Hebrew Words And Vocabulary by topic – NATURE [beginners]
Hebrew Words And Vocabulary by topic – NATURE [beginners]

Shalom and thank you for joining me today. Today I thought we’d practice some basic
Hebrew words and vocabulary, focusing on nature and its beauty. In the video, we will see trees, grass, the
sky and many more beautiful things nature has to offer. During this video, I will run across the screen
the correct Hebrew spelling, the translation and the Hebrew pronunciation written in English
for you to practice. I think you will enjoy that. We will also see the Nikud for each word. So Let’s start out and learn some new Hebrew
words. Close to us, you can see some bright yellow
flowers. Flower in Hebrew translates to “perach”. Flowers, “pra’chim”. To the right of the flowers, we can see a
big tree. A tree is עץ “ets”. At the background, we can see trees – עצים
– “e’tsim”. We also see many types of plants. צְמָחִים – “tsma’chim”. One plant, צמח , “tsemach”. Look at the tree line. It looks like a small forest in there. Forest, יער, “ya’ar”. Above the forest, we can see some blue sky. שמיים, “sha’maim”. The plants and flower are moving in the wind. Wind, רוח, “ru-ach” Here between the banks, we can see a small
river with murky water. River נהר, “nahar”. This is actually the Jordan river or “nahar
hayarden”. Take a look at this plant in a pot. It has many long leaves. One leaf, עלה, “a’le”. Many leaves, עלים, “a’lim”. Under the leaves, we can see the soil. אדמה, “ada’ma”. Let’s go back to our flower field. We can see a few small bushes here and there. Bush שיח, “siach”. The plural form of “siach” is “sichim”. Bushes. What beautiful green landscape. We can see a lot of grass all around. Grass, דשא, “deshe”. Look at the sky, there are a lot of clouds. Cloud, ענן, “a’nan”. Many clouds, we say, עננים, “ana’nim”. Close to the horizon, we can see some nice
hills. Hill, גבעה, “gi’va”. The plural form is “gvaot”. Hills, “gvaot”. That was 20 words in Hebrew, words that describe
the beautiful nature. Try and practice pronunciation and writing. Try to remember how objects look and what
they sound like. Hope you enjoyed the lesson. As always, thanks and toda for watching.

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