I can’t believe I went there so many times in the last 30 days I knew that I will see this day 1 day. But I wasn’t sure that it will be so fast. I was used the 16″ MacBook pro. I really enjoyed using it. I even tried using 15″ for few days It is more fun to use a bigger Screen and better keyboard. I was used to the longer key travel This Keyboard didn’t torture me before except the last 60 to 90 days. once again don’t want to downgrade to poor keyboard and screen That’s why I wanted to upgrade but the trade in value is pretty low Trade-value is now 50%. Cost:$2800 few months ago now it is $1400 Currently without Tax the cheapest 16″ MacBook is $2200. But then it will cost me $800 and my budget is $400 so i can’t So the path I took to bring home 16″ MacBook Pro, I am using the same to return it. Path is same, direction is same, destination is same but the goal is different It was so quick. They will even refund the warranty. In fact they suggested me to buy the warranty cuz in case I break it then I can get it fixed and then return it They will be selling this as Refurbished version later on. I can’t digest the fact that you buy a $2800 laptop and return it within 1.5 months and that means it is free for that duration. Mind blowing

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