How Can Streaming Be Stressful? [Mental Health] (Part 1)
How Can Streaming Be Stressful? [Mental Health] (Part 1)

Hey guys, welcome back to a new podcast! Make sure to turn on closed captions, make sure to also subscribe and also turn on
post-notifications! With this podcast I’m gonna be describing how I
feel about streaming and the struggles of it. In my opinion, I feel like people don’t really put their thoughts on display
about streaming and how it can be really stressful. So hopefully I can put out
every thought on display and my opinion about it and hopefully you guys
understand where I’m coming from. With my struggles were streaming since I do
stream from a console [PS4 Pro] mostly. It can be a little bit stressful. So every time when
I turn on my stream or stream through a console. Everyday I usually get one
person maybe whether it’s one whether it’s two, three people every
day. Why don’t you stream from a PC or why don’t you have money for a PC? And it can kind of get very repetitive when I have to constantly explain myself whether it’s between you know friends, whether it’s between networking, or explain the new
viewers why and that can take a toll on myself. I wanted to take a three-month
break so I can work and save up money. For a PC and stream from that so I don’t
get that continuous question or constant question why why why don’t you
have a PC? So it can kind of be stressful about that. And when I took a three-day
break a lot of people were not happy. When I say a lot of people I say I did
get messages. I did discuss in a voice chat between some friends and people weren’t happy. People were sad and I definitely got some heartfelt messages
and I truly appreciate that from my community. I know I didn’t post it on
social media. The only people that heard about that was through my discord. So If
you guys have not joined my discord, make sure to join that in the link
description. So you guys can hang out with me and get to know me a little bit
better behind the scenes. And so when I was going to take a
three-month break people were like where did this decision come from. Can you
explain? Where is this coming from? It’s built up over time. So as a person, a lot
of people describe me as like a fun personality or chill personality or
let’s say have a bubbly personality. And it can take a toll when I’m not like
negative or showing everything. Because I do have a filter, I tend to have a filter
when I do talk. I do have a filter and it’s good to have a filter because you don’t
want to say everything that’s on your mind. And when you’ve been streaming for a year and five months currently at this moment. It can take it toll when you are
definitely hiding certain things. Especially when it comes to struggles to
streaming. You know being consistent is… It’s kind [of], it’s hard, it’s definitely
hard to be consistent and to work at it and grind at it. And understanding what
goal you want to be at. For me my goal like hopefully one day as an influencer,
in general I would love to get like 10k follows on all platforms. I think that’d be a super dope milestone to get at. But
that’s one day that’s one thing I would like to strive for. And yeah, when it comes
to streaming trying to please a lot of different people or try to please an
audience it’s insane. Whether you want to stick to
one game or you want to stick to a variety of games. And having a stream
schedule it’s a lot of different things to balance. For me I look at this as a
hobby because I do not make a lot of money or even part-time [income] from streaming. I just do this to have fun and for me to— I’ve been recently trying to take it
back to the roots on playing what I really want to play regardless of
whether who’s there or not. I know it’s easy to chase the viewership or chase a
certain thing or chase what is popular at the moment. But for me at this time I just want to play what I want to play or I do what I
want to do. And people can take that and kind of rub that in the wrong way.
And it’s insane but I just need to be truthful to people [who] either decide to hear this or watch this. I definitely thank the people that have been there
since way back when. And given and— have given me the space to do what I
want to do and I really appreciate the people that have stuck with me. So far
since for a year and almost a year and a half. So I really appreciate that, so
thank you guys for even believing in me. And if anything this has just been, just
a wild ride and I really appreciate those who have supported me, giving me
advice and definitely stuck with me…

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