Gel Printing a Landscape – Full Harvest Moon September 2019

hello everyone it’s Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and today I’m sharing with you my full moon art for
September I’ve been making a full moon piece each month that are based on the
named full moons for each month. In September 2019 it is going to be the
Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon can be in September or October based on when the
the autumn equinox is or when the first of fall is and the Harvest Moon is the
one closest to that that date the of course the first day of fall which is
the 23rd so this month the moon falls the full moon falls on the 14th which is
the closest one to that particular date so therefore it is the Harvest Moon
sometimes in other other years when it’s not the Harvest Moon it might be called
the the corn moon or the what are some other ones corn moon barley moon things
like that basically in September it’s harvest it’s the time when the corn is
ready to pick it’s the time when when it’s time to harvest the barley it’s
time when the plums are scarlet when the dear father earth when the calves grow
hair those are other names so it’s all about harvest time and autumn so that
being said I decided to create a scene where my moon is rising over farming
fields because that’s something that I remember from my childhood I I grew up
in Eastern Oregon where there was a lot of wheat huge huge wheat production and
it was hilly and you would look out and you’d see patches of green patches of
gold patches of rust patches of dark brown
you know maybe that field was fallow and so that was the kind of scene I wanted
to created you know like a little farmhouse or something a barn on a big
tapestry of fall type colors that our fields getting ready to be harvested so
the next thing I decided that since it was gel printing month because
everyone’s crazy gel printing right now that I would use my gel plates as a tool
and yes I said that I said my gel plates as a tool these are tools they are not
the end-all be-all of creating art you don’t make a print and then say oh
that’s my art I mean some people do but usually gel gel plates are used to make
one-of-a-kind unique prints called mono prints that’s the reason they’re called
mono because mono means one you can only create it once it only comes out that
particular way once and generally the way that you see them used is to make
backgrounds or make collage paper but that’s not the only way that you can use
them you can use them in so many ways they’re just a tool they’re a tool to
apply paint that only happens once because it’s a mono print so what I
decided to do was to create my landscape using my gel plates and I got out the 8
by 10 because it was about the width of my paper and I got out a mini square and
then a I think it’s a 4 inch round and then I already had out my 3 by 5 or 4×6
or whatever that is it was already out from you know gel printing all month so
the first thing I did is I wanted to create my sky and by the way this paper
that I’m using is kind of a unique paper it’s called it’s called an acrylic paint
pad it’s from Artesia or art ezza however you want to say it different
people say it different ways and it’s it’s rough it’s bumpy it’s like a canvas
it’s meant to mimic the texture of canvas but it is a pressed paper
so it will give a unique texture as I’m printing because the paper the paint
doesn’t necessarily get all the way down into the grooves so it also makes it
more interesting to print on because you get a different effect than if you’d
print it on a smooth paper you’ll be able to see that in the close-ups at the
end but the first thing I did was I decided that I could use a chalk marker
since since gel plates are see-through I could use a chalk marker on the back of
my eye I put them on it clear plexiglass plate to use them because I think it
keeps some straighter and easier to use I see most people just leaving the the
plastic on the back that comes with the product which is a great way to do it
too but it’s just a little bit more flexible and I like I like it to be
firmer so I wanted these little pieces of acrylic so I just got a sheet of
acrylic plastic at the home store which is meant for replacing windows I think
and I cut it up into pieces using a saw and it was terrible I would recommend it
you may have us have something like a circular saw or even a hobby saw of some
sort doing it with the hand saw sucked but that’s how I did it because
they don’t have any of those other type of tools and I just made little pieces
to put my different sized plates on so I have one for each one so anyway when I
flip it over I can see my drawing that I that I drew on this this paper in light
pencil I can see it and I can create lines with a chalk marker on the back of
my plate and then when I turn it over it will be the right direction to put paint
on so the first thing I did and that is a while ago now and I’m just talking
wait you slow I drew the the marks of these hills and
then I applied the paint with a brayer in the along the lines of the hills and
then I printed the sky in the Hills all with one go with the 8
by 10 but that’s the only time you’re gonna see the 8 by 10 during this this
printing session because I ended up switching to smaller ones for all the
smaller details so to fill in where the printing didn’t fill in everything and
also to add more layers of color I also used the small what is that it’s
probably a 3 by 3 square to kind of fill in some of the areas along the top of
the hill with a little bit lighter paint and then I also used the long skinny 1/2
to make my Hill line with the light-colored paint so that I know it
that where that is the one thing that I noticed is that just like if you were
drawing on a piece of thick glass when you draw with that chalk marker on the
back of the plate if you’re not right up over it drawing you’re actually gonna
end up being a little bit off because the your perspective and you’re looking
through the plate your perspective is a little bit off but so that’s how come my
Hills came down further than the original drawing so that I had to
correct that by adding more paint but adding more paint is what I want to do
that’s the whole point of me doing this with a gel plate you might say hey just
use a brush paint some acrylic paint on there what are you doing you crazy woman
the the interesting thing about printing is that you get layers and layers of
pattern and color as you’re doing it paint builds up if you don’t clean off
the plate you get more surprises you get you can build one color on top of
another with the other ones still showing through especially if you’re
considering opacity versus translucency of the paint you can put one color over
the top of the other and then add into that you know that the different
qualities of the plate which just it just makes it more interesting like here
in this in this case when I was used trying to use this rust color I had a
little bit of dark paint on the edge of my brayer and when I heard it I got that
dark paint on the edge and I think that looks cool that’s
like really cool I’m also applying the paint in some cases with a brush if like
in the cases of the trees I printed those trees by painting them on the
plate and then printing him and what I got was varied color because the light
color that was underneath showed through in some cases when I printed it so it
makes it it makes a very unique look a very different look than if I had just
painted this with a brush so yeah there is a method to my madness if there’s a
reason I’m doing it it’s it’s not just because though I felt like gel printing
today instead of painting no I felt like this would be really cool looking and I
think that the the end product is really cool I like it but of course it’s an
experiment I haven’t done this before I’ve done a layered layered scenes where
I put mask upon mask upon mask I’ll try to link one oh I think I have a video of
that I’ll try to link it in the iCard above on the right hand side there’s a
little I that you can click on if you want to look at that process I think I
did it with vinyl I’ll have to look for it but anyway I haven’t actually done
this before but I I love the way it turned out so again right there on the
the right hand side that Hill should have been a little bit higher but
because of the perspective of looking through the plate when I was drawing
those lines on the back it I ended up making it a little bit lower so that I
had to fix it by adding a little bit more color at the top and you can just
use that if all you have is one small plate you can just use it the whole time
because I’m I’m putting colors on I’m adding layers I’m making it more
interesting by just using a little bit of paint on the edge of this 3×3 and
kind of patting it on and and moving it around so that you end up getting
different colors and different layers and when you look at the close-ups
you’ll see what I mean it’s it’s different it’s not definite
not something that you could do with a brush I don’t think unless you use there
may be using the rough texture of the paper it to your advantage you might be
able to do something like this with a brush if you use stiff brushes over
there rough paper but I don’t think so I think this is a unique look and the
closest thing that I can compare it to is what a pastel you know like chalk
pastel looks like when you use it to create art or even oil pastels
especially over a textured paper but yeah I’m not doing that
so as I’m going I’m also trying to save paint by only using a section of the
plate and also by cleaning it all the paints all the excess paint I’ve put on
other other plates as I’m going and cleaning them off with what I have is
some wadded up tissue that came in a package you know I like I like to not
waste waste makes me unhappy I like to reuse things I like to save things and
that water that piece of tissue paper is making really interesting collage paper
as I go because I’m cleaning up my plates with it and you know taking off
any excess paint and then I’m also of course making a rolled off page on the
other side which I also really enjoy I think they are interesting because they
come out kind of like a grid because you’re rolling the brayer and the brayer
is very straight and makes a rectangle or a square shape so I always enjoy
those but like right right there you saw bounced around the plate and used it
kind of like a stamp but it is applying paint as I’m doing that
and I’m creating all these different layers of paint and color and texture by
doing that and I think I pretty much finished the rest of the colors up by
using just the small plate I think I don’t think I even get out a bigger one
at all over to this side here I wanted to repeat some of the blue because I’ve
got blue in the sky and so I made kind of like a pond shape like maybe there’s
a pond down in the fields at more rounded shape
that’s different than like the the mostly rectangular or square fields that
I’m creating they’re supposed to be fields so this was fun
so um back to what about the moon um what else can I say it’s nearest autumn
autumn Allegra knocks it’s the time when you harvest it’s the time when you pick
stuff it would have been fun to have the corn moon because I think it would have
been fun to create corn on on the art but that’s not what this is this time so
um what I find interesting about the whole year as is that the the mood the
full moon is getting earlier and earlier like at the beginning of the year in
January it was towards the end of the month and he continues to get earlier
and earlier and earlier and earlier now it’s on the 14th I’m guessing that next
month it’ll be even earlier let me check and make sure that I’m not out of my
mind where’s the full moon yeah it’ll be on the 13th in October and and then it
moves to the 12th so the reason that happens is that the moon rises about 15
minutes later but then it slows down and of course we’re gonna be coming up with
lots of colder moons like wolf moon because the wolf hunts when it’s cold in
hunter moon and those type of moons coming up in the next few months and
then the series will be over I also wanted to say that there is a Facebook
group to go along with the full moon art it’s not very active I was hoping that
people who were interested in named full moons would come and post their art in
there there are a few regular art pieces coming in but it’s mostly people just
wanting to look at it I think and so they joined the group to look and
then they don’t ever post their art which is kind of sad but anyway to
finish up the piece I wanted to make it mixed-media and I wanted a farmhouse and
so I took a couple of cleanup pages I just had some paint on them and I made a
red house and a red barn and put those down with a little bit of gel medium and
then I added a little bit of bushes or something around it just to make this
the shapes not so square by tearing them out of cleanup pages as well I clean up
pages when I have extra paint I just scrape it on to a piece of deli paper or
something and then that paints all collects and I use it for collage paper
eventually I even used a piece out of the page the Roloffs page there on the
left hand side because it had some interesting colors a layer of kind of a
dark green over a yellowy green that was rolled off and it was the same colors as
the piece and so therefore it was a coordinated well so I used a little
piece of that too and then the final thing that I did which is coming up I
think I’m creating my last bush here yep is since this looks so much like a
pastel or a crayon type of look over the bumpy paper I decided to do my
highlights and shadows with well NiO color too crayons but I also got out my
distress crayons and the reason that I did is because the distress crayons will
blend really well with a with a finger you can just blend them with the finger
they’re very creamy and they’re kind of like gelato sort of except for a more a
smaller format which is easier to apply so I added back in some of my lines some
of my roads between the fields with the I think this is vintage photo vintage
photo or walnut stain I don’t know one of those distress crayons which I could
blend really easy and then I did the rest of it with the nail
which the Neo colors are very pigmented they have a lot of pigment in them and
so they’re a little bit more opaque than any other crayon which is the reason
that I like them the best because they are really truly artist quality because
of the high pigment load the opacity of course some colors are going to be more
translucent because they are by nature those pigments more translucent but like
yellows and things but when you apply them directly to the paper like this
over the acrylic I can get a really interesting kind of pastel II look
scratchy crayon like interesting look and I enjoy that so I use them to finish
up my piece just to add some detail to add color where maybe that I thought the
color needs to be slightly changed to add shadow and highlight and this is fun
this is something I love to do I think this piece is really cool and it reminds
me of another piece that I did on a bag and I’m gonna try to find that one too
kind of a fall or harvest folk art type of a scene on a paper bag I should do
some more of those because you know that’s fun you do a collage or a
painting on a paper bag with a handle and then you can just hang it up on the
wall because it has a handle that’s a good I like that idea I just forgot
until just now that’s how it happens anyway so I hope you enjoyed this if you
did please remember to give it a thumbs up leave me a comment or question below
subscribe if you haven’t already turn on your notification those please
turn on your notification belts and also you can pin this on Pinterest or share
it with your friends you might be interested in this type of art so kind
of a interesting take on folk art I guess a little bit so yeah I would
appreciate if you did all those things I love to see my channel grow I want to
reach more people I want to teach more people I want to share and when my
channel grows it makes me happy I did add just a few tiny little details
though on the windows and the doors with a
black puss cotton and that was the only pasca I used so here comes the close-ups

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