Godox V1 – On and Off Camera Flash Photography Unveiled
Godox V1 – On and Off Camera Flash Photography Unveiled

(light music) (chicken clucking) – [Actor] I can hear the voices echoing from my childhood
saying, “Tell the truth. Work hard, keep your promises and be grateful.” I’ve come to realize, I can’t do it all myself. and if you were in my shoes, neither could you. We’re behind… Mama’s toiled most her life away…for us. (chickens clucking) Now is our turn. Because that’s what we do around here. You might call it Love. What’s comforting about family is that you don’t have to explain. You can just “sigh” and we know… We know what you’re going through. And we have each other no
matter what the days bring. I’ve learned the hard way… Makes no sense to stay discouraged. Honestly, what comes to mind, there’s not much in life I
can control but my attitude. That’s why I choose to be thankful for all this day has given me. I hope you do too. (dramatic music) (camera flashes) (upbeat music) – [Luke] Henry Peach Robinson was an English photographer
from the late 1800s. His pioneering influence
helped elevate photography as art form. When we began this project, we started with a simple thought. What would an innovative guy like Henry create equipped with the Godox V1? We found ourselves on location in this old 1860s farmhouse, armed with these small,
portable, and powerful lights. Our challenge was to
see if we could create a tribute picture that
is both new yet familiar. And that’s what made it so much fun! Henry was famous for
using combination printing (compositing) to achieve his final results. We used multiple V1s to
achieve the same effect in a single click. In fact we pushed these lights
to their maximum potential to see how they performed. Not only did the V1s work flawlessly, but the new round head and accessory kit allowed us to sculpt
believable pools of light with precision. Our conclusion? The V1s definitely deserve a place in your bag. (upbeat music) – Well we just finished our, – Our shoot! – We did. – It was fun. – Well, the thing that
we really wanted to do because Henry Peach Robinson
really understood composition. He would do the dark-light values but he understood compositionally
how to bring it in and around and bring your eye around to the most important areas. – Yup. – He was very much ahead of his time because he was from a
painter’s background. – He practiced the idea of alternation, to amplify the effect and create contrast between the tones and so, you’ll notice that a lot of
times if he had a light area, he’d have something of darker value in it and then that would go from a darker area and then he’d introduce
something of lighter value and then kind of repeat
this back and forth throughout the entirety of the frame. And that was the idea that
we wanted to incorporate within our shot.
– Uhum. – And we did.
And we did. – [Luke] We even included
Henry in the picture didn’t we? – We did.
We did! – And the other thing that
I really wanted to share about Henry Peach Robinson is that he played off
the element of sentiment and using ordinary people, we loved to use everyday situations and turn them into something special. – Like for us, we wanted
to have a sense of hope. At the end of the scene that we shot, at the end of the picture that we took, there’s a looking out to the future even though mama’s sick in the bed. We don’t know why she wasn’t
able to get out of bed today, but she just wasn’t and the whole family dynamics rely on each member contributing and that was the fun part of
coming up with the idea behind the scene. (lively music) What we hoped to pull off
throughout all of this was that we got you engrossed
enough in the narrative. We wove enough story
that it made you watch only to then get you to
the point of the fact that it suddenly reveal. That your actually watching
the photo shoot as it occurs and so here we are now,
we’re gonna snap the frames, snap the camera and let you
in on our little secret now. – What we did was so cool was we took a very difficult situation and we were able to do it properly. – Yeah. – Because we were given
the proper tools to – Make it work. – To make it work. – These are portable but
they’re powerful enough, it’s an on-camera flash. Again, the whole key to
me is this round head. Like that’s the big key is it creates a pool of
light that you can then shape and do different things with. And I think that these lights and these different light
modifiers and tools that we had gave us that ability to try
and create along those lines. (upbeat music) Can you really tell a story with these? The answer is yes! There’s so many possibilities about how you might incorporate these flashes into your everyday photography. We found that the built-in
modeling light made it easy to see and
refine your lighting quickly. And then because they are part
of the Godox X series, you could control multiple
combinations of light using the wireless commander or from the flash attached to your camera. Now, let’s stop and take a minute and look at where we placed our lights, what were their settings,
and what modifiers did we use. After scouting the location, we sketched out the initial design. We purposely built compositional triangles using leading lines, styling and gesture and then we thought it’d be fun to repeat the alternating
light and dark areas both horizontally and vertically. And all of this is done
for the sole purpose of rewarding you for
looking as your eye moves in and around the picture. We set our camera to ISO 100
at F8 and a 1/30th of a second to allow the ambient light, coming from the lanterns and fire to show. Outside the door, we
double-stacked two heads to mimic the sun striking the main subject from head to toe. We also put another light
shooting through the window. All three exterior flashes
are set to full power. We hid two behind the door
and desk at quarter power inside the room. And then there’s one illuminating
the mother and daughter set to half power. We bounced the last light into the corner, opening up the shadows and
blending it all together. That one was set to full power. There you have it! So thanks for taking the time to watch, like, and share this video. If you’d like to connect
with David and me, we’d love to hear from you. Most importantly, we can’t wait to see the incredible stories that
you are going to create using your new Godox V1s. (lively music)

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