Going Camping at the End of the World
Going Camping at the End of the World

100 thoughts on “Going Camping at the End of the World”

  1. Ferdinand Andre says:

    Actually the rapture happened. On the wallets of the idiots who believed in it.

  2. Wira SW says:

    At least the road trip one sounds fun

  3. Arthrogeddon says:

    Still Don't get the 5/10/17, like where do these numbers come from XD

  4. KivaNChips says:

    As easy as it is to laugh at the gullibility of these people its tragic, they where taken advantage of and lives where ruined.

  5. Kaido Vesternin says:

    Ah yes, I was wondering how much gamer girl bath water could've been purchased with all that money.

  6. Batara Siagian says:

    Just another corrupt leader of a magnificently stupid flock. It's painfully repetitive in America.

  7. Logan Owens says:

    Didn't the Simpsons parody this

  8. Ace Sparks says:

    The world ended on my birthday at least.

  9. Dr.Random says:

    Actually, to avoid getting killed, you just have to move before it's 6 p.m in your timezone

  10. Qui-Gon Jinn says:

    “You’re really pathetic you know, I wasted all my money…”
    Honestly, Harolds sad, but she was the real pathetic one

  11. Alexander Johnson says:

    God, that knock on the door scared the shit out of me.

  12. mr. mongolion says:

    Lol now the other side is doing it with climate change

  13. Broke and Caffeinated says:

    Isn’t this the plot to a Simpsons episode?

  14. Peregrination says:

    Hardcore gangster rapturist, lol.

  15. Peregrination says:

    I want to take art history with Internet Historian.

  16. yellow man says:

    *16:05 nothing happens
    Patrick: NANI!!???

  17. Benjamin Crowe says:

    Why can I only picture the muffin from adsf movie?

    "But I wanna die!"

  18. Honest Abe says:

    Lol idiots

  19. Vu Hoang Duy says:

    4:09 You searched it up on nhentai didn’t you? Cause I know I did.

  20. Pandapod83 says:

    HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS TIL NOW?!?!? I mean with all the posters and stuff I should of heard of it right?

    Though now looking back on it I was around 9 turning 10 so maybe it makes sense :/

  21. Zahin Shahriar says:

    Can someone tell me about the music that started at 14:30. I cant find it

  22. Tristan Taylor says:

    it was the rapture
    no one is worthy

  23. T. Akb says:

    I used to live in Russia up until 2010 and everyone was panicking (like seriously, no joke) that the world was gonna end in 2010.

  24. Lex Ex says:

    It's so difficult to watch.

  25. Silent Runner says:

    God I hate nordvpn

  26. Carl On Duty: Black Cops says:

    What’s the song at 18:11 is sounds familiar

  27. Kleavers says:

    These people need serious mental help.

  28. Chad Duffney says:

    Perhaps it did. World's been shit since then and feels like everything is going faster

  29. Mr. Ant says:

    Time to buy a rapture shirt and poster ad on eBay and not change it at all and go to the subway

  30. Mr. Ant says:

    Plot twist: after rapture pet care employees go to heaven

  31. bottled souls says:

    Haha funny but it's probably going to end in 2022.

  32. Matt Neil says:

    Do one on how NORDVPN got hacked lol

  33. Jujy Foreman says:

    It's hard to explain, but just looking at Camping's face tells me "no one should ever trust this man."

  34. Avex says:

    The knock on the door sounded to real that I freaked the fuck out👀

  35. kms xd says:

    2:27 "judgment"

  36. Nico der Feuerlöscher says:


  37. Token Lmao says:

    Knowledge is so sexy

  38. Aithine says:

    10:27 holy shit this actually made me jump, the door IS on my right

  39. Gaz Jones says:

    Americans LUL

  40. Smokeyy says:

    youre not from america right? ud know thats nothing to joke about, theres actually religiouse ppl there. i didnt want to belive it either when i was first told, but they do actually exist and they probably got frightend by that video. be careful man, its 2019

  41. F4PTR says:

    Haha I didn’t even know this happened.

  42. KingPengu says:

    Another theory, the rapture did happen but all of us were not worthy

  43. dfmv says:

    That knock at the ad time scared the living heck out of me

  44. Shino Asada says:

    holy crap 10:27 made me get up lmao, rip headphone users thinking their door knocked

  45. Packerman120203 says:

    How’s the nordvpn sponsorship?

  46. pink says:

    Hi, it's 5 November of 2019

  47. Reverend Dickemdown says:

    10:27 scared the fuck out of me because i was tabbed out and half listening

  48. Quicksmith Genius says:

    26,147 gallons of bathwater. Nice touch, fellow gamer.

  49. D85610 says:

    I dont feel bad for anyone that followed him. Especially the idiots that ran up shit loads of debt on their credit cards, smiling the whole time thinking they wont have to pay it back because "jesus"

    You earned that debt. Enjoy it 🙌🏼

  50. OnlyTwoShoes says:

    The Rapture did happen, but he wasn't chosen, only the 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel we taken up to Heaven.
    144,000 people going missing out of nearly 7,000,000,000 on the planet is 0.00002% of the world population. Hardly noticeable if you ask me.

  51. NARROW says:

    The catching away of the body of Christ the only time the Rapture was brought up in the Bible was when the Apostle Paul talked about it he said it was a mystery and no man will know when it happens people who don't study their Bibles, want to say that Jesus mentions the Rapture in Matthew but Jesus is talking about the end of the world he's not talking about the catching away of the body of Christ the issue with people today is they are too confused about Doctrine because they listen to people instead of reading and studying for themselves what the Bible actually says also do not read the Catholic Bible or any Bible that is not the King James Bible because the King James Bible comes from the Texas receptus which is from the original Hebrew and Greek the original source text agree with each other 99% of the time while the other Bibles and I mean every other Bible ever written is literally made from the alexandrian text which were heavily altered by a philosopher by the name of origin and 100% of the time the alexandrian texts do not match up so it's obvious which version is more accurate the sad part is most people don't realize every other Bible other than the King James Bible is using the alexandrian texts, and most people are deceived into believing that Catholics are Christians when in reality Catholicism has nothing to do with Christianity the Bible is clear that these so-called Christians are not Christians they are Catholics they believe in Mary they worship Mary to the point of God they believe Mary is co mediator between us and God they've raised her up to that extent it's quite disgusting but, please understand most people today are very stupid when it comes to the Bible 99% of all so-called Christians in this country are not Christian only 1% out of all of them are actually Christian because most people are deceived into believing lies instead of believing the truth the gospel is the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and trusting a loan in what Jesus did for salvation that's it that's all it is it's very simple the problem is is that every other religion wants you to do something to earn salvation they ignore the sacrifice Jesus gave for you that's why they are also evil they ignore the Apostle Paul and the gospel that was commissioned to him by Jesus Christ because I don't have a lot of texts I'm going to make this very simple look up a YouTube channel called Grace Bible ambassadors and watch their series called Jesus wasn't talking to you and learn about the Bible learn about what the gospel is learn about Doctrine so you are not taking to and fro by every wind of Doctrine

  52. NARROW says:

    Matthew was talking about the end of the world it's not talking about the rapture you don't understand what you're talkin about Paul made it clear the Rapture was a mystery given to Paul it was never talked about through Jesus Jesus was talking about when Jesus returns again it's not talking about the catching away of the body of Christ that was a mystery that was revealed to Paul if you study the scriptures

  53. NARROW says:

    Please look up Grace Bible ambassadors and actually learned something about Doctrine I'm not trying to be mean but you don't know anything about scripture if you seriously think that Matthew was talking to you Matthew is talking to the lost sheep of the House of Israel that Jesus came to fulfill promises to also Catholics are not Christian neither are any of the group's you showed Catholics are Catholics they believe in the doctrine of Catholicism not in the Bible I've spoken with many Catholic priests and all of them have told me to my face there's no such thing as the word of God only the traditions of their Church you guys believe so lie in your Traditions you worship Mary as a mediator between God and man when the Bible says that's Jesus Christ not marry but you're probably reading from the alexandrian texts which come out of Egypt which God made it very clear that we're not supposed to get our knowledge from Pagan Egypt Plus a philosopher by the name of origin heavily edited those texts as well + origin did not believe in the resurrection of the Dead nor did you believe in most of the Bible which is why most Catholics cut scriptures out of their Bibles and on top of that they also believe that they have the right to change Doctrine yes the Catholic Church believes they have the right to change the Bible because they don't believe there's anything special about it I'm not kidding I could send you at least four videos or more if you want a Catholic saying straight out there is no such thing as the word of God and these are all high-level priests because they don't believe in the word of God they believe in their tradition please look up Grace Bible ambassadors and stomp quoting scripture out of context please I beg you

  54. ワン says:

    He's not wrong, the world has already been destroyed. The meek are inheriting the Earth.

  55. sparkpenguin says:

    no guys craig really was the brother of jesus, he was, and he loved grapes it's in the song
    not in the visible text of the song though you gotta use numerology but stephen lynch definitely wanted us to find it

  56. Nobody Foundation says:

    Truth to be told? he is soemwhat right about The Rupture tho but not the time. in trillion and trillions of years later the universe will experience about "the rupture" an event where everything is going back to one single point just like big bang. if the theory was right tho

    More probable that we died by desease or nuclear warfare…………..
    ill stay with the Foundation

  57. chavezchavo says:

    When you take random numbers and add them up for no reason…

  58. Scott Carlson says:

    Can somebody explain to me how atonement is 5 and heaven is 17. I have been trying to figure that up and the math makes no sense!

  59. Paper Towel says:


  60. Lelouch Vi Britannia says:

    Damn my birthday is October 21st that would have been the best present

  61. nickolas dependent says:

    Wasn't December 21st a date someone gave also? Because of the Calendar

  62. nickolas dependent says:

    Oop 21st is my Birthday

  63. Ya'll Mind If I Hit Dat T-Pose XD says:

    you can't go to hell if you don't believe in hell

  64. Jizzma says:


  65. Joko Dorifto says:

    2:41 spoiler alert

  66. Chris O says:

    Bill Clinton is a rapist.

  67. Krysanth says:

    Y'know, I gotta feel sorry for the guy. In the end, he did admit his mistakes. That's more than most people will do. Most people don't admit that they did something terrible.

  68. lainlegend says:

    I don't know why I just found this your channel, but I love your vids! also best banner ever 😀 keep them coming! good day!

  69. stainless steel pan says:

    Anyone else see Po looking down on the rapture?

  70. noel poel69 says:

    holy shit i just shitted my pants becayse of the door knocking fuck!

  71. Dante says:

    If god is real, then he is the greatest troll ever.

  72. Frank Parker says:

    Everyone was talking about it? Maybe every dumb American conservative was, in Europe this was but a sidenote.

  73. aidsjah says:

    Haha, that super cheeky advertisement. Got me good.

  74. -System-_ Error#&! says:

    haha, we had one of those in 2012.

  75. lord pazze TM says:

    Epstein didn’t kill him self.

  76. celestrio says:

    Ah thats hot °_°

  77. Iggy Phoenix says:

    that knock on the ad made me have a heart attack; wearing headphones, 1am, sounded like an actual knock on the wall beside me omg

  78. Brandon Robbins says:

    anyone know the song at 14:00?

  79. Tea Tea says:

    That simply means we are all sinners and were left behind

  80. giannis psillias says:

    did he use gta online music?

  81. Jordan Mills says:

    Well now this makes that episode of The Simpsons look like a reenactment of this!

  82. Milkias Simon says:

    Poor man, this is why you have a back up plan always no matter what.

  83. Roberto Medina says:

    I died with the mosquito part hahahahahahahahah so funny, awesome videos

  84. smak says:

    that fucking door knock during ad time scared the shit out of me

  85. alax sawatzki says:

    i just want to know what the no. 1 most searched thing was in may 2011. was it porn? it was probably porn.

  86. Mr Mask says:

    he is using….


  87. warispeace666 says:

    This is just as ridiculous as the leftist nutsacks saying that we have 12 years left because of supposed climate change.

  88. 0BLUE 0 says:

    laughs in 2019

  89. The Deadly Chimera says:

    Who else noticed Emplemon's downward spiral there.

  90. Rascoone says:

    I thought i was watching a ryanhiga video with all that over the top mathematics.

  91. Evan Smoak says:

    Some idiot predicts the end of the world and millions of people listen to him, I do it and I’m “tripping my balls off on shrooms” and “Ruining my nephews birthday party”

  92. Morpheas says:

    I dont feel particularly bad (only slightly bad) for the gullible morons that got scammed by Camping, but I definitely feel their outrage, and anger towards Camping himself.

    Yes, there are gullible people that can be taken advantage of. Many of them, around the world. But that does not mean you should nor that it is moral to take advantage of them.

    Camping was a piece of shit, and I have absolutely no sympathy for him. I dont think he honestly believed the rapture bullshit, I think he was a professional scammer who wanted to be famous and make a lot of money in his final days.
    Even if that isnt true, his recklessness and stupidity resulted in many many lives being destroyed or severely impacted by his bullshit. So even by negligence, he was not a good man.

    I also dont think that we should mock and laugh at people that believed in those rapture predictions. It may seem foolish, ridiculous to us, but it isnt very humane or empathetic to mock and laugh at them to no end.

  93. LEG3X says:

    Fucking Harold

  94. Boris the Spider says:

    Jesus died in 33 AD? Isnt AD "after death" of jesus? So he died 33 years after death of himself

  95. tobivandebulk says:

    There are actually individuals retarded enough to believe this shit?

  96. Look at my profile That's my Waifu says:

    Wow …. It's good that Buddhism like me was not taught about the end of the world like a Christian…

  97. Ivailo Stoychev says:

    Why is it that all the important stuff happen in May and we all think that there is nothing important in the month of May?

  98. whyisblue923taken says:

    He got his units mixed up. This is why they taught students to state the unit after finishing the math problem.
    Fish =/= Days

  99. Amir Hamzah The Spazoid Mirza says:

    what if it already ended, and thats why we all feel depressed and dead inside?

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