[Eng sub] Best watercolor sketching /Japanese old building landscape / Fun and easy techniques
[Eng sub] Best watercolor sketching /Japanese old building landscape / Fun and easy techniques

Hello, everyone. Shibasaki here. Today, I am here in the old castle town of Otaki-machi in Chiba Prefecture. A number of old buildings remain in this town. I’m going to paint the atmosphere of this town… …with a focus on that grand old-fashioned fireproof building. Relax and enjoy until the end! I’ll go and have fun. Let’s get started then. First draw a rough sketch with a pencil. Well then. Around here, make a rough shape in the center. Then sketch the landscape roughly like a contour-line drawing. There’s quite a bit of traffic in the center of the town. Now that I’ve made a rough sketch… …let’s start painting it. First the sky. Dissolve Yellow Ochre thinly… …and spread the color this way. Add a little Opera Pink to Compose Blue… …to paint the blue sky. I often use such a purplish color to paint roads. Then let’s get to the main subject. Start with dark colors… …in this way. Then this is the important spot. The shady side of the building. See how dark the shady area of the town is? This darkness is the key to this landscape. So the walls of this building are white… …but you need to keep in mind that the shady sides must be painted dark. For the sunny side, leave the paper unpainted. In contrast, the shady areas should be fully painted in dark, cool colors. If it’s not dark enough, add darker tones over the painted area. Now the bright side. If you see something red, use a boldly red color to paint it. I’m using green for this area. Don’t be afraid of using pure colors. This is one of the key tricks for painting beautiful landscapes. This is that sign with white letters. I represent the letters by painting the surrounding area. The physical proximity of the fireproof building can be reinforced if an object in the front is painted. Let’s continue to paint the main object. Pay close attention to the relation between the bright areas and shady areas…
and add details as required. Make sure the objects in the shady areas are rather simplified though. See how it’s coming along? Let me tell you more about this painting. It’ll be difficult if you look too closely at the details of buildings. Look at the actual building. Notice that it has a lot of small stuff. But try to consider the building as a mere box. Because it’s a box, what you need to see is the front side and lateral side. The sun is shining in this direction. The bright side is composed of white walls and something in warmer colors. The shady side here however should be painted mainly in darker, colder colors. Painting will be easier if you see the building as only a box. That is the point. Now that the main object is complete, I’ll just add details to produce the town’s atmosphere. After painting the overall landscape, add pedestrians in the front as well. These are some of the factors essential to show the atmosphere of the town. …An addition of people. And these colorful banners also. Many different things can be found in town. Let’s take a break in the meantime. Today’s snack is… …a sweet potato cake. I’m out of control when it comes to sweets. This is pretty good. After a break, I’m adding other objects that make up the town. Hydro poles for example. Don’t see the hydro pole as an obstacle for painting. Rather positively paint it as one of the factors that compose the town. Add lines… …to represent electric cables by smooth strokes. Doesn’t the landscape look nice with more objects? They help fulfill the painting nicely. What’s that sound? Ah, a fire engine. It’s on patrol because a fire can be a real hazard in the winter. Going back to the hydro poles… …note that farther poles look less clear. Try to use one stroke to paint a pole. Then add the cables. See how they add depth to the landscape? It’s almost done. The sun is going down… …and the shadows are stretching over the road. Let’s take advantage of the shadow to make a change to the wide road. Do you see the shadow makes a cool effect? That’s one of the ways of presentation. Note that the shadow in the front is darker. Now it’s done. So this is it. I’ve painted the landscape with the great fireproof building as the central object. Remember to see a building as a box. One more point. Right here. See how much more detailed the actual object is? But don’t paint too much – simplify the object. Then you can produce depth in the landscape. What did you think? If you find outdoor painting interesting, please like the video and subscribe to the channel. Hi again, Now it’s time for Question and Answer to answer your concerns and questions. Today’s message is from 13-year-old Yuval-san. How young! 13! It’s nice to be young. Yuval says, “What bothers me is that I cannot sing well at school ceremonies.” Oh… “It makes me sad because I love singing.” Wait. Singing at ceremonies? What kind of song does he sing? Does he sing songs with others? I actually love singing. I sometimes sing while teaching my students painting. Funny isn’t it? I believe art and music are the same in terms of rhythm. I love it that much. Well, Yuval-san, you love singing, don’t you? And you can’t sing well in front of others? Why don’t you put up a mirror and try and sing in front of it? If you feel bored singing, then you’ll see yourself looking bored singing. No one wants to see you bored while singing. If you smile while singing, then you in the mirror will smile, which will make an audience smile as well. Songs can easily be shared with others. See how you look when you’re singing first. Then you’ll be gradually able to sing in front of people. Good luck! Well, if you have a concern or anything you want to share with me…, …use an Instagram Direct Message to send it to me. I’ll pick some and answer them in my videos. What did you think? If you find this video interesting, don’t forget to like it and subscribe to my channel. Thank you very much for watching until the end. See you next time!

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