Elementor Templates You Can Download for FREE + Stock Photos [2020]
Elementor Templates You Can Download for FREE + Stock Photos [2020]

If you are a content creator and you are using
WordPress and page builders like Elementor, then you should see what the Evanto Elements
template kits are offering. This is an outstanding template resource for
ELEMENTOR, and much more. It’s free and you will get hundreds of beautifully
designed page templates. Each template is organized into a template
kit for different website pages. As you can see here, you have templates for
the Travel Business niche, and other niches as well, which you can import to make it available
in your Elementor Saved Templates list for future use. First, you can preview the page template you
want by finding a design that you like and then click on it. Once you click on import over here, your template
will be ready for editing or you can create a new page, like so. After you click on Create Page that page will
be available on your dashboard as a draft page and you can start editing it with Elementor
by clicking on this link. Cool, right? Then you can start customizing it with your
own content using your page builder. Templates that are marked with the PRO icon
use advanced features that require Elementor PRO subscription. Moreover, you can also access Block Templates
here. Blocks are sections for the page that you
can use on existing pages or import into new ones. As you can see here, you can use the drop-down
to organize the blocks into certain types of blocks depending on the section you need
content for. You have Hero blocks, About, Pricing and so
on. You can easily import a block by clicking
on the block that you like, and then clicking on import template. The block will then be imported into your
Elementor template library, so you can use it on any page. Simply add a section and then click on the
folder icon to add a new template, click on my templates, then insert the template that
you want to use. You can then start customizing the content
as you wish. There is also a tab named Photos where you
will have access to premium stock photos as an Evanto Elements subscriber. Please find the link in the description box
below to get your account up and running. You’ll have unlimited digital access to Stock
video, music, photos, and even WordPress themes and plugins, which you can download over and
over without having to buy a new license for each use. How cool is that? You can browse the items over here and use
them to create Youtube videos, for example. To do that, just download a stock video, the
“Travel man with a map” for example, then download a music background, something related
to adventure. Go to music and search for something adventurous
like the Epic Adventurous Tailer. Make sure it has no YouTube content ID registration
so you can make money with ads on YouTube. Then add the file to a project and click download. Once you have everything you need, use the
Filmora video editor, or the editor that you like to put those resources together and export
them as a ready to upload video. I will show you more about this in a future
video if you want that so make sure you leave a comment with yes or no and feel free to
subscribe then click the bell to get notified exactly when I upload my new video. Thanks for watching and see you soon.

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