[Eng sub] Best watercolor sketching /Winter rural landscape / Fun and easy techniques
[Eng sub] Best watercolor sketching /Winter rural landscape / Fun and easy techniques

Hello everyone! Shibasaki here. It’s still January and cold outside today! In this cold weather, I’d like to paint this desolate wintery landscape with its dried-up plants beautifully. This is where the usual rural landscape can be viewed. So, today’s main theme will be the vast pastoral scenery
in a wintery atmosphere. These rice patties are normally all green. But the view is totally different only in the winter. The entire scenery is dominated
by the soft Ochre and Umber colors. This is my favorite season. It makes the landscape look gorgeous! The contrast between the bright field and dark trees is also very inspiring as figurative art. Let me prepare for painting now. Now I’m ready. Let’s start painting! I’ve finished my rough sketch. Let me describe it for you. When you draw the landscape where a vast area like this rice field spreads, first draw the line where the vast area ends. When you know where the land ends, it’s easy to understand how the field is configured. This dike here, for example. The line extending from the dike reaches this point. The line from this dike also ends here. The lines from the ridges of the field also lead to the same point. Such large rules become obvious in the picture. I’ll also draw these shining puddles more than
they actually are and use them as focal points. So that’s what I’m aiming at. Start with the sky as usual. It’s actually cloudy, but use these bright colors and blend them
on the surface to make them look natural. Use the wet-in-wet technique for clouds. These are the puddles. This Ochre color represents the dried-up rice field. Paint the distant mountains in bluish gray
with a fuzzy silhouette. I see some buildings in the distance. These are left unpainted to take advantage
of the whiteness of the paper. The dry-brush technique for these trees. And add the dark forest here. Make it as dark as possible by using a lot of colors. Oh!? it’s started raining. That’s a problem. Let’s just go home! I’ll see you later! Well, it started raining, and I’m going to paint the rest of the paining at my atelier. These are the pictures I took at the site… …from different angles. Now I’m going to paint the rest
by using these photos as references. Here I go. The dark forest should look like this. In order to reinforce the color and brightness of the wintery rice field, this dark forest is essential. Use different colors over already-painted areas
to add the depth to the landscape. See how it looks? Use a variety of colors. And here you can see the freshly cultivated soil. Among the fresh soil, brightly shining puddles are represented. Dry-brush and some scratching techniques. For a depth effect, use darker tones of color and more details
in the areas closer to the viewer. See how painting more colors over painted areas… …will add depth and brightness to the shining puddles? Time for a snack! It’s a waffle today! Gooood! Recalling the landscape
I saw earlier today over sweets… And start again. In the front, these are the rice stalks remaining
the after harvest. Meticulous attention to these stalks makes
the painting interesting. Paint like patting with a split brush end. What do you think? It’s starting to look real, isn’t it? Add colors to some of the far houses and erase unnecessary lines. I’ll just add a guy who’s having
a look around his field. See how he looks? Don’t you think a person is a nice
addition to the landscape? After some more details are added, it’s done! So I ended up finishing this paining at my atelier. It was cloudy when I was leaving home
this morning, and I wondered if it would rain. Like I anticipated. But it happens a lot during outdoor painting. If it starts raining, just take a picture like I did
and finish the painting at home. Don’t hesitate to go out. It is also important to determine the theme for painting. Today’s theme was the color of this desolate
wintery landscape. Discover the beauty of the Ochre and Umber colors
of such landscapes and focus on painting them. It’s important to reproduce the theme colors
in the painting…, …but I also added large puddles and
a person to accentuate the landscape. You don’t have to paint the landscape
as is at the site…, …but you can make some creative changes
by emphasizing what you’ve found interesting and by adding something unique. That’ll make your outdoor painting more fun. Now it’s time for the Question and Answer corner. Today’s message is from… let’s see… …Romaniannerd-san. Romaniannerd-san. Your question is, “I’m wondering if you can use gouache like clear watercolor paint if you add enough water.” If you can use gouache by dissolving it in water… Yes, you can! Yes, you can. You can also use acrylic paint in the same way. But each type of paint is made to best serve its purpose. You can use gouache like watercolor paint… …but the grains of gouache pigment are coarse
compared to that of watercolor paint. Gouache functions the best when is
dissolved to a creamy state. It can be dissolved and used like watercolor paint… …but I don’t think it exceeds
the beauty of watercolor paint. But it may make the painting interesting. If you consider it a type of art, I think it’s fun to try using gouache like watercolor paint. Just try! So that’s the question of the day. So, what did you think? If you find today’s discussion interesting, please like it and subscribe to my channel. I’ll see you next time then!

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  1. Alexandra Kruth says:

    I haven't been able to paint anything at all for almost half a year because I have schoolwork so I really miss it. But when I watch you it makes me feel much better and I become more determined to draw a lot when I have free time again!

  2. G. Orozco says:

    I love that winter is your favorite season! It's so optimistic, normally most people dislike winter. Beautiful painting Shibasaki-san, arigatou ♥️

  3. shorea27 says:

    The painting looks better than the real thing.

  4. StuePitt says:

    Winter happens to be my favourite season, Mr. Shibasaki. I think, your painting captured the cozy side of a winter day very well. The way you incorporated all these colours to make the grey look more interesting is a great technique. All in all a very relaxing video, I enjoyed it a lot!

  5. Azuan Redup says:

    Hallo Mr shibasaki very good inspiration landscape
    I also want know when area at japan are you stayed …. but may be I came at japan shine yamaghuci February

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  7. Bev V says:

    You turn just so-so landscapes into works of beauty! I love your videos and your smile. And thumbs up on the question and answer segment!

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  9. Frostee says:

    Even in winter Japan is so beautiful! Your art captures it perfectly! Thank you for such a wonderful video once again!

  10. PrettyNailsDesigns says:

    Wonderful work ❤️

    I use gouache a lot lately. I paint portraits with it. I dissolve it until watercolor consistency for a hazey background. It is harder to work with dissolved gouache than with water color, but it is interesting to try

  11. Asia R says:

    This was such a pleasure to watch. As a watercolor artist, I actually am not typically a fan of loose, traditional style paintings; however, watching the way you blocked out shapes, added textures and emphasized color in a bleak landscape setting was really inspiring. I also really appreciate, not only the composition of your piece, but the composition of your video! It was very cute and entertaining! Wonderful job!! 🤩

    Edit: I'm also a beginner in learning Japanese so it's cool to combine my favorite medium and listening comprehension for a language I'm learning!

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    Hi Shibasaki!!. Como siempre interesante y divertido. Me han dado muchas ganas de salir al campo a pintar, eres todo inspiración!! Muchas gracias por compartir u mostrarnos tu sabiduría y tus aventuras. Un abrazo. 🌹

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  17. Wakeuptired says:

    I really love watching this technique! Often when I paint over a sketch, I find myself more coloring in the sketch than actually painting with texture. This gave me inspiration for my next piece! Thank you!

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