HARAJUKU — Street Photography in Tokyo, Japan
HARAJUKU — Street Photography in Tokyo, Japan

[Music] what’s up everyone my name is John and welcome back to Tokyo Japan it’s my last day in Japan again and there is something very loud over there so yeah I’ve come to college it is today and I’m gonna be getting some street photography with just the crew to film x100s I do have my Canon with me as well but as similar to my other days out taking both of this I’m just gonna enjoy using the 3d film so yeah head on and when you say hello to ku – a lot of people they think of takeshi – dorri numbers is probably one of the busiest streets in the area and most people just kind of come to see that but I’ve been here a few times and I want to explore more of the side streets and back streets because I think they’re really photogenic and actually really quiet at times as well which is quite interesting so I guess we’ll go and explore and hopefully you’ll see a different side to what you would normally see if you’re looking at halogen see [Music] so the area is kind of known quite prominently for fashion but there’s also a lot of photography around here if you go around you’ll see plenty of photographers just kind of like waiting around snapping local street portraits of people for various fashion blogs fashion magazines and outlets and things like that it’s actually really it’s quite interesting seeing how many are just hanging about waiting for the well-dressed person to walk past so it’s just gone 5 p.m. and it’s the middle of August currently in Japan as it is everywhere else in the world and it’s just coming into that golden hour and the sun’s just start to dip in this light making this really nice golden light just kind of toasting the tops of the building that’s really quite lovely it’s gonna walk around some more of the quietest streets and potentially tour some in the residential areas because houses around here are really nice [Music] amazing season this amazing I’ve just been walking like literally minute two minutes at a fairly slow pace as well and there’s known around now it’s quiet tokyo is crazy for things like that you know from dense population to nothing if any of you guys have ever seen terrace house on netflix by the way i love that show it’s so japanese but i feel like these are the types of houses that they live in they’re just so cool they’re just really like industrial in their design there’s a lot of raw concrete i love that style i know a lot of people wouldn’t but a lot of people would also and this area is just primed for it I bet it’s expensive around here though but you know you set goals high and you achieve them at some point you get that so the way I like to explore and take photos around Asia is pretty much to just have a wonder and see which alleyway takes my fancy and where I want to go next I’ve kind of come to a point now where come to a crossroad I’ve just come from done that way and have come up here and I can’t decide which way to go so behind me over this way we’ve got a pretty nice little anyway what I like coming through there in front of me we have another road it also looks kind of interesting so yeah this is the way that I tend to explore I just have a wonder and see where see where my eye takes me I guess that’s the one thing I’m always trying to promote when making these types of blogs is that you can just kind of like enjoy walking and exploring an area with the camera and just kind of take it all in that’s how I like to travel so hopefully these are kind of chilled and relaxed and you guys enjoy these videos hopefully because they’re just you know follow me around for the day whilst I’m exploring and enjoying the area there’s just something about Asia that really is just all the laneways and everything I’m going to make a book about it at some point maybe multiple civ actually just a change direction from my original plan and I’ve got my cannon out now with the 70-200 so I’m gonna get some telephoto shots alongside some stuff at the Fujifilm I’m just kind of enjoying looking down the alleyways and picking out some subtle subjects to focus on generally shooting at fairly large apertures as well around 2.8 3.2 that sort of size yeah and as I keep saying I’m just having a chilled relaxing even before I fly back to London tomorrow I’m gonna miss Japan so much I mean last time I was here I thought would be a long time until I’m back and then turns out over six weeks and then when it did the Discovery Channel project so who knows maybe there’ll be another project coming up I just I want to be here all the time one thing I particularly love about Japan is how shiny a lot of the cars are particularly the taxis so they got variety of different colors there’s black ones green ones yellow ones but the black ones in particular they just look boss they look so good it’s of course shooting with the 70 to 200 now you can really make them stand out and I just love getting shots with the taxis around here so the light is finally starting to fade now and I’m still just exploring some of these quiet roads but I think in a moment I’m gonna head back towards the main part of Harajuku and I think I think on the top of Tokyo hands there’s an observation deck or like a viewing deck of the crossroads I may go and have a look and see if I can get that or it could be the Starbucks up there I’m not sure everything that’s really nice about this area is you get some amazing shots so this place here dispatched Tokyo there’s some really cool camera straps and camera bags and all sorts of stuff this is more just a note to myself actually to go and look them up online afterwards but I thought I’d share anyway because it’s relative to this [Music] [Music] well it’s definitely sunset because you can hear the birds are going crazy it’s weird I’m not used to that I mean I’m used to it now that I’ve seen in Australia and other places where that happens but back home I swear the birds they’re just normal mate hope he doesn’t go mental at six o’clock but here every night [Music] all right so I’ve now come to Tokyo Plaza and I believe there’s a viewing deck on the sixth or seventh floor or something so I’m gonna go and see and have a look [Music] [Music] yeah turns out was right there is a viewing deck up here on the top floor there’s a Starbucks over there and this is like an outdoor terraced garden type thing it’s really nice up here and I think this is where I’m gonna end this video so I hope you’ve enjoyed following me around today and getting some chilled shots around hawlucha crew in Tokyo Japan this is my last night in Tokyo I don’t know when our next be back but I will definitely be back I hope you’ve enjoyed all of my Japan videos and my Fuji film videos and other photography ones if you are new to my channel make sure you subscribe to catch updates on those future ones and then check out my Instagram as always to see the posts on them so yeah that’s everything for me thanks for watching guys give it a like down below and I will see you in the next one Cheers bye bye [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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  1. S KEBIR says:

    I love Tokyo. The most marvelous city I lived in. When you stay there for long, you might be decepointed by other cities outside Japan.

  2. James Sands says:

    Hey Joe, I just want to thank you for your videos, as an aspiring photographer and subscriber myself I just think that your videos are excellent and informative. Your camera skills are incredible and I just want to say thank you for your videos. – James

  3. Felix KY Tang says:

    Are majority of your shots shown in the videos straight out jpegs? The color do look beautiful, did you have to use any filter settings? Thanks

  4. The Emperor says:

    Typically as a symptom of mental disorder

  5. Hej Fiona says:

    great job. may i know what luts do you use for this video? thanks!

  6. piggy_style says:

    i love you blogs and photos i am not good as you but i love taking photos too 😀

  7. Larry Starkiller says:

    Joe Allam > Eric Kim 😎

  8. Graeme Hudson says:

    What’s that lens hood you got on there? Looks ace!

  9. Matthieu Fournel says:

    Great work Joe, I'm learning to improve my street photographies thanks to your amazing work and teaching ! keep going 🙂

  10. kleiner man11 says:

    Sick Video 🔥😍

  11. Simon Derep says:

    Do you edit your photos? If so, what software do you use?

  12. Carlos R. Martinez says:

    Your photography projects are so incredible!!! Never lose that skill.

  13. James Weil says:

    great video!! look forward to watching more!

  14. Jamal Al-Nubani says:

    What kinda preset do you use?

  15. Jack Lee says:

    dude your vids are so chills, love'em.

  16. Michael C says:

    DOPE shots you've got there bro!

  17. Alae Ek says:

    Just a fantastic video. I am going to live in Japan for 6 months soon and watching your kind of videos just make me feel like I'm super lucky. I can't wait to explore with a camera as well.

  18. RedGB1 says:

    Excellent, I enjoy all that you do..

  19. R John Mitchell says:

    At 5:02 you're talking about looking for subtle subjects to focus on, as there is an absolutely smashing young woman with maroon hair walking past you. Now, there's your subtle subject.

  20. Justin Ryan says:

    Hey man, just found your channel and love your presentation style… really smooth and easy to listen to… I’m off to Japan in a week to ride motorcycles and shoot photos and appreciate the tips you shared and your enthusiasm. Cheers

  21. Poet Guide says:

    Love your relaxed vibe. Great composition on your street shots.

  22. ACID SNOW says:

    harujuku is one of the best places in tokyo, so inspiring that place!
    thanks for sharing this with us really enjoyed watching this.
    P.s. i have just been to japan, if ever you are interested in watching my videos 🙂

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    the buzzing in the beginning/throughout are cicadas

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    great shots man, photos were beautiful. I really loved the lighting you were getting from the sunset and you captured the overall aesthetic of Japan really well

  28. Ig Cd_heisler says:

    Been thinking about that x100f

  29. ur shit at rapping says:

    Despacito plays

    UMG. As shit here we go agian

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