How Can I Use Wellness Stock Shop Photos?
How Can I Use Wellness Stock Shop Photos?

Hey everyone Briena here with Wellness Stock Shop. I just received some really fantastic feedback from the survey that I sent out for the end year survey for 2018 and some of you had some questions that are really good and I want to help answer them So I’m going to be creating a series of videos to help, you know how to best use Wellness Stock Shop So today I want to answer the questions you have around How you can use the photos inside Wellness Stock Shop? so first of all A big question that I get a lot is do I have to give photo credit when I use Wellness Stock Shop photos so if you are a photo store member or you purchased a photo then absolutely you do not have to get a photo credit I always feel really warm and fuzzy when you do I love to actually see how you’re using the photos It helps me to understand and also get a better idea of what you really love and what I should create more of But you don’t have to give photo credit If you are using the free monthly photos that I send out or you’ve gotten any photos for free Then I do ask that you give photo credit so that would be mostly on social media so on Instagram or Facebook if you post the photo there then you just somewhere in your text say “photo credit” and then do the link @wellnessstockshop So it’s that simple The next question is what happens after my membership expires Do I actually have to stop using the photos that I downloaded during my membership term? Or do I have to delete them from my website at my social media and the answer is absolutely Keep using the photos that you download during your membership term You don’t have to stop using them you get to use them as many times as you like over and over For as long as you like, so don’t worry about that also The next question is of course, how can I use the photos? So sometimes and for a very good reason People are a little bit worried because they’re not sure which platforms they can use the photos on If they can use them on their website for the marketing, so I definitely want to be clear about this I have really flexible easy usage terms for the photos inside Wellness Stock Shop Because I don’t want you to have to worry about all that sort of stuff It gets really confusing and I know that some stock photo sites have really tricky usage terms So some examples that you can use the photos for are all your marketing needs Everything that you need to use it for for your business so on your website for instance on any sort of social media platform on Instagram on Facebook in Facebook ads in any sort of Promotional videos you’re creating for your business You can use the imagery in your programs. Maybe you’re creating a course and you want to use it on your Your webinar slides or your PowerPoint slides anything like that? You can use it for opt-in images so like if you’re creating an e-book for an opt-in for your email list That’s a really popular thing to use a photos for Anything else? I’m looking down my list here and have a little cheat sheet give certificates and of your promotional material So if you’re making printed marketing material for instance, you can use it for that Anything to represent your business so wellness stock shop. The photos are really to represent your brand Really create a cohesive look for your brand in your business and to help you promote your business So don’t be shy to use them in that way It’s probably easier to know what you can’t use them for so let’s go over that list One is you cannot give to share or sell the photos? So you cannot say oh, hey, sign up for my email list and I’ll give you ten free photos You cannot do that. You can’t sell the photos in any sort of additional design or for instance use them in designs that are for sale or merchandise for sale for for instance planners or Coffee cups or anything like that or if you’re creating for instance Instagram story templates You cannot use them in any designs for resale and You cannot use them in mass print that’s over 10,000 copies, so if you have a small Magazine for your business for instance and you print less than 10,000 copies So you’re a pretty small business then don’t worry about it But if you have a big magazine and you’re printing more than 10,000 copies Then you’re just going to need to get extended use of drinks for that Also, you can get extended usage rights if you do want to use the photos in products for resale For instance on a book cover or whatnot. I’m looking down my cheat sheet again That’s pretty much it. So The next question is I get a lot of social media managers and designers reaching out asking if they can use the photos in their clients projects so like on website designs and For Instagram feeds and stuff like that and I do not currently have an option for that So, this is January 2019 You’re definitely gonna want to come back and check again because stuff is in the works for that especially for designers But right now I don’t have any options for that The best thing is I’ve created a limited subscription plan where you can download 30 photos And I kept that because I want designers to be able to purchase photos for their clients projects or have their clients purchase the Package so that they can use them on their website or whatnot. So it’s gonna be the best option for that I think that I covered everything that I wanted to but if you have any questions Please feel free to leave them below and it will definitely make a point to answer them I hope this was helpful, and I hope to see you inside Wellness Stock Shop

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