Gift Ideas for photographers
Gift Ideas for photographers

hey guys! in today’s video I’m sharing
with you a gift guide for photographers. so essentially, what to buy a
photographer for Christmas or their birthday or anything in between.
so the list is not specifically Christmas inspired but since the
holidays are right around the corner I figured I would decorate for it and come
to you guys with this list of things that are not your typical stuff so
nothing cheesy or overdone so this is a list of things that I would absolutely
love to receive I have two bunch of my photographer friends and these are
things that they gave me as ideas as well so if you’re looking for gift ideas
for a photographer stick around the first item that I have to share with you
guys today is called the creatives planner and the reason I’m sharing this
with you today is because it was created by a photographer for photographers so
the Creator Julie Paisley truly understood what photographers needed in
a planner and filled the pages with inspirational quotes and stuff about
blogging and workflow and one thing I really loved about it is that it does
not go by a calendar so this isn’t a 2018 planner or 2019 planner you can
really pick this up at any time no matter when you’re watching this video
it’s still going to be in date and it essentially could last someone more than
a year if they didn’t use it every day which I love because sometimes I want to
use a planner and sometimes I don’t so you basically pick a day or a page
and make that the day it comes in a pink cover as well as a gray with this really
beautiful gold foil text on the front that says dream decide deliver if you
want to buy one of these planners be sure to use the code joy for 15% off
your purchase next gift I have to feature is this editing day mug which is
super cute it comes in a whole bunch of different colors and styles and it’s by
the company luggable and I just think this is so perfect for anybody who takes
pictures whether it’s a wedding photographer newborn photographer
portrait photographer anybody who edits their pictures and
Sheetz terrific film is editing obviously and this is a perfect month
for them next up we have this super cool photography poster I think it’s the
patent poster so it’s like the camera patent drawings which is so cool so
these come in all different sizes and backgrounds I’ll show you another option
the other option how cool is that take a vintage paper this is by fine art USA
and they create so much really cool photography thing into art so I think
that this would go really well in an office setting or a bedroom or just
somewhere where you want some camera inspiration around you while you’re
working if you’re interested in picking up either one of these posters you can
use the code join Michelle for 10% off of your purchase the next item I want to
share with you guys is a tie back so this is a hair tie back and it actually
has cameras printed on it so this is super super cute this would be a great
stocking stuffer so you basically tie it like this you
can have your hair up you could have your hair down and it just has lots of
really cute camera designs this tie back is by company called strawberry
revolution and you can get it for 10% off if you use the code join Michelle
and by the same company that made that hair tie back strawberry revolution they
also have these amazing t-shirts oh my gosh I need a day between Saturday and
Sunday hashtag what a photographer problems can you relate or can you
relate this is amazing I love this it’s on kind of like an acid
wash black like boatneck it’s really really cute it just feels weird big but
in your hands again you can use same coat join Michelle for 10% off they also
make this shirt I can’t I have a wedding so if you are buying a gift for in
wedding photographer they can totally relate to this during the busy season
everybody is trying to do stuff on the weekends and we can’t do anything
because we photograph wedding so these are amazing another awesome gift idea
and I’ll definitely link this below with the discount code this next gift idea is
for all of my coffee lovers out there its lock alums draft lattes I discovered
these this year the most delicious coffee I have probably ever had and
their really cool thing is you can these on subscriptions you could
subscribe someone to receive these coffees every month or every other month
it can do like three six and twelve month subscriptions and they are so
freakin good they come in a million different flavors and they also have
just whole being coffee and you can get this one subscription as well so oh it
smells so good definitely check out lots alum they have amazing subscription
services and all kinds of really cool gift ideas so I will link all this below
next up we have the Instax Polaroid camera I think everybody should have a
Polaroid camera they’re just super fun and satisfying to have your pictures
come out right away this one creates a little tiny credit card size Polaroid
and I just love shooting this and using this during the holidays or when I’m on
vacation or just for personal things so it’s super fun I just think this is a
really fun gift I also have a bunch of really practical gifts or smaller gifts
that could be great stocking stuffers the first thing is the wreath of grape
or I don’t know how you say them but they are amazing memory card holders
they open up like this they can fit CF cards or SD cards lots of different size
cards and the really cool thing about these cases is that they’re incredibly
secure they are shockproof and waterproof like if you drop them I know
my cards are 100% safe so I always use these guys so these are really great
little stocking stuffers other item that you could deal with photographer is this
little tiny reflector so a pocket reflector this could literally fit
inside of your back pocket and it would help bring it light and reflection to
small items or even like a really up-close portrait it has a gold side and
it’s silver side and it’s just super small I will also link my super big
reflector that I use at my wedding some portrait sessions down below but I’m
using it right now for this video so I can’t show you if you’re also interested
in getting some one memory cards I’m going to link my favorite memory cards
below that I think would go great inside of those little cases I use SanDisk
Extreme Pro they’re very fast reliable and extremely dependable memory cards
and I’ll link those down below next up we have cleaning cloths and these are
super practical and incredibly useful I use these for my classes my reading
it’s my camera bodies my lenses that cost more than my camera bodies this is
like what I use on everything and I trust these I know they’re not going to
scratch my lenses I know they’re gonna do a really good job and just get some
clean and streak free so these are the Zeiss cleaning wipes they also have kits
available so like spray bottles and little like chamois claws and stuff like
that so these are the cleansing wipes that I use on my camera and my gear and
I think they would be really great to slip in a stocking or as a part of an
overall gift so I have three books that I think would be perfect for a
photographer the first is picture perfect practice I think every single
photographer should read this book and should own it and use it as a resource
I’m a full time wedding photographer and I’m constantly going back to this and
learning new stuff I mean it has everything from posing lighting
off-camera flash a little bit of business all kinds of stuff in here and
it’s great it’s not just weddings even though the cover kind of looks like
weddings and I just think it would make a fantastic gift textbook recommendation
I have is Jab Jab Jab right hook by Gary Vaynerchuk this is not a photography
specific book but most photographers are running their own small business or at
least social media accounts and this is all about how to stand out in a
saturated market which we know photography is saturated and really just
get your story to be told online it has fantastic read and I highly recommend it
my third and final book is fine art weddings by Jeff Kent and Jose BIA
really great if you are buying for a wedding photographer and they want to
get into not only taking amazing pictures but also the business of
photography so this is super useful and a great read the next gift idea I have
for you guys is a Fitbit I wear this at every wedding every portrait session and
it’s not just a tell the time I’ll tell you why I think this would make a
perfect gift for a photographer this allows me to sync with my phone so I can
literally just lift it up look at my arm and it looks like I’m just checking the
time and my text messages scroll across or it tells me who’s calling so if it’s
a 1-800 number I know I don’t need to even check if it’s my assistant or my
second shooter or the planner I know I need to stop a second and go get my
phone cuz a lot of times I don’t even have my phone on me during a wedding
it’s just super convenient to have so essentially I’m able to have like a
SmartWatch and communicate with people and
you know kind of go through my calls and stay on top of things and my
notifications better and not be on my phone all the time because I think it
looks really unprofessional the next item I want to share with you guys is
this super cute backpack this is a camera bag it zips open like this and it
stores a ton of stuff it has all kinds of great padded compartments and I’m
pretty sure it’s completely waterproof when it’s closed it also has these
little like straps and belts where you can put in tripods and stuff like that
does it camera bag option number one the other option is a full-on camera case I
use a Pelican case for every single one of my weddings and I will link the exact
case down below and that I’m able to fit all of my gear so I think the backpack
would be perfect for an engagement session portrait sessions smaller
in-home session and the rolling case that I’ll show you guys down below the
rolling case would fit everything and that’s the Pelican case that’s what I
use for wedding days the next gift idea I have for you guys today is the pinched
emergency kit this is such a cute little tin it essentially just has all of the
necessary but it’s sewing kit and emergency things like safety pins and
filing like a little emery board and stuff like that and it goes inside over
my camera bag always and so that I have it on a wedding day in case I need it
another super fun gift idea I think is a small portable printer because we take
pictures on our phones and on our digital cameras all the time so I can
get me super cool to be able to just plug in a little portable printer and
make physical prints wherever you go so I found a really cool printer that I
think I’m going to be trying out in 2018 and I’m gonna link that for you guys
below as well you’d like to need these gift ideas and you think your friends my
to consider sharing this video with them via the share button below as usual I
will see you guys next week thank you so so much for watching bye guys oops I got a lipstick on it calm down

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