[Eng sub] Spring meadow landscape | Watercolor Painting  Easy Tutorial | Calming Art | ASMR
[Eng sub] Spring meadow landscape | Watercolor Painting Easy Tutorial | Calming Art | ASMR

In this session, I’ll paint a field in the spring. Let’s start with a sketch. Today’s sketch is very simple. It contains a building, a forest behind it, and a lot of flowers in the field in the front. The flowers are drawn roughly. Let’s paint now. I’ll start with yellow. This is to represent flowers and to produce the air of spring. This should be enough. I’ll add some Opera Pink to this. See the pink flowers? The area mixed with yellow turns into Vermilion and is very pretty. I’ll use the Vermilion color in the background, as well. It’s a painting of spring, you know. It should carry some warm air. Let’s add some more Yellow Ochre and warm colors in the sky. I’m painting a landscape looking hazy in the spring haze. Add a little Terre Verte green to the sky and mix all colors with water. Use some bluish-purple for the forest in the distance. Start painting the forest before the paint for the sky is all dry. Can you see the spring mild air? This will do. Trees are represented in rough silhouette. Here I’ll intensify the contrast to clearly show the building. Add a little green to the trees to represent the soft greenish forest in the background. Is this good? Like this. Some sharp colors and shapes is a nice and interesting addition to soft colors. See, I’ve just added some little trees. Some variation of strength will make the painting more interesting. Notice that the colors naturally blend in themselves. This is the fun of painting. The windows of the building should look blurry. Try not to emphasize them too much. Now let’s go on to the field in the front. I’ll use some light cool green in the distant area. Add warm darker green gradually toward the front. Do not forget flowers. Leave them unpainted in a rough manner. Now you can clearly see flowers in bright colors. Isn’t it fun? Add some Yellow Ochre in the front area to have different tones of green. It’s coming along. To represent the shadow, I’ll add some dark cool greenish blue. On this side, I’ll use some blue-green so that different tones of green are used. See the spring field is coming into sight. Be careful not to be the same green. Pay some attention to the details, as well. Now I’m painting tall flowers in the front sticking up into the air. It is important to keep the entire picture in mind as you paint the details. While painting small flowers, you also need to keep looking at the whole painting. This way you can maintain the balance of the painting. Note that the light shapes of the flowers will be lost if you paint too much detail. Isn’t it becoming more fun? It’s taking shape. Now I’m connecting flowers with stems. These are big flowers seen in the front. This will add the depth and movement to the painting. Add stem lines spontaneously. Draw some details in the front with leaves. As you’re finishing, look at the entire picture again and establish the balance of the painting. Remember this is a spring field with a plenty of greenish colors. If you find some flowers stand out too much, add some colors on top of them. Now that the spring field has been brought into shape, the painting is complete. Today, I painted a lot of flowers full in bloom in a spring field. Today’s point is how the spring warmth is represented. Use of different tones of hazy, soft green is the key to doing so. I used the wet in wet technique. See that I didn’t draw individual flowers in detail. The harmony of greenish colors is more important. The use of some dark purple colors in the distant areas, is effective in further emphasizing the bright green in the front. Please keep in mind that the tone of colors of the entire picture, rather than detailed painting, should be used to represent the image. If you have enjoyed this spring field painting session, please leave a comment and subscribe my channel. Thank you for watching until the end. I’ll see you next time.

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