From My Window – Ice Storm Photography
From My Window – Ice Storm Photography

We are having an ice storm today. I was
just going do an indoor video but seeing it just so beautiful, with the ice
pellets falling down, and everything getting coated in ice, I think I might
take a few shots out the window with my camera. Definitely too
far away to be able to use any sort of wide-angle lens, so I have my 70 to 300.
I am zoomed in all the way to 300. To be able to get any sort of decent shutter
speed, which really isn’t turning out to be that decent, I am at ISO 1250 and the
lowest f-stop possible so 5.6 in this case and I’m getting 1/60th of a second when I’m lucky and more often 1/115th, um 1/15th of a
second which is definitely too slow, so I’m leaning on things to keep it steady.
But the problem really isn’t how steady I am. It’s that everything is blowing in
the wind but still very very cool. We’ll see how it turns out.
I wonder what’s out the front door. Hey guys thanks for joining me on this
cold, icy day. I am so excited! I want to tell you that I have just posted three
workshops for next year on my website. The first is at Niagara Falls in
winter… so frozen Niagara Falls. I love the way Niagara Falls looks in the
wintertime. There are no tourists because nobody ventures out in the cold. I’m not
exactly sure why… get on a good coat and some boots and the falls look
spectacular. It is the most incredible waterfall to begin with but when it gets
frozen and there’s a buildup of ice and snow at the bottom of the falls it’s
just fantastic. This is going be a one day workshop and yeah, just on my website, Also I have posted two Rockies workshops for next year. I’m… I
can’t… eh! I’m so excited! I would love to have you with me. They’re going to be smaller workshops
than the one I just ran. Maximum of six people and it’s going to be all over the
Rocky Mountains. One in spring and one in the fall for an entire weekend. It’s
going to be fantastic. Now it’s just.. it’s just gone out, so check my website again to see if you might like to come. I would love to have you guys
there and yeah. Also I just got the rough draft of my book. It’s still pretty rough.
I’m working on it. I’m in the middle of editing and I didn’t realize that
editing would take longer than actually writing the book but it’s fun. I’m
enjoying it. So I want to thank you guys for coming along and if you get on my
website and these workshops don’t work out for you or you would just
like to keep in touch with me, please, you’ll see a pop-up that… that comes when
you first go to the website and it says “Sign up to my newsletter” but it’s just
basically emails that I send out from time to time and it’s a great way that
we can keep in touch. And I love corresponding with you guys. So if you
want to send me an email, I’m more than happy to to get them and to read and
respond. So I hope you guys are having a warm and wonderful day and I’ll talk to
you soon. Bye guys!

41 thoughts on “From My Window – Ice Storm Photography”

  1. mitymous1 says:

    Freezing rain is beautiful – if you don't have to drive!! Love the shots you got.

  2. Anthony Hazlewood says:

    Hi Rachel, although I love ice and snow in the winter, it's much better when it''s in your yard, and not mine… I hope the workshops work out for you… I can't believe it's December already… I Love this short Vlog. take care, xx

  3. hrmike1 says:

    WOW just WOW another video full of inspiration and nice pictures, thank you for sharing them.

  4. Tony tFuntek says:

    We have similar weather here but you found a way to make it look pretty. Brrrrrrr

  5. Dale J says:

    We have 8" of snow on the ground and woke up to 1 degree this morning. Too cold for this time of the year.

  6. Michael Mountford says:

    Thats what i like about you as a photographer, I would have just looked out of the window, and left the camera bag under the desk, you seize every opportunity, as for your book if you decide to publish as an ebook then i would be interested, Last February I finished my second book, a full length murder mystery of 324 pages ( 78000 words ) set in Norfolk, England, this was after a year to write it followed by 6 months of editing, my first book was only 88 pages ( 19000 words ), a short story, the 2nd book was like the first uploaded to Amazon Kindle as a ebook and a paperback, the 1st one only available as an ebook, I sent for an authors copy to check it over and Amazon had made an awful job of it, so i uploaded a revised copy hoping this would tidy things up, and upon seeing this copy they had missed the disclaimer and acknowledgments pages an pd messed up the fonts on the front cover and spine, thankfully the manuscript was ok so I left it on sale, so if you are thinking of using them check and check again, of course you may wish to upload to others such as Barnes & Noble, they may be better, my books are printed in Poland, I ordered 10 copies which arrived over 3 parcels on different days…so be very careful Rachel, having said that Tim's waterfall book looks well printed and well laid out so perhaps thats the way to go, anyway good video as usual, best wishes Mike

  7. Wilson Nature Photography says:

    Hey Rachel, cool video…. I think lots of times we tend to forget what we can do in our own home or neighborhood or even just a short drive. Fun to watch ! How can one fit everything into our life's! Ha…. Greg

  8. Nick Smith Photography says:

    Really cool video rachel, have not really seen anything like that before, maybe once but that would be all, great shots and true inspiration. Good luck with your workshops, am sure they will be very successful. Great video ๐Ÿ‘

  9. James Moore says:

    Love your video and pictures. This video is a "MUST SEE" for every one interested in stock photography. Finally we have the inside story on this industry.

  10. freddie a wilson says:

    As always an enjoyable video but I'll take our 30" of snow over ice any day. Ice can be so destructive. Stay warm.

  11. Robert Varner says:

    Just say no to snow. Ice is not nice. But your photographs are great.

  12. Charlene Nagel says:

    Love those ice covered plants! I was wondering if you could resist being out there today! I thought of you as drove to work – it was a wonderland! I'm hoping there will still be some ice left in the morning. ๐Ÿ™‚ More workshops! So tempting!!

  13. Vicki Wood says:

    You're photos are beautiful, as usual. The weather made me cringe, however. Where I live in mid-south USA, we are not prepared for ice storms. A few years back, a severe ice storm wrecked wide-spread havoc. A neighbor's tree came down under the weight of the ice and literally ripped the electric wires from my attic. Additional wires came down in front of my house, blocking my driveway. Thanks to my cell phone, I could call first responders. I was told, as long as my house wasn't on fire, not to step foot out of my house until someone could determine if the downed wires were live. Due to the great number of emergency situations, it was hours before anyone could give the all-clear. It was 16 days before power was restored to my house. Now, anytime icy weather is predicted, I feel panicky. Again, your photos are beautiful, but I had difficulty watching.

  14. Tim Day says:

    That ice storm was very cool, loved the ice layers on the trees and bushes. Such a mesmerising video, amazing detail on the images.

  15. Roger Plested says:

    It is so good to have winter and to enjoy the beauty of this time of year

  16. Jan Boag says:

    Frozen ice very beautiful Rachel ๐Ÿ’›

  17. Danield DuLany says:

    My first book come out between the 15th and 20th of Dec 2019 Introductory Guide to Advancing in Digital Photography

  18. Twizted Zero says:

    Don't forget to prep your ice cleat crampon's, oil them lightly with WD-40 before you hit the trails again. Mine are already done. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Pravin ide says:

    Beautiful ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“

  20. DeepForest says:

    Rachel, I think macro photography makes a beautiful shot possible anywhere you are! Even from the porch of your house.
    Nice shots!๐ŸŽผ

  21. aeroman says:

    So pretty! Reminded me of that indoor macro photography video that you did early summer.

  22. Charles L. Scofield Jr. says:

    Really loving your wintery videos, we have had two snowstorms blow through the Denver Metro area. With my post-surgery ankle, I haven't been able to really get out and photograph it. I'm barely able to get my porch, sidewalk, and driveway shoveled off before the ankle begins to really hurt from the cold. Been wanting to get a new pair of hiking boots for added ankle support but still have ace wraps on the ankle so not able to get a proper sizing done. Keep up the fantastic videos and photos.

  23. Gerald Williams says:

    Lovely discoveries, thanks

  24. Paul Ruder says:

    Loved the ice covered branches! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Jann Smith says:

    Wow! Rachel! Just saw the evening CBC News about your ice storm.. that photo at 4:17 is gorgeous. you have to be so careful with ice; I just bought a pair of excellent clamp on ice picks at mec for 50$ Ended up giving them to my daughter as she ives on a farm; we had freezing thawing and rain about a week ago and was very treacherous here in Alberta. I'm very interested in your fall gathering, I'll head to your website. Thanks so much for all you do..jan

  26. fingerstylefan says:

    I've been through several ice storms when I lived back east, although unfortunately I was not a photographer back then. But when the ice built up on the branches and then the sun came out, it was like living in a different world. Great shots.

  27. Mats Sandquist says:

    It feels very like home when I look at your photos. Both landscape and the weather but I think Sweden and Canada lays on nearly same latitude. We had -8 celsius (17F) It is quite the opposite to where my daughter lives for now in Sydney. They had +35C (95F) the other day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Stuart George says:

    Greetings from England Rachel. Loved the zoomed ice shots, cracking result. Love Niagara this time of year especially after snowfall.

  29. Nightscape Images says:

    Hey Rachel I've been following you for a while and I have to admire your positive and enthusiastic approach to photography. A breath of fresh air ..!! Great work. Richard

  30. Mark Attardo says:

    Ice storms can be horrible but they're beautiful too.

  31. Peter ร–sterman says:


  32. Elizabeth BV says:

    Hi Rachel,
    Great pictures with ice and very beautiful movie !
    Thanks !
    A wonderful day ! โ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅ

  33. Anuja Sharma says:

    Beautiful images and so intimate shots Rachel. I loved the images and the way you made best use of your indoor time. Thank you dear.

  34. RM Clark says:

    One of my better photo's was during an ice storm a few years ago. The sun popped out or a few seconds and I just had time to open a window and take a shot of the ice coated trees reflecting a brief moment of sunshine. Another fun video Rachel.

  35. GilbertTV says:

    the weather has turned here too in UK…. its freeeeeezing…

  36. cameraman655 says:

    I grew up in Minnesota and now live in Texas (some 10 years) and there are times that I miss a "real winter". Then I visit for Christmas every year and I realize I miss it even less than I thought. I guess my blood has thinned too much over the past decade, I doubt I could ever move back to a cold climate. Still, beautiful images, stay warm…

  37. Mark Kelly Photography says:

    I was shivering just watching, almost got the layers back out ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  38. Dave Ryan says:

    Another great video Rachel. You manage to get great images in so many inventive ways

  39. John Lindsey Photography says:

    Fantastic video Rachel

  40. Keith Truman says:

    Icy twigs in mono image looks great Rachel

  41. Roy Blackwell says:

    You make the ordinary, sublime… magical. I adore your photography/videography.

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