Guilin Photo Tour: Cormorant Fishermen, River Rafting & Landscape Photography
Guilin Photo Tour: Cormorant Fishermen, River Rafting & Landscape Photography

So for the first time this trip we’re seeing stars! We’re gonna go try and catch another sunrise. This morning we are joined by Blackbeard
another of the few remaining cormorant fisherman in the area. He was trained at
age 13 and like the Huang brothers also swapped his career as a fisherman for
the life of a model when fishing could no longer sustain him. The morning was quiet and peaceful and this is our first perfect sunrise
since arriving in China. The silence was speckled with the noises
of bugs and the occasional bursts of laughter from Blackbeard. It felt so perfect to be in such a secluded
spot and even though it was difficult to get to and required us getting up at
2:00 in the morning it was totally worth it. Justin is always ahead of us. We’ve been in China almost two and a half weeks and this is our first time to see a freaking
sunrise! First sunrise! Yay! Aww they’re pretty flowers! Somewhere along the way I stopped
vlogging transitions, mostly because we’ve been moving at a pace that is fast
enough that I’m just sleeping every opportunity I get. You in a car? Sleep.
You on the ground? Sleep. Little break? SLEEP. We are about to go on another river rafting
journey. This one’s gonna be on a motorized boat. It’ll be an hour and a
half instead of 30 minutes, 40 minutes so it’s gonna be a lot of fun, I’m super
excited. It’s gonna be in a different part of town we’re gonna do an hour
drive now so I will see you there! Well that was lovely! Well I love boats and boat
rides. Such a relaxing way to see a new place so highly recommend it. It’s 119 Yuan if you want to do it by yourself.
It’s about $18. Let’s go hike the mountain So above this toilet there was a sign in
Chinese and English, and in English the translation was “To also rush to punch.” Does this mountain have a name the one
that we’re gonna climb? Guide: Five Fingers
Claire: Five fingers
Guide: Yeah Here’s the entrance. Is this the one that you said had 500 steps, Justin?
Justin: I think so. There are a couple people here. Just a couple. I think it’s important that we address
this. I don’t know what it is about China if it’s from all the sweating or the food
or the pollution or what, but this is the worst breakout I have had in 10 years. It’s so bad and I don’t even know what to do about it I’ve been scrubbing my face at
night getting all my makeup off but Someone thought it would be cute to fly the
exact same drone that went off the cliff this trip at this spot. Not jealous. Nope. Not Jealous. I have never seen this many
photographers in one place in my life. Still everyone behaved themselves well and
there weren’t any arguments over who got what spot. We finished our sunrise and now we’re eating, it’s a little bit rainy. We’re having some local food.
We have some simple noodles. Justin put kelp on his. So there was red stuff over there and I put a bunch of
red stuff on it and I think people have been taking it easy on us because my mouth is on FIRE. It’s good. It is delicious. Getting some coffee going. Guide: We call it steamed bread.
Claire: It’s like a dumpling? Xiexie Alright, ooh it’s soft, mmm! How is it Justin? Mmmm! It’s good. So we have a three hour drive to Longji
to catch the sunset. The gorgeous pink sunset… Maybe not.

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  1. 陈独秀 says:

    I hate Guilin.

  2. haoyuan zhang says:

    Haha, that "To Also Rush To Punch" thing, I think, is a machine translation. It should be “来也匆匆,去也冲冲”, which means something like "coming in a hurry, flush the toilet before leaving". In Chinese, "in a hurry " and "flush" share similar pronunciation and you should probably see this almost everywhere in China.

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