Free Stock Photos Without Copyright | No Attribution Required Non Cheesy!!
Free Stock Photos Without Copyright | No Attribution Required Non Cheesy!!

– In this video, discover
the corners of the internet where you can find the
best stock photos for free. (slide whistle whistling)
(bell clanging) – Now there’s nothing
worse than bad photography. Nothing. But we can’t get on our
high horse either about it because in the past, we’ve
fell victim to doing this too. We used to use the worst photography. – And all evidence of it has been deleted. (bell dinging)
(laughing) So in this video, we are going
to show you three free places that you can find amazing
stock photography. One place you can find
amazing free graphics. And another place on the internet, right at the end of that,
is going to blow you away. – It’s my happy place. (laughing) So make sure you keep watching to find out what all these free resources are. But, before we carry on, if
you haven’t subscribed already, hit that big red subscribe button. Do it! – Gah. – What? – Okay? – That’s a weird okay. – It wasn’t. – It was like, if we replay
that back it was like the gah. – No, no it wasn’t. (tone beeps)
Gah. – What? – It wasn’t, no it wasn’t.
– Oh gah, okay. – Back to photography though, what do we mean when we
say good stock photography? Because we know that is quite subjective. But what we basically mean, is
stop using photos like this. – [Pete] Weird plant-holding person. – [Andrew] View after stacking
it outside your building. – [Pete] Overly happy team photo. – [Andrew] Multicultural
team around laptop. – [Pete] Stupid people writing on windows. – [Andrew] Blond receptionist
slash flight controller. – [Pete] Complete the
(beep) jigsaw already. – Are you okay, Pete? Are you okay? Are you okay? – There’s nothing even on those jigsaws. Like, who the hell does
a white, plain jigsaw? – Okay guys, while Pete composes himself, let us know in the comments where you get your stock photography. And here is some of our favourite places. Number one, We were in love with this
website for so many years. It has a tonne of really kooky images that just really pop online. They’re adding more and more, and they even have a search feature now. It’s going to fit
everyone’s brand, this one. And some of them have got
a little bit more overused the more well known this site has got, including, mean lady, but do check it out because they are completely free to use. – Number two, Unsplash. Now if you’re after beautiful images, is full of them. There’s lots of incredible photos of people, places and landscapes. It’s got a huge variety and an amazing search feature as well. I literally can’t stress enough
how good these photos are. And I would say like 99% of
them are just not cheesy at all. So great photos here. We once went through a pineapple phase, and it has the most amazing
photos of pineapples. – [Andrew] Mm hm. – If that’s your thing. Again, completely free with the option to reference the
photographer, if you wish. – Number three is Pixabay. Pixabay is great because it searches most of the free stock
photography websites. However that does mean
it can sometimes take a little bit longer to find
something that isn’t too cheesy. But, you do have a much larger search base to find the perfect photo. When you select an image,
it will also tell you if attribution is required, or not. – So those free sources were wonderful for finding great sources
of free stock photos, but what about graphics? If you want graphics, our
favourite is Here you can download
more graphic-based images or vectors, if you are using
something like illustrator. Most of them are free,
some require attribution so just double check that. – So there’s four amazing options, but if you still can’t
find the perfect image, and you do have a small, small budget then you need to check
out – We spend way too much
time on this website, and it does a tonne of different things. It’s mainly for designers and creators, but it does have a photos area as well. – [Andrew] You do have to pay for them, but it is nowhere near as
expensive as some of the websites. – (clears throat)
Shutterstock. (clears throat) – (laughing) And the quality
is generally amazing. – If you are in the B to B space, we know how hard it is to find photos that aren’t cheesy as hell. So if you search for
something like corporate, or business people on Creative Market, you’re gonna be able to
find some outstanding photos that aren’t cheesy and that aren’t generic and that aren’t used everywhere else, for a small price. I think it’s worth it. – In fact, every time Pete sees one of those jigsaws, I make him look at Creative Market just
to, just to calm down. Don’t worry pal. There’s nice places online, too. – There we go, that’s five
amazing places you can find great, non-cheesy, free
stock photos and graphics. Let us know in the
comments, which ones you’re most excited about to use, or if you’ve got another one that we should check out. – I’ve been Andrew, he’s been Pete. Please subscribe and tell your friends. And as always, guys, we
will see you next time. (tone beeps) – Now there’s nothing worse than bad stock refog, phafographay. – Phafography. – Phafographay. – Phafographay. (happy, upbeat music)

20 thoughts on “Free Stock Photos Without Copyright | No Attribution Required Non Cheesy!!”

  1. Jo Buchanan says:

    Okay I'm gonna be contraversial but I use an even better site to Unsplash that is gratis too – I think it's nicer than Unsplash and has fewer technical issues – there's you go, I've told my secrets to the world!

  2. Sarah Clay says:

    Woo, never heard of that one! These images look good

  3. Claire Holland: Clairical says: is pretty good

  4. Laura Mathieson says:


  5. Rosie Lempriere says:

    I use Unsplash a lot. Thanks for the other tips, will definitely check out Vecteezy for graphics

  6. DropCapCopy Copywriting says:

    I tend to use pixabay or pexels, but will defo check out the ones you mentioned. Thanks Andrew & Pete! Ridiculously helpful as usuall!

  7. Andrew Ace says:

    Nice one guys! Didn't know about vecteezy. I also use and sometimes

  8. John Espirian says:

    Nice work, guys. I hadn't heard of Vecteezy or Creative Market.

    My favourite resources are in Col Gray's list here: – so much goodness!

  9. Juliet Johnson says:

    My current fav is

  10. Daniela Liscio says: is also great. Thanks for the tip on vecteezy!!

  11. Roundtuit says:

    Very helpful as usual. I usually use my own or pixabay but like the vecteezy for something different.

  12. Repayable says:

    I'm all about Unsplash. They have such good photos, I try to attribute in general. But it's nice that it's not required so when I want to use something for twitter and don't have the character space to credit, I don't. I'm very excited to check out vecteezy for graphics! Great video guys.

  13. Nancy Myrland says:

    Hello, friends! Always fun to see you. For png images:

  14. Marisa AllTheSocial says:

    I do a white plain jigsaw puzzle!!! J/k… I use Unsplash! 🙂

  15. Marisa AllTheSocial says:

    BTW, that was a weird "okay"… I am cracking up!

  16. Moe McClanahan says:

    I use Canva and Adobe Spark Post, but loving these new sites!

  17. Reel Words: No More Craptions! says:

    I didn't know Mean Lady was all over the place when I got her on Canva 😭 Thanks, guys—as usual. 😀

  18. Robert E Smith says:

    Thanks for playing a small part in helping put a few more Photographers out of business -seriously, if you want pukka photo's for your brand, do yourself a favour and just hire a professional. It's so much better than a lawsuit

  19. FearLess TV360 says:

    Hey I like your video you both guys are cool?

  20. FearLess TV360 says:

    second one is superb

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