Front and Backyard/ Garden Makeover ~ landscape transformation ~ Small space formal garden design
Front and Backyard/ Garden Makeover ~ landscape transformation ~ Small space formal garden design

hello everyone in this video I’m going
to show you the transformation of our front garden and back garden and
sidewalk and I will talk you through the process how did it happen
so let me give you an overview how did it look before this is the front garden
front yard alongside our driveway driveway is made of concrete and there’s a square five by five meter area of grass with three arborvitaes in here
arborvitaes are halfway dead the grass is okay but it’s full of rubbish and
it needs cleaning off and there is a patio area which is made of slabs which are
misplaced and this is the sidewalk made of slabs which are kind of up and down
and there is a patio area behind which is not looking good it’s misplaced full
of weeds and yeah this tap we got it installed recently and this is the
garden area it’s quite big and full of grass but full of fields as well grass
is not good whatsoever and we need to clean it all up so this is this sketch
of front garden which is gonna be flower garden I spoke to my husband what I want
and I’m very thankful to him that he did all these measurements and sketching
and spoke to workers what our needs are and they did a great job so if you are
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of my videos so this is the end of day one as you saw
they removed all the slabs today and they did break the concrete driveway as
well they have taken three loads full of rubbish and still there is lots of
rubble left behind this front garden still needs to be dug up and we have
hoarded all our planters on one side all the patio slabs are gone and they were
really fast and efficient in doing their work and all the slabs from the sidewalk and
patio which was in back garden are gone as well all the furniture garden
furniture and tools are hoarded on one side and the grass have been cleared as
well the surface is looking nice and leveled so this is the end of day two they have
put two loads of hardcore which is four inches thick and they have leveled it
pretty well and this is the front side of the house all the rubbish is gone
today and they will be digging off the rest of the grass tomorrow I think this is the end of day three today they
have put eight concrete slabs on one side of the fences underneath the fences
to raise them high above the ground and they have put sharp sand quite thick and
leveled it so this is the end of day 4 as you can
see the backyard is looking pretty ready all the brickwork has been done here and
there is three by four square meter area where we are going to put the gravel and
we will do our vegetable garden on this side so here you can see the front garden is
ready as well it’s been five days the workers took five solid days to do
front garden back garden and the sidewalk we have got the brickwork done
on our front side the back side and the sidewalk is like charcoal gray
combination and it’s looking really really beautiful we are really pleased
with it how it has turned out my husband has done a lot of hard work in designing
all these features where are gonna go the borders and like all these
sketching and drawings and measurements so as you can see this is the front
garden which is gonna be flower garden here there is a circle in the middle
with four squares around it so I’m gonna put four trees dwarf varieties here in these squares and we have filled it with gravel for now because it will take some
time to progress and we want to look it good during the time and it will also
keep the soil safe and weed free they have put the membranes
here as well so that membrane basically helps to keep the weeds at bay and they
have put like three to four inches of gravel
this is fourteen millimeter golden gravel and this is really pretty it is
looking really awesome and here in this circle area I’m gonna do some
perennial plants flowering plants and some annuals flowering plants as well and
the side border I’m gonna do most of the perennial plants like hydrangeas fuchsias
and roses these two Arborvitaes will come out soon and we will
keep only one arborvitae as two of them are almost I think they are kind of dead
or if even if they are nor dead they are not looking good and they will need time to replenish so I’m gonna take them
out and we will just keep one arborvitae and we will do hydrangeas and
fuchsias on this side the other side will do roses and some other perennials
shrubs so I think it will look really beautiful once we do all the plants
looking really beautiful at the moment as well we are really really pleased and
excited it’s looking awesome but once all the plants are gone in
there and full of blooms you can imagine this place is gonna be awesome and this
is the front side where we can do some sitting arrangement. this is
the front door of our house and this has a lovely geometric pattern in it which is like makes it
really distinctive and this is the Driveway and here on the side you can see a three
to four inch strip of gravel as well which is basically for drainage purposes
because slope is on this side so all the water can go on that
side and this is the sidewalk it has been laid with bricks as
well as looking really nice and clean I may put some flower baskets or some
flower containers on this side but it’s looking okay there’s not much sunlight
comes on this side so I will need to think what plants can go here and this
is the back side of the house back yard or back garden there’s nothing no plants
here yet so you can’t really call it a garden at the moment but it’s gonna be a
garden and it’s gonna be vegetable garden on this side like where we
have got gravel so we are going to install our greenhouse back by the fence
I have already got my greenhouse we just need to assemble it is 6 by 8 greenhouse
and that will go on the backside of the gravel
area and on the front side of the gravel area we are gonna do three raised beds
so ideas to install two by six meter no two by six feet three raised beds
parallel to each other on the front side of the gravel area and I’m gonna install a
picket fence on the two sides of the gravel area to enclose it so basically
it will be a separate room which will be a vegetable garden and we will install
an arbor as well for the entrance and this area you can see here
is almost two meter square area and I’m gonna do my raspberry bushes here and
here on this side we are gonna put our shed so on the other corner we will
be installing our shed and the rest of the patio will stay as it is we will put
some garden furniture here for sitting and like barbecue and and some play
equipments for children so basically I like the grass everyone likes grass and
it’s really good feature in a landscape but in our area here and UK we get lots
of rains and it’s really hard to maintain grass you know to be
honest it’s only usable for like two or three months during this summer and the
rest of year is always muddy so it is unusable so it was hard deciding whether
we are going to keep the grass or we will remove it but then because I have
young children they want to play outside almost all the time and we hardly get
any dry days so when whenever is a dry day we want to go outside enjoy outside
but if the grass is muddy it’s like a big area of the garden where it’s muddy
and it’s not usable so finally we decided to take out all the class and we
are gonna do our vegetable garden on the back side flower garden on the front
side we will have four trees as well and this nice big
patio area will be available for seating and playing around so I think it’s going
to be awesome so please keep watching my channel for future updates we are going
to do videos for installation of our greenhouse as well and for installation
of our vegetable garden and all the plants so I think they are really
interesting projects coming on so please subscribe to my channel hit the bell
icon so you don’t miss out on any of my gardening videos and keep watching and
thank you very much for watching this bye

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