Getting Started: Making a Folio with Xtensio

hello this is Asli from Xtensio and
I’m going to show you how to make a folio once you sign in to Xtensio you
land on your dashboard this is where all your projects live to create a new folio
we go over here to click on this red button and from here you can choose a
template or start from scratch with “create new” and that’s what I’ll walk you
through today now we are inside a folio let me start by adding a text module the
folio is your editing environment it’s a open blank space for me to bring in
different modules and create something that looks beautiful in the end. A folio
has simple building blocks like this text module here and all modules live
inside sections I’ll add a second section to show: section 1 section 2.
Let’s start editing let’s imagine we’re creating a yearly report for future
enterprises adding a date I can style the text using the toolbar
I’m bringing in an image module adding my logo. Now watch I hold this module in
the corner and move it up you can move all these modules by dragging and
dropping like this I can adjust the image size. In my second section I want
to do something different I will add a canvas, canvases are like containers for
example our fact sheet or persona template are created with a canvas they
give me more control over my columns now I’m going to speed us up and start
moving from modules inside this canvas another image module a bar graph all of
the elements here are editable boom-boom-boom change the color scheme
here in the text module I can change text, duplicate. let me draw your
attention to something here as you’re editing you will see a spinner up top it
indicates that your changes are being saved automatically
now let’s play I’ll add a few more modules and sections to complete this
folio speeding things up a big image block stretch it out across the screen a
big text block can be as long as I want it to be, finishing touches let me add a nice background color to
this section it’s nice I’d like to add the same color up top as well, great, naming my folio all right let’s preview, voila! This folio
is ready to present next I will show you how to collaborate with others, publish,
present, export your work

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