Green Screen Backgrounds Video
Green Screen Backgrounds Video

Welcome to our tutorial for basic Virtual Set compositing. First, start by adding the new composition. Next, drag the main layer of the virtual set to the composition. Create the adjustment layer. This layer will used to control the position and zoom of your virtual camera. Now, link the main layer to the adjustment
layer. Press the “S” key to expand the scale value of the Adjustment layer. You can now test how the main layer is scaling by sliding the scale value with your mouse. Drag the source chromakey video to the composition. Link it to the Adjustment layer. By changing the scale value of the adjustment layer you can now see how it is scaling the whole virtual set. Select the source chromakey video and add it to the composition. Right click on the selected layer and apply a New Mask onto it. Double click on the edge of the mask to switch
to mask editing mode. Scale the mask to crop the unneeded area from the frame. Adjust the scale and position of the chromakey video so it looks correct in the scene. To quickly remove blue or green; color assign
a Color Key filter before assigning the final quality chromakeying filter. Pick the background color which will be keyed. Adjust the Color Tolerance to remove some of the color range. Duplicate the Color Key filter, and choose
the other part of the background which was not keyed. Duplicate the Color Key again and pick the color you would like to remain
in the background. Now assign the Simple Choker filter to expand and round the matte of keyed video. Only the color blue around the keyed actor will be used in the final chromakey filter, and will speed up the rendering. Add a Keylight filter to your chromakey video. Pick a Screen Color with the Keylight color picker. Then adjust Clip Black and Clip White values to remove any transparency of the talent. Add a Simple Choker filter to the chromakey video to clean up the edges. Adjust the position and scaling of the Adjustment layer to correctly frame the virtual set. Add the video or still footage which will be used as content on the monitor in the virtual set. Apply a Corner Pin filter on the monitor content. It will be used to adjust the footage
to the monitor`s perspective. Move the Corner Pin control points to the
corresponding corners of the monitor. Link the monitor`s content layer to the Adjustment layer. Now by moving the Adjustment layer you can
see that everything moves together. By setting keyframes in the position and scale
values and transforming The Adjustment layer you can simulate the
motion of the virtual camera. Thank you for watching.

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  1. John Crevaert says:

    I can't believe it ! in about 5 minutes you demonstrate a very cool tip far away from the usual additional plug-ins !!!!! THANKS A LOOOOOT !!!!!

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    what is name of software which you are using???

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    which software do u use???

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    thanks to this..

  6. Mr Shery says:

    i would like to share that i use this trick on white background and i am successful just because of you. thank you so much for posting this video now i can use this technique anywhere i want.

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    great tips. Like the video

  8. A. Srikanth says:

    i canyou send software link

  9. A. Srikanth says:

    i can you send software link

  10. A. Srikanth says:

    i can you send software link

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    what the cute voice

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    give me this video editer software link . I want to downlod

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    thanks for making wonderful tutorial. thank you sooooo much.

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    whats the name of this application

  15. Tomas Killington says:

    Excellent stuff, I advise you to see also an interesting project they offer a large number of high-quality Green Screen Video on any topic!

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    Wow you made that look easy. Only 7 min. And it looks Great !!

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    It's so beautiful thanks

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