GOOD vs BAD Photographers
GOOD vs BAD Photographers

hey what’s up guys welcome back to my
channel so in this video I want to break down the differences between a
professional photographer versus an amateur photographer especially for
those who are interested in fashion portraits so if your model and you’re
looking to book a photographer but you don’t want to spend so much money
wasting your time and all that with someone who’s not as good how do you
know the difference how do you know who’s a really good photographer and
who’s gonna deliver versus someone who’s not gonna deliver and just waste your
time take your money and then you end up with images that you’re not so happy
with so let’s break it down guys so in this video I want to tell you guys how
to spot someone who’s professional and who you should work with versus someone
who you shouldn’t work with alright guys so one of the key differences to a
professional photographer versus an amateur photographer is that a
professional photographer what most of the time always have a website now a
website is really their main platform this is where they host a lot of their
work and if you’re really a professional a professional should have a website
with their contact details with their portfolio and all of that versus an
amateur most amateurs photographers would claim oh we’ll just look at my
work on Instagram oh I don’t need a website I have Instagram just check that
out but if you’re really a professional photographer booking real clients real
clients are not gonna look at your Instagram accounts I mean they might but
they also need to see a website is something polished they want to see what
publications you’ve been in they want to see if you have media behind you if
you’re represented etc so most of this information will be found on the website
so that’s one way to distinguish it is that a professional photographer most of
the time always has a website an amateur photographer has excuses and other
websites another way to spot a professional photographer versus an
amateur is that a professional photographer would never ever list their
rates so you’re not gonna find their rates on their Instagram accounts you’re
not gonna find their rates on their web they’re gonna actually to contact them
because they need a creative brief they need to know what exactly you’re trying
to shoot and they’ll get back to you with the quotes now an amateur
photographer would post their rates on Instagram I’ve seen amateur
photographers supposed to rate saying hey I’m doing a two-for-one special
right now I’m doing like a special Thanksgiving promotion for my
photography I’m shooting two headshots for 150 stuff like that that’s something
that should raise a question mark when you’re looking at photographers to use
for your shoots another way to distinguish a professional photographer
versus an amateur is their use of light in so professional photographers would
always use flash equipments and even if they’re shooting outdoors they still use
flash equipment sometimes or if they don’t use flash though use a balance
board or stuff like that so amateur photographers they just tend to shoot
with nothing but just the camera and a lot of times they claim well I like to
shoot at natural lights I just want to shoot a natural light natural light
works best for me or they go to a studio set up and they don’t have any flash
equipment or they don’t know how to use the flash equipment and that’s because
there’s a lot of training that goes into lighting techniques and learning how to
use the flash properly and how to like get the right tone and shadows and all
of that so there’s a lot of like training intense training that
photographers has to go through to learn how to really optimize those things so
amateur photographers are gonna stay away from flash as much as possible
professional photographers will welcome flash photography as much as possible
another thing is that a professional photographer would have a set of prime
lenses and what I mean by prime lenses prime lenses are like your 24
millimeters you’re 50 you’re 85 etc and most of the time you wouldn’t see a lot
of professional photographers using zoom lenses I mean they might depending on
the situation but they prefer to use prime lenses because the quality that
you get out of prime lenses are just so much better amateur photographers only
have one lens for the most parts and that’s the lens that came with
camera the manufacturer lens they use this for everything whereas professional
photographers when you go on a shoot with them you see them walking around
with several lenses maybe they have like a bag that where they hold saw your
lenses and they’re changing their lenses constantly during the shoots because
they’re trying to get different angles different perspectives different depth
of fields etc now when it comes to retouching professional photographers
either retouch the pictures themselves or they send it to a professional
retoucher or retouch warehouse to retouch the pictures for them with some
instructions and create brief and all that amateur photographers do all the
retouching themselves always the key difference is that professional
photographers would use professional software like Photoshop Lightroom
retouch Academy whatnots amateur photographers like to use apps
that you find on your mobile devices okay another dead giveaway is that
professional photographers always shoot Camera Raw now Camera Raw this is really
the image in the highest quality without any compression without any
interpretation from the from the camera because when you shoot JPEGs what
happens is that the camera shoots raw or your camera interprets the colors and
the shadow and the light and all that and really compresses all of that
information and gives you a JPEG but when you shoot RAW you’re getting
everything as is and then it gives you the flexibility and creative freedom to
adjust the exposure adjust the color temperature and all of that so so always
actually a photographer is like hey or you shoot it raw or you shouldn’t JPEG
if they’re shooting JPEG then that’s a dead giveaway that’s a red flag you
should not work with this person another dead giveaway is that professional
photographers always always will shoot in manual mode while amateur
photographers would shoot in Auto so a professional photographer would
always love to work with a team they prefer to have a stylist on the shoot
they like to have a makeup and a hair stylist as well and also a photographer
assistants well an amateur photographer and amateur photographer will prefer to
work alone they don’t really suggest you having
other people on the set because one maybe they don’t know what they’re doing
or they’re not so confident and they don’t want other people to see their
process if you guys like this video I always appreciate thumbs up if you have
questions feel free to hit me in the comment box down below, I always appreciate
it you guys I’ll see you guys my next one

29 thoughts on “GOOD vs BAD Photographers”

  1. Kameron Burris says:

    I got a question I live in South Carolina I want to be a fashion model can I start with New York or Los Angeles

  2. KJ The Mitch says:

    I definitely needed this 💖💯

  3. Snaye Mdubu says:

    😂😂😂They are just guys who have Cameras not photographers..

  4. Snaye Mdubu says:


  5. Masha Models says:

    Love this list! Super informative ! It's really great to distinguish types of photographers especially if you're just starting out. You don't want to waste time working with the wrong people

  6. Sig says:

    Loving the new setup and your intro as well 👍🏻

  7. Smart Adebayo says:

    Nice one but not agree with all.
    Its your opinion on how to distinguish pro from amateur though.
    Professional skills deals with time which is as a result of gradual process in learning and in the business as well.
    At the moment
    * I don't own a website.
    * I do have BASIC charge to all types of photography a potential might request for.
    * I own series of lights, strobes for both indoor and outdoor yet i still prefer natural light more. artificial light do distort color and am sure u do own f1.8 lens maybe for HSS.
    * In regards to lens, its not all about been amateur or professional. your type of photography will always determine the type of lens to invest in. for example i don't need a macro lens because am not into that.
    * I do few projects due to my human resources and energy so as to deliver real good images to all my client and i do retouch on my own.
    * i do shoot raw at all time except on few occasions if need to deliver jpeg images to the client which is always good straight from the camera.
    * Can u really shoot manual mode if u are contracted to shoot sport?

    Now, my opinion, kindly put up a video to educate the so called amateurs to be a better person in photography because am sure you don't just grow up suddenly been a professional.

  8. Pamela Minter says:

    Good morning Pepper. U should also bring awareness to photographers scamming you by sending payments b4 the job is even done and the checc be fraudulent. It messed up my bank account.They r creating websites and everything. I was a victim of this. My journey has been very very rocky.

  9. Tek Me PikCha says:

    Did I just watch a 4k video 🤨…..😂? So another awesome video FP! Not sure I agree with the lighting and (maybe website) points 🤔. But everything else, in my opinion, was on point. I've 90% transitioned from amateur to professional. My only issue is that photography is my part-time, and so it's hard to put in the dedication needed, plus I'm no spring-chicken anymore lolol🤣. Please do a series on this topic sir. ’Twas very informative!!!

  10. Dori B. says:

    Very informative info, but I've been at a photo shoot were the photographer had one assistant only he had all his equipment set up on the table and yes he used lighting and changed his lense but I didn't get the pictures they offer a modeling contract and then tried to charge the pic with the contract, I didn't sign with them.

  11. Valeria Fernández says:

    Your videos are always so helpful. Your information is gold. Thank you so much!

  12. Shawn Williams says:

    Thanks for sharing i worked with a bad photographer before, never. Booking her again

  13. Saffron Canny-Smith says:

    Thank you for the tips. I’m so wary of dodgy photographers

  14. jessica carey says:

    Thanks for information I am a photographer my self still have alot learn before I'm the best

  15. David Lawerence says:

    First of all love love love the outfit! Second the background for this video is everything 👌🏽.

  16. Muhamad Syarif says:

    This is basically just from my perspective but I really hope very helpful for the new models up there. 😉:

    Let's say that it's hard to find any professional photographers, because they are so busy or sometimes they are an exclusive for some VIP/high brand clients, if the insta photographer is the only choice:

    1. Before you approach any photographer, make sure you have your own reference on how do you want to be photographed. Read some fashion magazines, fashion photography-related books at big libraries in your area (or buy one is even better), or the easiest is to use Pinterest! Insta also have save options you can try that too. My favourite photographers that can be referred (these are pro anyway haha): Hugo Comte, Alessio Bolzoni, Peter Lindberg (RIP), and Nick Knight (I went to his studio in London last May and his works are incredible!)

    2. Because there are certain kind of photographer in insta that just do the same things because of the trends, but still afraid to be different. So you REALLY need to know your style, what do you want but most of all what do you and the industry need!

    3. These are somehow just 80% accurate, but the insta photographer that you are going to approach should have at least 300-500 posts, with 80% of his contents are fashion or at least portraiture photography.

    4. Don't always get fooled by how many followers do they have because there is no guarantee if let's say, 20k followers but only 12 posts… In my own opinion that's weird, he might be:
    -fake/stealing from the other photographer,
    -or shot just for fun,
    -or he is a famous instagram influencer that did a 'photography'
    -or his images are the one that he gets from a photography workshop held by the other professional photographer (a lot of my relatives did that) which the concept is not totally from himself.
    (This could be an exception, if he has a website, or he is your friend and you know his work so well)

    5. Or even worse if there is no photographer, do self portrait (not selfie). Use timer from ur phone and find a pleasant/simple location with enough light.

    That's it from me its just my opinion but if I wanna add some I might leave a comment below hehe thanks!

    Anyway I am an amateur photographer that has started photography since 2013 until infinity 😉 I have been subscribed to Fresh Pepper since several months. Thank You so much for this video!

  17. John John says:

    Hey 😃 fresh are you 6 ft 3 Even without shoes or a half inch taller without shoes?

  18. Bellamy West says:

    Thank you! Great info as usual 😀👍🏽

  19. Lisa Blevins says:

    Hi, I would just like to let you know that I've been wanting to model forever and this weekend I have my first meeting with an agency! Your videos have been super helpful and I love watching them 🙂

  20. And i Oop MonstaxBts says:

    Question :do successful models need to come to casting calls? Also have you seen any big models in casting calls?

  21. Ember Dominique says:

    Awesome advice. Also, do you think that it's amateurish when a photographer explains his process to you compared to one who just shoots away? I had one shoot when he always tells me to do this pose or that because he wants leading lines or natural light or a bokeh effect. I havent seen his work though because it's still onpost process. I also have been shooting with a completely quiet guy that just shoots away and his work is amazing.. that's why i made it my profile picture here. 😀 what's your thought on this?

  22. Prolay Terryat says:

    The problem with statements such as these, there are always exceptions. For example pros use zooms all the time, 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200 are workhorse lenses in the industry, primes don’t make you a pro, it’s just gear.

  23. Joel Brand says:

    There are way too much inaccurate generalizations with this video. I have been a professional photographer for over 40 years (started with film) and many pros will use a short zoom because it allows for great bokeh. Also it is totally false that pros need to use flash outdoors or they are unprofessional, there is nothing wrong with shooting natural light. I frequently do outdoor photography with natural light using a reflector and/or screen because capturing how the natural light reflects on the subject creates depth and warmth. While fill flash outdoors can be helpful it can also detract from the way light naturally falls on the subject. And a great professional photographer knows how to shape that natural light to enhance the subject. Personally, I think many amateurs use flash outdoors because they lack the experience and knowledge to shape natural light. If I use flash outdoors it is gelled for daylight for accurate color balance, and only used when natural light is lacking or the sun is in a bad position. And shooting manual has nothing to do with being a pro. There are times I shoot aperture priority because I want a certain depth of field, or I'm looking for great bokeh. I might shoot shutter priority because the wind is blowing trees or I need to stop action of blowing hair. Or I might have a client sitting by a creek and I want a long shutter speed to capture the flowing water.
    What the video doesn't mention is that great professionals know how to make the photo in camera, rather than relying on retouching software for the final print. I suspect that 99% of photographers that call themselves pros have no idea how to use the zone system to establish exposure. And there are plenty of bonafide pros that farm out their retouching or have assistants do it because they are just too busy to spend time after every shoot.
    And as a pro, in my studio, I typically work alone. I have the studio set up ready before the client arrives and make final lighting and custom white balance adjustments while posing. I don't have time to tell an assistant what i'm trying to create and it is faster and more efficient for me to make the adjustments than explain what's in my head.
    The biggest problem facing professional photographer is there are people that think they can make money with YouTube videos giving out incorrect information. I got the link to this video from a professional photography group that thought your info was inaccurate. I agree.
    Are you actually a professional photographer or an expert on professional photography?
    Because this channel has advice on how to model, how to start a clothing brand, how to select a talent agent, and fitness videos.

  24. Mathieu Py says:

    Distinction between pro and amateur photographer is kind of a troll…

  25. Patrick Masrom says:

    I read an article about this on the phoblographer, rushed over here to comment what a tit you are! They’ll be next!

    You sir, are a tit.

    The fact that someone is a professional or not doesn’t say much about someone’s skill level, but rather if someone is getting paid or not. Therefor you can’t use it as an indicator if someone is a good or bad photographer! Cuz guess what, if a bad photographer get’s paid to do a shoot, because it’s his job: he’s a professional!

    Stupid f*ing clickbait, I hate this about YouTube. You are not being helpful, this is not how you spot a bad photographer, be better!

  26. Mark Thomas says:

    I am normally fairly positive in my comments here on YouTube (in the rare occasions when I do comment). But I have to chime in here and say this video is about 99% uninformed crap. The producer is obviously speaking more as a model, and not as a professional photographer himself. Professional photogs will always shoot in manual? Always use lights? Always have an assistant? Always use primes? What a bunch of hooey.

  27. Adam Thirtle says:

    As a professional photographer working in the fashion industry every single day I find this video incredibly misleading.

    You’re making a whole lot of assumptions as if they’re fact.

    Professional photographers use many lighting techniques, including natural light, it’s just a case of using it correctly.

    I personally do use mostly primes, but there is certainly a time and place for zoom lenses when you need that flexibility.

    Only shooting in Manual mode too…shutter priority and aperture priory are incredibly useful tools if you understand how the work.

  28. lânchánđời nguyễn says:

    The question video of the universe: what makes you think that you're a professional?

  29. lânchánđời nguyễn says:

    this is a myth.The greatest art photographers weren't having the gear like we have now.It is stupid to think that professional need this and that gear.There are hundred types of photographer,the most important think.Take a soulful and meaningful photo,not try being a whatever labeled photographer.

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