For Manresa’s David Kinch, The Quest For Perfection Is All About The Customer
For Manresa’s David Kinch, The Quest For Perfection Is All About The Customer

(tranquil music) – [David] I measure success
by paying my vendors and paying my staff. (man laughing) That’s, cynically, it’s the bottom line. You have to have customers, you have to have people
who support your endeavor. If you’re a good chef
and you make great food and you’re in a restaurant,
but nobody comes, are you really a great
restaurant or a great chef? I mean, does a tree fall
in a forest, nobody hear? My name is David Kinch and I’m the chef and owner of Manresa restaurant
in Los Gatos, California. There were periods of time
during the first couple of years where we really struggled,
but we never gave up. We had 9/11 and the tech
market crash in 2002, that all happened within the first year and a half we were open. Manresa is going to be 20 years
old in the very near future. One of the fundamental tenants is understanding that everything you do, every step you take,
every attention to detail is reaching for perfection,
yet at the same time, realizing that it’s unattainable. That it’s never gonna happen,
but that is not a deterrence. Ultimately, we can train people and teach them what we want to do, but we can’t train them to give a shit. You learn about the products, you learn about respect for the products, and you learn the very
simple basic fundamental, sharp knives, the way to peel something, the way to store something,
all these little details which become the sum of
a lot of small things that are done correctly. That’s like an iron smith, a seamstress, takes years to learn how
to do that simple stitch. What I like to call a complex simplicity. Things look really, really simple, but underneath those layers,
underneath that surface, attention to every little detail and then everything being
presented very simply. I like to think of it as hidden, you can not see it, or you can find it, have that increase your
appreciation for the dish. (tranquil music) The single most important thing,
not only at the restaurant, but in my own personal life,
is a certain sense of balance. I like to be in, or around,
the water all the time, whether it’s surfing or sailing, or just being outdoors and hiking. Instead of just being balls-to-the-wall, driving and relentless and lack of sleep, micromanaging, not
learning about delegation and trusting talented people
who you have trained correctly and want to show you
they can do a good job. You’ll find that with
balance and with delegation, your restaurant is going to be even better than it was before. It’s really about the guests, if the guest come in and they’re happy, if there is perceived value, if they feel that it was
worth every single penny and they can’t wait to come back, then I’ve done by job
both as a businessman but also as a creative
lead in what we do here. Success is personal sense of satisfaction, is from a job well done. When I leave the restaurant, I have good knowledge from my managers and from firsthand
experience of that evening that we have a room full
of very happy guests, and that makes it a success.

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    People go to eat something nourishing at a restaurant not to overpay for some BS floral arrangement masquerading as a meal.

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    Success is personal satisfaction of a job well done. My MO!

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