For Those Afraid To Start A YouTube Channel
For Those Afraid To Start A YouTube Channel

Welcome to psych IRL. My name is Donna I’ve told this story before but when I was starting off youtube less than a thousand subs I was in several groups on
Facebook and on Google+ and you know I was in a group with a bunch of small youtubers and we would boost each other up watch each other’s videos and
things like that That was three years ago almost four years ago and some people on that group have are long gone They’ve quit YouTube and some are still here,
some people I still talk to and a small percentage of that group actually quit because of the hate comments and I made this video because I was
inspired by some of your comments and some of you feel like that you’re too afraid to start a YouTube channel because you’re afraid of the hate comments and you’re afraid to hear what other people think so if you’re in that group and you want to make YouTube videos But you’re too scared to do so because of those comments this video is gonna be for you now I’m trying to do this thing at the beginning of the week where I deliver some sort of value to you and it’s gonna be a less produced video But essentially the videos will
deliver again some sort of value It can be anything about YouTube, camera gear, if you’re going into psychology for university, you can ask me any questions about that Send me a DM on Instagram and
maybe I’ll make a video about it Okay, so if you really want to start a youtube channel, and you’re afraid of those comments the reality of YouTube is, yes hate comments and criticism is gonna be there But you gotta ask yourself this question. What is your goal with making youtube videos? There are pretty common reasons as to why someone may want to start a YouTube channel The first is you just want to create content if you just want to create content, YouTube may not be the place for you There are plenty of avenues you can take where you can just create content you can just make something, keep it for yourself, and watch it over and over again, share with your friends family and keep in mind if you do share your content with people Criticism is going to be inevitable with YouTube, it’s just vast because it’s going to be in front of more eyeballs and those people may not be
people you know Wish you would quit. This sounds like sh. no affence So if you just want to create content YouTube isn’t the only place to do that other people make youtube videos
because they want to make friends We see a lot of these youtubers hang out with these big groups of people and we think “oh wow. They’re so cool. I wish I had friends like that” So you may make videos in hopes of
gaining friends like them You guessed it. YouTube isn’t the only place to make friends with people with certain interests You can do that anywhere. You can take classes There’s this meetup site that you can go
to if you don’t want to take classes There are different avenues to do that as well Okay. Okay. What about this one? You want to make money producing video. I’m sure you’re catching on to the pattern here, but YouTube isn’t the only place to make
money making videos In fact, if you join YouTube just to make money. It really isn’t gonna go well adsense pays… I think YouTube has even
implemented a certain rule where you have to hit a certain threshold in order for you to monetize your channel Sure, you can make a portfolio on YouTube displaying your awesome video skills, but it shouldn’t be the place where
you start making money So why should you make a YouTube channel? if you want to try new things and you just like the whole aspect and structure of YouTube then Then you should make a YouTube channel What makes YouTube unique is It isn’t just a platform where you upload content and leave it out there and push it out there into the world It’s also a community. So a lot of small youtubers make the mistake of not interacting with other people. They just keep to themselves
and just upload content No YouTube is a community. You make video responses, you react to certain people and that’s a big reason why there’s so many criticisms and hate comments on people’s videos because YouTube is a community after all it’s not like Netflix where, sure there can be critics But you don’t directly see that on the content that scares a lot of people and it deters a lot of people from creating on YouTube there’s this thing with anonymity for some reason Anonymity just makes people a lot meaner. When they leave a comment, they know they’re not gonna face any consequences So they leave that comment anyway in addition, dehumanization is a big part of why there are a lot of harsh comments on YouTube You don’t see the people you’re
commenting on as people a lot of the times you see them as characters as just a person behind the screen even though they do clearly have a human body I mean, we’ve all kind of experienced this while we’re driving and we road rage We don’t see the vehicle as a human We just see it as a vehicle. The same thing can happen with YouTube and YouTube comments Depending on my mood, sometimes I do answer hate comments or criticism and you can tell that there is this level of dehumanization that happens because I sometimes address them by their name and then I respond to their comments in a respectful way and then all of a sudden their mean tone changes but I’m always like, you could have started your tone like that. So that’s one way of dealing with hate comments You could remind the person that, hey we’re humans too and I know you wouldn’t act like that if we were face to face Personally, I turned off notifications for comments on my phone And not because of criticism or hate comments But because there was just so many notifications going on at once and when I turn that off I realize that it just makes my day better when I don’t have to think about comments. There are definitely different levels to
how comments affect people. If you really don’t like them delete them and I know that’s a controversial thing to do on YouTube but there is a difference between criticism and hate If it’s a critical comment, I wouldn’t delete those I’d answer them respectfully, trying to get to the bottom of why they’re criticizing your content and sometimes they’re just hate
comments where they say Okay stupid face deleting that it’s in censorship or anything like you’re not hiding anything from anyone I also realized that I can’t make everyone happy In certain videos there’s one piece of advice and then on that same video, there’s an
opposing argument and so you’re kind of trapped between a rock and a hard place
of who do I listen to that is the reality of YouTube and you’ve just gotta embrace that. You gotta ebrace the suck That’s what she said That’s a military saying by the way and it’s real at the end of the day who cares
what Joe356 thinks the one hate comment that I do get is, “man, I hate your voice” Well that’s too bad I’m so sorry and you know what? why not? Why not just try you know saying, you miss 100% of the
shots that you don’t take and if you’re still not convinced YouTube
does have a lot of benefits If you really think you have
something important to share if you just help 1 person and you’re
gonna get 5 people that hate you, Are you willing to share that
with that one person? That’s the end of the video. I will see you
guys next time. Stay Psyched!

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  1. maski says:

    well, …. this was underwhelming ….. and the title was so promising ……

  2. Stepheniel Adia says:


  3. The Vvsflawless74 says:

    🔝💯 this video was extremely helpful… By the way I love your voice 😂 ✌

  4. Nos Man Ent. says:

    I kinda like hate comments. I think its fun to respond to them

  5. Medrano Pierre-Louis says:

    Your voice is sooo soothing to me, I LOVE your voice! It’s literally one of the reasons I subscribed! I seriously can’t believe there are people who don’t like it

  6. Pegasus says:

    very wholesome 🙂

  7. Medrano Pierre-Louis says:

    Also I’m very attracted to you & your lips look really soft..

  8. TSC says:

    Yeah the hate is quite overwhelming specially when many of us aren't used to the attention. Its funny though, even if the hate is a tiny minority, their comments just hit so hard lol

  9. imicca says:

    Love your videos Donna! 🙂

  10. Burning trash says:

    Hi Donna! I’ve been hearing a lot about the murder of an Instagramer (escty) and I think it would be good to cover it, it hasn’t been brought up much and think it would be nice to hear about it from a logical standpoint like yours.

  11. A K A C H I says:

    My friend definitely needs this a lot!

  12. gmxgm says:

    This channel deserves a lot more of love

  13. Kaylie Mason says:

    Aw Donna I always love listening to your thoughts on these things, you have great insights. I've noticed that you keep reminding people that some of your current vids won't have as good production quality though, and personally I don't think you need to keep saying it or even worrying yourself about it. Your content isn't really about the production value, it's about your insight and approach to topics within the community. I think you commenting on your 'lack of production value' actually brings people attention to it, and sometimes even comes across as self-conscious. Just own it, lady! You're doing great, stop worrying yourself over production, it's genuinely not an issue! <3

  14. SteviiLove says:

    For me, I get mainly positive comments on my small channel – probably 95%. The last can be divided into 1% criticism and 4% trolls and/or hate. I simply delete any hate and/or trolling comments, heart the positive ones and then heart and respond to the criticism.
    I'm an openly wiccan youtuber as well even if I consider myself an eclectic youtuber and I get plenty of comments I'd rather not have any part of sure but my interactions and the amount of positive definitely overshadows all the negative.
    Life is too short to be afraid of what other people have to say about you.
    If you want to leave a mark on the world, this is a great way to truly do that.

  15. Marie DC says:

    I truly do enjoy your content. You are part of my family. Like in my mind we chill and kick it and talk about youtube and study and research. 😂🤘🏽💞🌻

  16. Snowy says:

    Man, I love your voice.

  17. Welcome back to the Chan Chan says:

    I'm afraid i'm too ugly for youtube.

  18. Polatomica says:

    I love when you read your comments. One time you replied one of my comment and I was so happy 😂

  19. Welcome back to the Chan Chan says:

    Anyone serious about youtube should check out video influencers and think media. See their book youtube secrets i just finished reading yesterday.

  20. Mr Kevin Loves Malaysia says:

    I'm psyched. Thank you Donna 🌹

  21. Kevin Doan says:

    Ur so dope

  22. Mario Harper says:

    Had a channel for two years now. Have like 50 subs. Cliche but I love editing/making a videos in and of itself; regardless of who sees it. Positive comments on my videos always make my day though haha.

  23. OneWhoPullsTheStrings says:

    I've been extremely lucky that I haven't faced any major 'hate' or bullying from my peers because of my YouTube channel, but I've always been careful about who I share my channel with.

  24. Nate The Mate says:

    I love your voice!

  25. Jacory S. says:

    I find your content genuinely effective, I've pretty much attempted to do some of the things mentioned in your videos. And content creation has been easier for me to do here.

    I don't regret subscribing to your channel, thank you for assisting me.

  26. Jacory S. says:

    I personally don't understand why people get emotional over hate comments online, seriously those comments are so entertaining and fun to view and read. it's not sad, it's just hilarious.

  27. The Punk Rock MBA says:

    Well said! Shitty comments are never fun, but they're unavoidable. What is far worse and more demoralizing to me is nobody caring at all… so the way I look at it is, I'm happy that anyone cares at all about what I'm saying.

  28. Sarah Kay says:

    I feel like you definitely have to have a thick skin to do youtube nowadays b/c as your channel grows so do the hate comments. I do think there are more nice comments vs hate comments in general which helps.

  29. CmanVlogga says:

    Ther dislike thumb is annoying.
    If they don't want to see that content they should just pick an option..I don't want to see this content. Lol

  30. Lola02 says:

    This was helpful. I was thinking about making an art channel but am truly terrified of cancel community, drama and hate comments .

  31. Piper Sweeney says:

    I have a relatively small channel (about 44k i think), and I'm in this weird zone where I love being a Youtuber but I also hate Youtube. I was so sure when I first started that it would be the comments that would get to me, but it turns I find hate comments generally hilarious; it's the Youtube staff that gets to me. All the demonetization/censorship/etc. that Youtube puts us through is worse than any hate comment.

    Of course, I usually take hate comments as a sign that I'm right and they can't do anything about it, so they complain about my raspy voice or something instead of trying to pick apart my argument. And, of course, I get plenty of friendly comments too. Everyone's experience is different, though. Don't forget, guys, you can filter out certain words and ban people who look like they're trying to start a fight or something. Your channel is your space, and you can moderate it however you please. 😀

  32. Dona Lyn says:

    Been watching different channels to see what gets best results. But I've heard this "never read the comments" Ive watched from pewdiepie all the way to zero views to figure out whats good and bad

  33. Dominique Z says:

    i absolutely love hate comments
    maybe i should start a YouTube channel? 😄

  34. Karen Murray says:

    It's not easy, but a lesson that took me a long time to learn and understand is that I have a choice when it comes to what I allow to affect me. One of my videos receives hateful comments almost every day and I had to build up to not letting them affect me…because I was always that person who'd want to defensively reply back! I will allow people to say what they want to say, but if it's hateful I'm allowed to ignore it and prevent it from wasting my time. It takes time and practice, but it's worth the peace of mind.

  35. Patricia says:

    Omg, been planning to start uploading videos on my channel but I was not sure if I am ready for it. Its the aftermath of the video-making process that is the scariest, aka the feedback. This video is just what I needed. Thank you for this Donna! 😊

  36. Trivial Theater says:

    Always good info! Thanks so much!

  37. Texas Craftin’ Chick says:

    What is hard for me too see as a middle age woman (welll, almost) and a mom is how HATEFUL people are. These thoughtless comments could cause an emotional breakdown for people. Not everyone has a great support system.

  38. Fadi Naaman says:

    Your videos are one of the reasons that keep me inspired and going on youtube, altho I lack consistency in making videos and used to do youtube just because other people were doing it, I learned to do it mostly for fun now and genuinely enjoy making them. Thanks for all the information you provide Psych IRL!

  39. Troy Reppas says:

    Great video!!! Love how you share and suggest others start with all the information in mind. Keep being a bad ass.

  40. SleepyE says:

    You should be more afraid of wasting ur time and failing cuz YouTube is almost impossible to grow on. Even what I've achieved is mostly luck, though it's not enough imo

  41. Aj Aj says:

    Subscribed last week, been going through your content, pretty great stuff. I'm from Canada, and my English teacher throughout highschool looked like you! On prom she told me I was her favorite student. I was a trouble making sun of a gun outside of my classes, she was awesome, pretty and so are you.

  42. KetchupTheif_ says:

    This is soo great. I just uploaded a video and imo its actually good (if you're into comedy gaming videos) and i got like no views. Its aactually demotivating. This puts things in perspective.

  43. Isabella A says:

    I literally looked up why I should start a YouTube channel before you posted this

  44. TheAndySan says:

    Hey stoopid! 😋😋😋 I kid, I kid!!

    But for real though, you definitely have to accept that not everyone is going to like you, in real life as well as YouTube. The faster you realize it, the better your life will be and the more you'll be able to focus on and embrace yourself!

  45. Kurtis Baute says:

    Oh man, the hate. Its out there, and it can be a rollercoaster ride, but this is all good advice. Thanks for making this!

  46. I'm Serious says:

    idk what that guy was talking about. I love your voice!

  47. Daniel Iván: Libros para Morir says:

    I often hear or read the concept "dehumanization" as an almost inherent process for communication through tech devises. I hope you could make a video with an insight on that idea and perhaps some ideas for an antidote, so to speak. It kinda bugs me because I relate dehumanization to scenarios like war, racism, homophobia, etc. Organized hate. And even thinking internet era is bringing us to a process like that is just deeply sad. In the early 2000's we were celebrating internet as a technology that would bring us together through knowledge and mutual acknowledgment. Were we that wrong?

  48. Sebas Musician says:

    Joe3546: comments something mean unrelated to the video
    His comments gets deleted
    Joe3546: surprise pikachu face

  49. BoomerangTKO says:

    Your voice is fine. I disagree with that criticism

  50. Cheyenne Patterson says:

    Were you reading my mind? I legit was thinking about this yesterday. I want to inspire people on how to deal with depression and anxiety but I also don't want to risk my mental health because of the comments. But I feel like it would be selfish of me to not speak up about my experiences because there are so many people dealing with depression that need a voice. I've been told by so many people that I should be a motivational speaker. So I need to use my voice. I just need to get out of my comfort zone.

  51. buttermeuplikeabreadroll says:

    Wow this is perfect timing. Today I'm helping a friend start their YouTube channel

  52. The Enthusiasm Project says:

    Is there a certain point where you noticed more negativity? I’ve heard people say everything was great until they got around 40k or 50k subscribers, and then the negativity started flowing in.

    Of course the content genre plays into it a lot too, as some genres are more prone to negativity/criticism/controversy.

  53. Dee Dee Kingdom says:

    I only have a You Tube to sub, commet etc. At the moment I don't think I would make content… although I'm not ruling it out. Thanks for yet another get video.

  54. mazyondown says:

    A great video Donna. Thanks. It’s very encouraging for us fledglings. 😀👍

  55. Paul Wolter says:

    I uploaded a few videos a long time ago when I was in high school. I got some hate comments on a video or 2 so I think it's inevitable. That wasn't the reason I stopped uploading though

  56. not the FBI says:

    Well I won't even get views I would get like 0 views n upload like 405888 videos

  57. Tommy Landrix says:

    Please make a video on why big YouTubers don’t reply to YouTube comments. It baffles me. It’s such an easy way to show connection to your viewers.

  58. A F says:

    You're awesome

  59. Marissa McHugh says:

    I have more fun watching Youtube videos than making my own. Most of the videos I have are me checking my outfits to see if everything looks okay. Every once in a while I make a talking video just for me but don't feel like sharing it with others. I think that's fine I've always been pretty introverted.

  60. ScotInTheDot says:

    Potential hate comments was never gonna be my issue stopping me. My issue was filming in public with a camera on a stick, attracting attention like that, and looking or feeling like a fool… so that was the first thing I tackled. Now, pretty much all my videos so far have been done in public places – maybe not so much walking around (I think 2 are like that) – just to help get myself over it. Sometimes, ya just gotta take a deep breath and take the leap. If you don't push yourself beyond your own comfort zone, who will? And how else will you progress/evolve as a content creator?
    As for hate comments? Really… what's the point of getting 100 or 1000 comments, only to focus on the one negative one? That's a criminal waste of time and effort, personally.

  61. Dr. Cross says:

    Thanks – I have lots of perspective, education and a genuine/honest person so I am hesitant to share truths with the world (or even science lol) <3 your channel thanks fr o this at the right time for our lab! <3 @ThePotLab

  62. Ellie Bellie Watermellie You Smellie says:

    I enjoyed this video. I’ve wanted to make a “what’s wrong with the internet” video for a while now. Just addressing how people feel when reading and typing out text and how that differs from in person conversations. I like how you touched on this a little
    I appreciate your videos

  63. Ebi Day says:

    I love this thank you!

  64. PIERRE XO says:

    it's hard to believe when any youtuber says they ignore hate comments or it doesn't affect them. ignoring them is probably the best way to go but there are times where I feel like it's actually necessary to reply to lessen the "dehumanization" aspect of it.

    surprisingly, it works at times to respond but generally it's just a troll trying to instigate something who's better left ignored.. ✨

  65. ARH Vlogs says:

    Much needed pep talk. Thank you!!

  66. JeffNotes says:

    Huhh, good thing I started YouTube for the right reasons then! =)

  67. Iffy says:

    Psych IRL is so bad. (but if she replies she's good 😉)

  68. Lucho Garram says:

    I so fu****ing love your videos! I reply to my haters the same way. They always back down or change the tone. Most of them are just silly teens that want attention.

    I also delete the shitty comments that pretend to be "honest critics"

    And your voice is appealing to me. As i've mentiones in the past, I perceive you as a very intelligent woman.

    Much love from your mexican number #1 fan…🦄🦄🦄 i'm gay so🦄🦄🦄, no harrasement here 🤣🤣🤣

  69. jazzimm says:

    I've been making videos for years and enjoying creating/sharing them in other ways (as you suggested). Didn't start youtube until recently for the very reasons you mentioned. This definitely resonated with me, and you shared some great advice.

  70. SHVWN COOPER says:

    i love haters. lmao if someone's talking shit about my videos i won cuz i made them mad. troll. have a sense of humor in it.

  71. Headie Doll says:

    Hey Donna😊 Just wanted say to congratulations on the growth of your channel. Love your videos!

  72. Eve & Artie says:

    As a small youtuber who receives a LOT of hate emails, messages and comments…. BUT I am an Australian single parent who is currently in Vancouver with my daughter, meeting some of our Canadian subscribers. So yeah, we get death threats and hate via our YouTube channel BUT we also get a WHOLE LOT OF LOVE 🤗🤗🤗

  73. Prefer Et Obdura says:

    You know what?… I really love your channel. Thank you

  74. Phone Battles says:

    Yes by responding to hate comments in a respectful or neutral way, 90% of the time they act like a lot nicer after. Never respond in an angry way as some hate commenters are just pure trolls looking to get a reaction. In general the best strategy is to engage the most with positive comments and only engage with hate comments if they also provide some valid criticism.

  75. Shane Morris says:

    Loved this Donna!

  76. IAreZack says:

    Donna + talking about life as a youtuber = amazing

  77. Kaysha says:

    Fair constructive criticism is fîne. For everything else, there is the block / delete.
    Protecting one's mental health is worth removing all negative people

  78. Dust Buggy says:

    Donna! I already said this on your community post about the shane/eugenia opinions- BUT. Jenelle eliana. 1 mill subs, with 2 videos, in less than 1 month. Is there something fishy going on like some people speculate? Is YouTube artificially growing her channel? Or did she just win the YouTube algorithm lottery? WHAT is going on??

  79. Klay Exterior says:

    What you said at the very end was very beautiful: ❤️

  80. Arquell Eastland says:

    I used to be afraid but now it’s like whatever bc I still gained a view. Besides I don’t get hate comments (as of yet) as now I’m becoming more consistent with my videos and growing!! Almost 100 subs yayyyy 🎉

  81. Artom Sultanov says:

    I love your videos and all the small creators aka under 100 subscribers. When I deal hate comments since 2015 I would get angry and make my day upset 🙁 But now I take as motivation, even if they are haters but the do take they time to write a comment. So when starting YouTube channel and creator think that nobody cares then hater do care to take time and write hate comment.

  82. lowkey a maniac says:

    hey donna, i don't think i've commented on one of your videos before, but i watch them all. i just wanted to say that i really really like your voice. idk, i guess i'm kind of an audiophile, but your voice really is very nice. i notice it everytime 😂

  83. someone magical says:

    This is one of your BEST videos, and it has not even 10,000 views. What happened?

  84. Seanologues says:

    Great video as always Donna!

  85. Jahtatious says:

    I think hate comments are funny ASF, please keep giving people hate comments

  86. Emily Mae Boxall says:

    I was never afraid of hate comments I just never liked how I looked or sounded. But now I’m ok with myself most of the time.

  87. Rainbow_ Woof says:

    Oh my Lord this was something I was just thinking about, I can't wait to see what you have to say about this.

  88. Alahna Ann says:

    great video. i love your work sis. starting mine soon 🙂

  89. TakeTimeOut says:

    Excellent content! Your voice is fine, keep up the good work! And as far as "HATERS" go: 'The best revenge is living well!!!' 🙂👍

  90. Slander Sir says:

    You should do a video on Jennelle Eliana.

  91. C.X. Trejo says:

    Awesome vid ♥️

  92. C. Sheehan says:

    I’m 31 and starting a YouTube channel soon, I’m sorry I’m old as fuck

  93. Jimmy Slaughter says:

    I created my channel to pick up ladies. It's going sooooooo great.

  94. Daniel Kwan says:

    Your voice is entertaining 😁

  95. Screen Qween PH says:

    I haven't even watched a Psych IRL video I like it at the beginning. I know its gonna be good!

  96. Chito says:

    I've been so hesitant to start YouTube officially and give it my all (I've tried multiple times, but was too afraid to get further out there cuz I was worried about hate) but then after a few weeks, I was watching a youtuber I really like, and I made a comment over something they said in their video. I said how much I related to it and how much it made me laugh. Then over night I got two replies from this user. He called me a name. Not a nice name. And then he said "I'm saying this cuz I wanna bully you"

    I was still a bit upset and was trying not to lose my cool, so I said back "why bully anyone though?"

    And he says "because I want to annoy you"

    After that I just laughed and now whenever I think about getting hated on, or cyber bullied, or just bullying in general, I just think back to what that one guy said. Was he an ass for trying bullying me just to annoy me? Yes. But I honestly thank him for it cuz now I have my own way to deal with hate and everyday I'm getting stronger. Plus, I always get a good laugh and sometimes it just makes day 🙂

    I haven't uploaded my first official video yet but when I do, I'm all in for it. I'm having fun making it, I'm looking forward to share it with people who support me, and I'm just over all excited over the future of the channel. Good or bad, I'm looking forward to it

  97. dominique thenosyreader says:

    Man I understand this one. But I also believe that it depends on what kind of content you make. Like I know for drama channels they'll tend to have more negative comments than positive ones

  98. Something secret says:

    thank you donna! i made one because you gave me the last push to start one!

  99. Zach Pwr says:

    as far as dehumanization during road rage i'm never upset at the vehicle i'm upset with the person driving it making poor driving choices lol i don't road rage often tho and don't hate on youtube either i must be one of the rare ones tho lol p.s. i just assume people wouldn't care about w.e content i could make rather it be vlog or minecraft videos lol idk. also not happy with the production quality of the gaming vids i was able to make 5 yrs ago and havn't attempted it since leaning more towards wanting to vlog now but still feel like i would be drowned out by the over whelming amount of content on the site… thanks for coming to my ted talk. going thru ur vids and enjoying them very intriguing. <3

  100. aardfay says:

    What about doxxing? That's the scary part about internet haters, no?

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