Fight Boredom During Corona Isolation With Photography, What To Do During Corona Outbreak Part I
Fight Boredom During Corona Isolation With Photography, What To Do During Corona Outbreak Part I

what to do when you are bored during corona isolation or quarantine
welcome to this coronavirus boredom fighting video
in this first video we are going to shoot this kind of image without any
fancy equipment
we see that many people are bored during this Corona outbreak
and in this video series we are going to fight that boredom
how are we going to do that?
well first of all relax we’re at home, unlike many others whom
we have to thank greatly
we don’t have to work and second I’m going to show you
a few ideas what you can do photography wise when you’re at home
in this first video we’re going to need a camera can we even use a smartphone instead of a camera? we will see!
a fork, a glass a smartphone and an apple
next you need to find yourself a room without light I’m here in the basement of our
house but you could also close the blinds of your window or maybe wait
until evening
having a black background would make things easier. but to have a
level playground for all of us I’m going to use a white one
now it’s time to set up the scene
first I’m going to put the glass on a table or something
put the
fork into the glass and then I’m going to spear the apple onto the fork with
the most beautiful part of the apple looking towards the camera
oh yes I forgot the further the distance between the apple and the background the better your
results will be because then the background will be as dark as possible
and now it’s time to place the camera since I said I want to have level
playgrounds I’m not going to use a tripod I’m going to put it onto
a suitcase and to level the hight I’m going to use just a box
then I’ll bring the camera as close as I can get put your camera to manual exposure ISO at 100 is fine aperture f5.6 but you could also choose let’s say 8
and the shutter speed let’s choose 2 seconds
and then we’re going to press the menu button and set the release mode to self timer 2 seconds
if you have a rather wobbly setup like I do 10 second self timer would be even
better we don’t want the camera to move while it takes the image
before we now switch off the lights make sure to first focus your camera and
then set it to manual focus. otherwise it will not be able to focus once we switch
off the lights
next it is time to prepare the smartphone. I’m going to use
just a very bright image but you could also use a very bright website anything that
is white and will act as kind of light the smartphone will be our only light
then it’s time to switch off the lights press the shutter button on your
camera and move the smartphone over your apple like this and here is our first
if yours is too dark you can choose a longer shutter speed for
example 4 seconds or even 8 seconds what else could we do to improve our
image we could use this sprayer and spray water onto our apple
and take another shot
can we use a smartphone instead of a camera? let’s give it a try
for the
smartphone shot I had to change my setup because the smartphone has a wide-angle
lens so I had to move closer that led to reflections of the white box in the fork
I didn’t want that so I put a black cloth over it to reduce the
reflections I hope that’s clear I chose an app that would let me manually set
ISO at 25 and shutter speed to one half of a second to not touch the phone when
shooting I set a timer of five seconds then I switch off the lights again and
press the shutter button and here is our smartphone image you can decide which
one you like better
if you want to post your results I’m active in two Facebook
groups I will link below
and that’s it for today’s corona boredom fighting
video if you wonder what that is this is going to be our next project it’s a
do-it-yourself very cheap photography softbox if you
liked any of these videos don’t forget to put your thumbs up and subscribe to
not miss any of the videos in the meantime stay safe stay socially
distanced and don’t forget to regularly wash your hands at least 30 seconds see
you next time

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    Great tutorial! I tried to do it with an strawberry since I didn't have any apples.

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    Sir, next time pls. have a course on back-button focusing!!

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