
gotta go drink now I’m absolutely parched
I know wonderfully find some more interesting lighting show it’s got a bit
hazy now so the lights got in a little bit hopefully we’ll still find some more
shadows and reflections I’ll send a second so this is Blackfriars Bridge it’s
amazing ironwork bridge after fantastic lines and just the other side this is
the north side of the bridge on the other side parish busy is up a million
people over there but over this size a lot more calm and when I was over there
really had really nice harsh bright light I was making some really really
nice shadows and stuff so we’re here we’ve got some nice shots moon to the
bridge on the other side and South Side using the lines underneath the bridge
just kind of a backdrop and then that’s people walking past then you’ve got them
as herb almost a shadow so typically always sort of pre pokes it it’s at the
camera on manual focus back button focusing sort of the summer between two
point eight and at five point six if it wasn’t much light and then they upped
of f8 if there was a lot of largest give me as much depth of field as possible and
then yeah just waiting for people to come into the set then into the shot so
absolutely I’m actually worn out now he’ll get a drink but yeah it’s been
really good tip difficult part of it was and for so many people on that side that
you there was loads of competitions I really liked because of so many people
around it was just impossible just to get so I’ve always select the shot I
wanted to get so what’s really good hopefully we’ve got some images but yeah
I’m gonna head back to South Wales in a minute but long day most of the time I
was at the kids keeping an eye on the conversation so the the camera is pretty
much on aperture priority and I was just watching the histogram I wanted to
emphasize all of the dark shadows and the highlights and whatnot so just
keeping an eye on that on the histogram just making sure I wasn’t blowing the
highlights but I ones it’s a really nice sort of strong contrast the images so
yeah just keeping an eye on that most of time the conversation was about one stop
and just make sure I got that contrast then solid solid blacks and then if I
need to I can lift them a little bit but I think I’ll get better tones rather
than the slightly underexposed image I am absolutely sure there’s a lot of
walking I did a lot of walking yesterday around the neutral cousins as well so
absolutely wife today a four-hour drive back to little bit back to South Wales
who knows what else gonna be film that is yeah I’m gonna head down towards
Tower Bridge and all that now hopefully find somewhere and go doing Wow I went
to pick it up and sit down sharp for a minute I know yeah think about the next
the next day we’re going to photograph that is me
absolutely buggered I am wiped of wart felt round London since about 10 o’clock
this morning on app so it worked out spot for Clark now so I’m gonna head
back to South Wales I feel like offer I’ve got some good
images I’m happy with I think I enjoyed it a lot more when there was a nice
harsh contrast II like now that but now that this Suns got me on a cloud it’s
got a light diffused it’s all soft bit more to get contrast images now really
like the contrast images I was getting this morning so sure was a little bit
since then go on absolutely knackered NASA luckily
it’s a concentrate as well looking forward to the four-hour drive back to
South Wales but yeah they all got some good images some really quirky people
Rhinelander see you never fail to get a good photograph in them another think
yeah hopefully the ones in the tank turn now because they they they look really
good on the back of the camera was chopper them so anyway yeah that is me
doing so hopefully you enjoyed the photographs that you enjoyed the video
hopefully you got something out of it yeah drop a comment let me know what you
think I’m gonna go nuts yeah well thanks so much for watching I hope you like
photographs a you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up please hit the subscribe
button and drop me a comment look forward to him from you thanks so much

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  2. Spencer Jefferson Dallas Robinson says:

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  3. Victor Gomez says:

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    I really like your style. Reminds me of Fan Ho photography.

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  9. Dan Evander Sr says:

    Garth, Enjoyed your walk about. Nice photos. Someday we hope to be in GB. One of the great things about similar vlogs is the ability to see much of the world and people that otherwise would be unknown to us.

  10. janet sers says:

    in America we aren't allowed to photograph inside museums or art galleries

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