EFM is Not Dead – Five New M50, M5 and M6 Lenses!
EFM is Not Dead – Five New M50, M5 and M6 Lenses!

16 thoughts on “EFM is Not Dead – Five New M50, M5 and M6 Lenses!”

  1. LiamJewell62 says:

    Yes! Ty canon, great video btw

  2. David Norris says:

    Here's a video I made about a month ago which fits perfectly. This video was just for me because I'm brand new to video and I wanted to practise. Also, most people wouldn't call this type of thing "a nice day" but these days are my absolute favourite, and I tried to capture how amazing a day like that can be.


  3. cooloox says:

    It's great to hear that Canon are not abandoning this series of cameras and are bringing out some new lenses. It's just a shame they're not bringing out any really fast (f/1.2 or f/1.4) lenses and in particular, a fast zoom. We desperately need a zoom capable of better low light performance.

    You have to be very careful how you phrase things. Saying a 15mm f/2 "behaves" like a 24mm f/3.2 is vague.

    Using a 15mm f/2 lens on an M-series Canon still gives you the exposure of shooting at f/2. That "behaviour" doesn't change. However, you don't get the shallower depth of field of a 24mm f/2 lens because you're not using a 24mm f/2 lens, you're using a 15mm f/2 lens. Due to the smaller sensor cropping into the image, forcing you to stand back further from the subject, you get a greater depth of field (the closer you are to the subject, the shallower the depth of field).

    Its probably better to say: with a 15mm f/2 lens you get f/2 exposure, an equivalent focal length of 24mm, but still the DOF of a 15mm lens. Mathematically, the DOF equates to that of a 24mm lens shot at f/3.2.

  4. KingSam says:

    We need a 24-105 equivalent f4 general purpose lens. That 18-45 looks awesome. Let’s see pricing

  5. Paul Galli says:

    Wouldn't the EF-M lenses be true mm dedicated to this system and camera like the EF-S is to a APS-C crop body? The crop factor would only happen with the adapter to an EF lens and still not work with the L series lenses

  6. martaki aryo says:

    a lot of nice points. keep it up 👍👍💪

  7. Prem Singh says:

    Nice video… Keep working… You channel shall grow many folds…

  8. maor vaknin says:

    Keep up the great work!!
    Your inspiration for me and your community !!!

  9. Madtoffel Premium says:

    Good to know that Canon is still committing to the Eos M system, although I am still not sure what their long term plans are. Also good job for mentioning the crop factor calculation.

  10. Borcoman Dinu-Ciprian says:

    If Canon will release an APSC camera with the RF-mount, I really believe the fact that will be the end for the EOS M system. Excellent video, yet again!

  11. Shane Marsh says:

    Thanks for sharing a bit more about yourself. Interesting to hear you lived in NZ at one stage. I was born and live in Australia but have NZ ancestry. Sounds like you prefer the colder climates being in Canada now 🥶 I know what you mean about underestimating crop factor. I use a GH5s for video but still have an old Canon 600D (APS-C) for photos. I recently bought the EF 50mm 1.8 because it’s so cheap. Took it to a dinner at a restaurant – really nice lens for the price but it was hard to frame things as it’s equivalent to an 80mm – had to back way up, which was hard to do in a crowded restaurant. Won’t have to worry about that next week as we’re about to go into statewide lockdown on Tuesday. I’ll take pictures of my cat 😺

  12. My Camera Bag says:

    I think that the big news is the 18-45mm, if it’s ultra sharp.

  13. JayGrapher.Th says:

    thanks for the video, could you help explain how your shots came out poorly or not to what you expect?

    also with so many videos talk about crop factors, but none really mention why companies just put in the "correct" aperture number on the apsc lens. I get different statements that either 2.8 apsc lens will produce a less exposed image vs full frame OR that's not true and the "true" f-stop number you showed only indicates the kind of back ground blur one could expect comparing to full frame.

    that is so interesting that you switch between the two temperature measurements but a TRUE photographer would measure temperature with Kelvin hahaha XD

  14. Borcoman Dinu-Ciprian says:

    Hello again, Simon! This is my first ever video that I have made with my Canon EOS 80D. This is for the challenge that you shared with us today! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sj_1O4w6rPQ&feature=youtu.be). Unfortunately Romania is on lockdown and I can't go outside to record something. This video was from back in November! I love your content! Keep up the great work!

  15. LiamJewell62 says:

    For spring challenge: https://youtu.be/nv9LGKu8WT4 Took this with a 50 year old vintage telephoto on my canon M6 outside of Boston Massachusetts. I already color graded it in Davinci resolve because of youtube horrible compression

  16. Soumo Dipto Dash says:

    Why so slow!!!!
    All those should be 1.4 primes😬😬😬

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