Everything You Need To Know About The Coronavirus Pandemic

over the past three months a virus by
the name of covid 19 has managed to bring the entire world to a standstill
so how did we get here where did this virus come from what makes this virus so
dangerous and how do we combat it back in December 2019 rumors began
circulating that a new virus was spreading in Wuhan China and the 31st
December China finally confirmed it was treating in a cluster of pneumonia cases
all with the connection to the wildlife market in Wuhan on the 2nd of January
this was confirmed as a new corona virus by Chinese scientists at this time
authorities Wuhan insisted that there was no evidence to suggest that the
virus could be spread from person to person 9 days later on the 11th of
January coronavirus claimed its first fatality slowly but surely cases began
to appear in Thailand South Korea Japan and the United States as coronavirus
cases in Wuhan began to spiral out of control
Wuhan was placed on lockdown the world watched in shock hospitals were built in
weeks and the death toll rose on the 2nd of February the first death outside of
China was reported in the Philippines a cruise ship called the diamond princess
with more than 3,600 passengers on board was put under isolation on the 5th of
February the ship was quarantined for 14 days and over 700 passengers tested
positive for the virus seven died by this point cases were
present in numerous countries across the globe and the first fatality was
reported in Europe on Valentine’s Day cases began to explode in both Iran and
Italy in the Lombardy region of Italy cases spiked to 150 in one day from
almost nothing the country begins to lock down the first u.s. death was
reported on the 29th of February on the 11th of March the u.s. announces travel
bans to mainland Europe in addition to the ban already in place for China on
the 17th of March as cases began to spiral out of control the who love
Europe begins to shut down Italy’s death rate overtakes China’s on the 19th of
March and over a quarter of a million cases have now been confirmed worldwide
and the majority of countries are on lockdown so what kind of virus causes
this patients that have nCov-19 can experience a variety of symptoms
with the most common being a cough or a fever these symptoms would typically
present themselves within two to fourteen days of exposure
most people will experience minor symptoms more serious infections can
develop acute pneumonia this can lead to fatalities older people and people with
underlying health conditions are sadly the most vulnerable they experience a
higher mortality rate than the general population the most accurate estimation
of the death rate for this disease come from the Diamond Princess cruise ship
one percent of those infected sadly passed away
cruise ships have a generally older population so the true value is
hopefully lower so where did this virus come from using the genetic makeup of
the virus called RNA scientists can match this sequence with known RNA
sequences of previously discovered corona viruses this will identify any
relatives of the virus and trace is ancestry it turns out the RNA of the
virus has a 96% match with the corona virus found in a bat from the Yunnan
Province in 2013 it is possible that the corona virus mutated within bats then
made the jumps to humans or an earlier version of the virus made the jump to
humans and has been slowly mutating over time to form what is formally known as nCov-19 scientists also identified a corona virus found in a Pangolin that
could be more closely related to this current strain but more research is
needed to confirm this so could this virus have originated from a lab I hear
you ask in short, no. if genetic manipulation
had been performed you would be able to trace the virus’s ancestry to a known
commercially obtainable coronavirus but the genetic makeup of
the virus is consistent with natural selection so what’s different about this
corona virus to other corona viruses the spikes on the outside of the virus are
proteins these act as keys to gain entry to certain cells n cough 19 has a new
key that interacts with an enzyme called Furin, Furin is found in lots of human
tissues such as the lungs liver and small intestine this new method of entry
allows the corona virus to attack the lungs and cause viral pneumonia this is
why it is highly contagious once the virus has gained entry to the cell it
hijacks the bio chemical processes and uses them to
reproduce and make more copies of itself which can then infect new cells or be
transmitted to a new host the corona virus is transmitted between humans
through droplets from coughs and sneezes these travel through the air and can be
inhaled or make contact with the eyes these small droplets can be picked up
off surfaces by our hands and subsequent contact with our eyes mouth or nose
results in transmission of the virus scientists have also detected nCov
19 RNA in feces suggesting that it can be transferred from contact with an
infected person’s feces most people infected with this disease it will
experience no or only mild symptoms however even if you do not have symptoms
of an cough 19 you can still infect others studies in China and Germany
showed that asymptomatic carriers are just as infective as those who
experience mild symptoms so how can we fight this disease the World Health
Organization recommends extensive testing of those who show symptoms
testing allows you to pinpoint and isolate those who have the virus and
more importantly anyone they may have infected studies have suggested the
significant proportion of those infected may never show symptoms South Korea have
used his method greatly to reduce the number of nCov-19 cases but what if
you don’t have the testing capabilities of South Korea or the virus gets too out
of hand scientists are very clear about this extreme social distancing as
demonstrated by the lockdown in Wuhan China is the only effective way to curb
the virus once it gets out of hand so there you have it that’s
everything you need to know about the corona virus pandemic stay safe and look
after each other thank you for watching

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