Expresiones de cuarentena: To be high as a kite
Expresiones de cuarentena: To be high as a kite

How is the quarantine going I know you’re stuck at home and running out of things to do so the other day I was thinking what could I do to contribute to the collective entertainment of the population and I thought maybe I could give you English lessons so I’ve picked my five favourite English idioms and I’m going to make a video with each one so you can more easily understand songs, films, that stuff Today’s idiom is “to be high as a kite” which literally means to be at the same height as a kite and it really means to have consumed a ton of drugs I’ve read that it can also mean to be drunk or very excited this idiom works nicely because “high” means “somewhere up there” like on a seventh floor or in the sky, like a kite but it also means to be drugged the double meaning of the word is used so the idiom works out nicely let’s see an example! to better memorise this idiom I´ll link a song at the end of this video, by a band named Weezer which I had never heard of, btw titled “High as a Kite” if there’s any English idiom that you like, leave them in the comments so I can read them hang on in there and see you tomorrow in another video

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  1. William G. says:

    Uyyy! Y "Ernesto" . . . ? De donde salió?

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