Expresiones de cuarentena: Shut the front door
Expresiones de cuarentena: Shut the front door

Hello guys! I’m here today with a new idiom so all those CVs that say English level: medium are slightly closer to reality Today’s idiom is “shut the front door” this literally means “cierra la puerta principal” the front door here is really referring to the mouth, so close your mouth, shut up in Spanish this is what we would translate as “NO!” but “NO!” in a very particular context Hey have you heard about the doorman getting fired? Yeah I heard, he was coming to work drunk? Yeah well, he was busted drinking and also using the office to throw parties With prostitutes NO That “NO”. BONUS: The story about the parties and the hookers happened exactly like that So it means “I can’t believe it”, “no way”, “what are you talking about” My friend Hibo says this a lot and it’s hilarious every time so I’ve asked her to send me a voice note because moreover she was born here in London so her accent is so much better than mine An example in this case would be This is a lie, Hibo, I’m sorry but you’re not gonna be famous, this channel has like 200 subscribers But the example is useful anyway There’s a song by a girl named Tiffany Dunn named “Shut the Front Door” in which if I’m being honest and after reading the lyrics I don’t think she’s talking about the idiom with the meaning I explained bc she’s like really angry so in that context it might be just “shut up”. WHATEVER It usually means what I explained I’ll link the video anyway so you get familiar with the sound of it and it’s easier for you to remember Drink lots of water and hang on in there, we’re getting there. See you tomorrow!

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    cool video keep it up dude

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