Elementary – Lesson 1.3 – Introduce yourself!
Elementary – Lesson 1.3 – Introduce yourself!

hello hello. welcome to frankly speaking.
this is Frank. today we’re going to introduce ourselves.
so last two classes I taught you how to say hello, and how to say goodbye, and now
we’re going to talk about what you say in the middle of hello and goodbye.
so let’s take a look. introduce yourself. To introduce is what you do when you say
your name and say a little bit about yourself. so we started with hello in
lesson 1, and we’ve got goodbye from lesson 2. today we’re going to talk about
what happens in the middle here. so I’m going to show you an example
conversation starting from hello and ending with goodbye. hello, hi there, how
are you, I’m great. and you? I’m ok. my name’s Jack. what’s your name? nice to
meet you jack. I’m John. nice to meet you, too. where are
you from? I’m from here, Los Angeles. i skateboard here every day.
me too. I’ll see you later, jack. bye bye. ok, these are two skateboarders, that
means they like to skateboard. ok so we started with hello, and we ended with
goodbye, or bye bye, or see ya. what did we do in the middle? let’s
start with the first question. what’s the first question that you ask someone
after you say hello? usually you ask: how are you? you can say
how are “ya”, or how are you after that we ask the other person their name. what’s your name? or what’s
“yer” name? and then we said something very important. after you ask someone’s
name, and you give your name, you should say nice to meet you. and after that, we had some *ding ding
ding* some extra questions. now, these are just some questions that give extra
information about you. you can say anything you want in this part of the
introduction, and finally: bye bye, see you later. alright, let’s go back to how are
you. if someone asks you “how are you?” there are many things you could say to
respond. for example, how are you? I’m fine. I’m very well. I’m good. I’m great.
or I’m okay. but after you say that, you need to ask the other person a very
important question, and that’s “and you?” so if you ask me “how are you?” I would say
“I’m great” “and you?” “okay” after you finish the how are yous,
you ask “what’s your name?” and the answer can be my name’s Frank
or I’m Frank. and then there’s one very very important
question you ask after that. what’s the question?
it’s “and you?” okay so if you ask me “what’s your name?”
I’d say “my name’s Frank” “and you?” okay great. after you say your names, you’d say
“nice to meet you” right. so, “what’s your name?” “I’m Frank” “and
you?” “Oh I’m John” “okay, nice to meet you” and the other person has to say “nice to
meet you, too” okay so first person says nice to meet
you, the second person says nice to meet you, too.
you always say this after you share your name, and you learn the other person’s
name. always. what’s your name? I’m Frank what’s yours?
I’m John. okay. nice to meet you! nice to meet you, too.
all right, then. we move on to this extra question. this is any question you can
think of to ask the person, and we will talk about this question or any of these
questions that you can ask. in my next video. so thank you for watching. you can check
my video probably tomorrow or later today, just subscribe, and follow, and
enjoy. okay. bye bye!

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