Hannity: Democrats pack coronavirus bill with far-left agenda items
Hannity: Democrats pack coronavirus bill with far-left agenda items

100 thoughts on “Hannity: Democrats pack coronavirus bill with far-left agenda items”

  1. Robert Sanders says:

    Pelousyy Schmuck Schummer must be arrested for BLACKMAIL! PERIOD! Politics should NEVER be permitted to use blackmail! That IS A CRIME!

  2. Monique Carriere says:

    Hannity when are you going to tell us you are Q+

  3. Roddshooter says:

    Non-essential Employees!

  4. paradigm respawn says:

    No Longer "Pure Pork", the Radical Left is Packing Loads of Fudge into their Wish Lists.
    Clybourne makes Zhirinovsky look Wonderful!

  5. Rocio Lopez says:

    One nation under God 🙏💓

  6. Robert Sanders says:

    The left has shown it's true colors… and it'll be their undoing, come this November and well beyond!

  7. sammie wrirght says:

    I hope everybody goes out and vote to Fire all Democrats

  8. Paul Crumley says:

    Your part: Call your state legislators, your governor, your Congressperson, your senators and make noise – LOTS of noise. Keep calling – inundate the phone systems with your outrage. Call Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer – let them know what you think. Be polite, but be firm and be sure your position is clear.

  9. Mikehikebike says:

    Faux News Corp, back to working on dividing the U.S. after taking four days off.

  10. Jom Undi..Weekly buzz! says:

    Fox is a political noob network!

  11. MrBoyd Guyton says:

    All we can do is vote them out

  12. Sammies mom Sammie says:

    Hydracloracren is that not used to clean fish tanks? I'm just so blown away 😭 by the agenda here.

  13. Scottie Johnson says:

    Watching Joe Biden on camera is like when you find that box of old Christmas lights in the attic and you plug them up. Watching the bulbs blow one by one until it's just dark.

  14. kinggzz says:

    secret recording of Pelosi….

  15. Jed Ford says:

    Mr. President: declare Martial Law and ARREST Schumer & Pelosi and put them on-trial for TREASON.

  16. christine prater says:

    if we get back to work, quite paying TAXES. see how long they get back to TRUMP.

  17. kml sikhi says:

    Trump and friends are narcissistic murderers for whom money is god. We mean nothing to them other than property and grist for the mill of their malignant corporations and banks. If we can't work we are worthless. As my coal miner grandfather said "if you are not rich, it's better to be dead than sick." As true today as it was in the 19th century… and before. They think because they HAVE money … they EARNED it and that their wealth somehow endows them with some great wisdom. It doesn't… it just makes them blind and lethal to the rest of us.

  18. Luciane Manteiga says:

    Stop supporting Democrats! They are the americans enemy!

  19. barryb83110 says:

    A possible treatment on the horizon, to be filed under other things you said were on the horizon, such as soon to be zero virus cases, prominent politicians about to be locked up, and exposure of the Coronavirus hoax. Meanwhile we are going to be asked to die for Wall Street because the isolation is bad for the economy that was running a record deficit at its very peak. It somehow makes more sense to bail out Wall Street, AGAIN, rather than provide unemployment payments, stop foreclosures, and support medical staff. The kicker is there are no procedures in place to control how the money is spent except for Mnuchin's whims. Why you are still employed is beyond my comprehension when your commentary has been so patently wrong.

  20. Cris Moore says:


  21. Cris Moore says:

    that drug also kills unless you do trials. people have died from it.

  22. Cris Moore says:

    suchBS trashing the demoncrates. it's all lies.

  23. Cris Moore says:

    You trashing the Dems misses the point that we have a pandemic.

  24. Robert Mitchell says:

    Trump's stimulus is to the far right and doesn't reward working Americans
    the way they should be rewarded. Hannity needs to get to the reality of what
    America needs and just drop the Bull***t…

  25. Jarrett Cooper says:

    Shame on Pelosi

  26. Cris Moore says:

    why dont to read up how a Fed Gov can coordinate resources.

  27. lisa schneider says:

    FALSE, there is no treatment, this drug has not been approved and one sick person died under this medication.

  28. Cris Moore says:

    serve people? we had this Virus knowledge for 12 weeks. where is help of 'no cases areas'?

  29. Susan says:

    Clyburn has the IQ of a box of rocks. He's a puppet for special interests such as NAACP and other whining black groups!

  30. Ken Dav says:

    Prisoners and inmates are Americans too, I hope they get their checks.

  31. lisa schneider says:

    why do they delay ?? because you, the republican mafia, including you, fox trash, wants to give most of the aid to greedy corporations who will speculate it in wall street! the aid has to be given to workers, and this is what democrats want !! DEMOCRATS ARE FIGHTING FOR YOU SO YOU GET THE MOST FINANCIAL HELP ! stop believing all the misinformations and lies from this moron who is paid 36 millions dollars a year by fox trash, HE IS A BRAINWASHING MACHINE !!!!!

  32. Darby Blair says:

    The left say that it’s republicans giving “big businesses” breaks but they literally want tax credits for “solar and wind companies” uhhh are those NOT big businesses?! They don’t care! They just don’t care anymore. They must lose! They must lose the house in November

  33. Hai Pham says:

    Democrats go to hell! Excellent comments HANNITY.

  34. Scott Eaton says:

    Republicans are truly criminals and you guys fall for it every time

  35. Scott Eaton says:

    Read the bill please. The Republicans were trying to pad the pockets of their friends AS USUAL

  36. Eddie S says:

    Hannity does nothing but lie. People that listen to this crap are so ignorantly stupid.

  37. Scott Eaton says:

    Democrats are looking down the road, not just for the next 6 months

  38. Spring Christine says:

    Just got off the phone with an official in Ohio….. Ohio is allowing manufacturing companies to decide wether or not they're essential. Money hungry companies are staying at full production and risking the lives of the employees for their own gan while others including their own employees suffer!!!! One company in particular had a foreman tested for the virus but kept him working even while waiting on the results. Others are hacking and coughing right next to each other because jobs are set up as stations and employees are REQUIRED to be at their stations during their shift times. It really shows in times like these how each company cares about it's employees.

  39. hampala tacklebox says:

    Fox news joke never funny… They say Corona virus was hoax, and today they just like "licking" what they "throw out" before… "We take it seriously" 😆🤫

  40. BigBotz One says:

    Nothing from that "wishlist" is in any bill, was wondering how he could just show wrong information until I saw it says in small print 'as reported by media outlets." This whole thing is wrong by dems and Republicans so just be honest, the truth is bad enough and you don't lose credibility. Come on guys

  41. James Van Dykes says:

    did you hear that obama is running for the presidency of kenya? 2021 he says its his homeland!

  42. William Philip says:

    Hannity is a fool, and so Moscow Mitch. They want the bucks to go too corporate, not people.

  43. Steven Windward says:

    The democrats always sink to new lows. How is it even possible? You're disgusting if you support these horrible people.

  44. Becca M says:

    President Trump should just call an executive order and do it anyway!!

  45. Avealina says:

    Mr. Hannity… I do believe this is the best clip of your show, I've ever seen! I do believe this clip even tops the ones I saw you do, post 2008 crash, when we saw the boom of American oil. Thank you!

  46. The Great Satan says:

    This time when we save the world let's skip Iran

  47. killboi207 says:

    Sick… I cannot believe how sick and effed up Nancy Pelosi is… Get her out of office. This is going to cost me over a thousand bucks… And this trash queen wants to include radical environmentalist agenda items?! Unbelievable, shows how incredibly out of touch these fops are.

  48. Spore Hux says:

    If Trump said poo was the cure, Hannity would be rubbing it all over his face.

  49. Whocarez Wututhink says:

    This is propaganda…how are you going to give trump a blank check…he only wants to bail out the rich..Hamity is a p.o.s. calling this a hoax a week ago

  50. Joseph Willis says:

    Hannity, go to hell, and take both parties with you. They are both dithering while Americans are dying, and you are trying to score partisan hits during the pandemic. I say again, go to hell.

  51. Clinton Mays says:

    Possible God showed us all a miracle with this man not dieing yet people will still deny God.

  52. Whocarez Wututhink says:


  53. MEGA TRUMP2020 says:

    I am so surprised that Schumer or Pelosi hasn't been murdered yet there are lots of crazies out there and they're pissing off a lot of people

  54. Harry Nguyen says:

    I can't believe it. Democrats people in Congress need to wake up do the right things for American people except if you want to be out of works at the next election time.

  55. paradigm respawn says:

    Amtrak Joe missed his Train of Thought.

  56. James Van Dykes says:

    speaking of hussein. 12,000 dead before he lifted a finger when swine flu hit

  57. raymond boulanger says:

    Simple. " America's and need to smarten up and vote them out , period "
    Otherwise it's gonna get worse.

  58. John Smith says:

    This man is a genius, we need many more like him and Tucker, they are outnumbered but by far the smartest.

  59. Nancy Lewis says:

    If you're stuck inside today and would like to call Nancy Pelosi's office and give her a piece of your mind her phone number is 202-225-4965. Schumer and Pelosi have taken over the Democratic party to the point where I'm starting to believe that they are owned by China and Soros, these people are monsters and they don't don't want anything good for America. Democrats should be outraged that their party has been overtaken by these two evil peoplel!!!

  60. D. R. says:


  61. Nerd Hero961 says:

    Do we trade life for political agenda, apparently we can.. Thanks Dems..

  62. Frederick Spector says:

    Don't call employees "Workers", that's a Communist/socialist term.
    Rik Spector

  63. My Next Outdoor Adventure says:

    All Democrats need to shown the door this coming November !!!

  64. Jocelyn Brisebois says:

    Where are we going? prepare for something else. cordially

  65. Barbara Dunne says:

    Trump wants to give the money to CORPORATIONS not the people who don't have a job and need money for there kids for food …..CORPORATIONS already have money ….That is what Pelosi is trying to stop ….CORPORATIONS from getting all the money ….C'mon people you know Trumpy is a liar and all he cares about is him …..and money

  66. Nerd Hero961 says:

    True American's are awesome… I tip my hat to the men and women who are helping Americans.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

  67. Richard Owen says:

    Shut up you idiot.

  68. Samuel Ross says:

    This is the perfect demonstration of a hostage situation, or of a spoiled kid laying on the ground in the supermarket kicking his feet and wailing for candy. Gosh!

  69. senseamp says:

    Good, Pelosi should drive a hard bargain, GOP needs this porkulus more than Dems.

  70. Nitrofan69 says:


  71. Mark LaJuene says:

    Politics, what a joke.

  72. juvy joaquin says:

    Pure evil Pelosi please don’t vote for them next election On November they are thorns in the society, very selfish people

  73. Elvira Gomez says:

    Hannity sold his soul for 💰

  74. Harry Morgan says:

    At this point, the President should just push that democrat mob aside, and do what needs to be done.

  75. wendy wilson says:

    Restructure the system to fit our vision = take opportunistic advantage of a life threatening situation to get what they want.

  76. AR-.556 .45Tim-1911 says:

    Why aren’t the Democrats out there explaining why they did this right now?

  77. DSP says:

    The Democrat Bolsheviks are evil. They should all be jailed on charges of treason.

  78. In truth we trust says:

    Great, "Shammity"…
    "Hydroxychloroquine"´s list of side effects are very scary, but hey, tout it to everyone…
    Well, as far as I see, their list is not gonna hurt any businesses, but might give good PR…
    Ppl don´t "hate" tRump, We "pity the fool"…
    Well actually, more ppl hate tRump than hates O´Bama, byt that neither here nor there…

  79. Elvira Gomez says:

    I actually love these out of touch people talk how they at this moment, because that means that in 2020🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
    Keep talking Hannity, Laura and Mitch we're coming to wipe you out

  80. Edward Yamada says:

    Hey, everyone, this is all a hoax perpetrated by those Dims. Let's go out and party at the beach, Lt. Governor of Texas is so why not? America is about business, not of its people. It's paranoia to lock down an entire country. Wait…..what? India just locked down 1.3 billion people, four times the population of the US? Wow, what paranoia. Come on, we're going to the Trump rally. He says it's safe.

  81. Hector Andazola says:

    Hannity is full of it

  82. Paul Gagnon says:

    They will do pay in November!!

  83. TheCannonator 2019 says:

    Are people FINALLY realizing the Democrats don't care about anyone who doesn't agree with their agenda and would rather see millions of American's sick and dying!! If anyone votes for any of these a$$ holes, you are an IDIOT!!

  84. mysteryman2024 says:

    How anyone can still be a member of the democratic party is beyond me.

  85. 3 years ago says:

    Can we stop blaming the Democrat. We need to blame ourselves. We let these people walk around. Too many news and no arrest 😩

  86. Dee Weyant says:

    Money drunks ,, lite up when money is up for grabs … Go TRUMP , He's a brawler for America … 🇺🇸💯🚒

  87. jeb1273 says:

    You lie like Chump.

  88. Rob Goad says:

    Who put Nancy in charge of the toilet paper,

  89. SurfK9 says:

    500 Billion to corporate executives with no oversite!

  90. Mike Steacy says:

    Will no one knows because mitch McConnell has 400 Bill's sitting on his desk.

  91. dakotail says:

    and he did nothing about SMOLLET …. JUASSE OWNS THE POLICE DEPART MENT 10 THOUSEND DOLLARS,,,,, SMOLLET LIED and HE IS A LIAR …. and I thought he was the cats and talented meow … NOW I HOPE THEY GET HIM … HE IS a "LIAR" ~~~

  92. Bklyn finest says:


  93. Davy Boy says:

    After this virus breaks, President Trump will gain back ALL LOSSES, and kick butt as he’s taking names 🙏🇺🇸

  94. L. Ra says:

    Possible treatment is almost real? Since when? The head doctor himself said we are at least 10-18months away. Dems despicable for trying to make sure corporations don’t profit from this bailout?

  95. Brian Hurtado says:

    Rational Americans: "Hey, democrats… what have you done for America over the last three years?"
    Demoncraps: "We've hated on Trump for being better than the demoncraps."

  96. L. Ra says:

    How can anyone take this idiot Hannity serious after forgetting to disclose his lawyer. Fool

  97. Leo Rando says:

    Dem's prove their scum daily….

  98. Becca M says:

    I think all travel should be banned. stay in your own state and your own country!! close all borders

  99. Wayne Hamilton says:

    DC police or Sheriffs need to forcibly remove those losers from the building and lock them up and loose the key. They need to go!!

  100. Smiling Skull says:

    The republicans want 500 billion with no restrictions, basically Trump wants slush funds for the market. Trump is clearly hero of the stupid.

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