Earthquake strikes near Salt Lake City, Utah
Earthquake strikes near Salt Lake City, Utah

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  1. Athena Grace says:


  2. T Hawk タウク says:

    don't worry April's coming.

  3. The Coffee Clutch says:

    When it rains it pours. So sorry about the earthquake.

  4. Nonmi Hiseddeo says:

    Five point seven is a decent shaker. If it were at Mammoth Lakes, the USGS would be checking the sensors and holding town meetings.

  5. pcg Terri says:

    Deep state. going down!

  6. MemesAreFriendsNotFood says:

    If you’re wondering how it felt, it was TERRIFYING

  7. Kala Titati says:

    The hospital need N95 masks, if we don't protect the hospitals staff. Who will survive? You will only understand this comment when you get sick.

  8. Monarch Distinct says:

    Oh boy we gonna be telling alllllll about 2020 to our kids some day😂

  9. nunyobiznez says:

    Oh nothing to worry about, it's just the Yellowstone Super-volcano getting ready to blow, that's all.

  10. sammy wauneka says:

    They say its a different fault line but i say it an underground bunker being built for the elite just like The Denver Airport.

  11. Munchkin Pumpkin says:

    I was doing pull-ups when the earthquake happened and I thought I broke the door frame or something 😂

  12. Randall James says:

    Who gives a 💩⚰

  13. Michael Dowlin says:

    Not to worry it was just a fight at Walmart over toilet paper

  14. Juicy Cats says:

    The first sighns that gods coming

  15. Jonathan Kosyjana says:

    Dude I could have swore I felt a tin earthquake this morning!! Thats nuts. but I live in Baltimroe is it possible that I felt it all the way here?

  16. Jonathan Kosyjana says:

    I was just in salt lake for over a week to on a snowboard tip….just got lucky enough to be able to ride the mountains the last day and was able to fly back before they close the airports due to the virus and just missed an earthquake.. i feel like I'm dodging bullets here

  17. MrEvolved says:

    My wife always complains that the neighbors upstairs wake her up in the morning, and, when it started, for about five seconds I thought to myself "Dang, no wonder this wakes her up!"

  18. TheDogPa says:

    God is pissed because he can't get a beer there.

  19. brandon mcdurment says:

    God dame democrats they will do anything to get a win over trump

  20. Magic Trick88 says:

    Cali is over due for a major earthquake like the one that hit San Fran

  21. huckle berry says:

    Drilling for the D.U.M.B.

  22. Asha B says:

    Signs of the times the scriptures are being fulfilled, then the disciples ask Jesus Christ how will we know when is your coming and the end of the world.

  23. Tyrone Taylor says:

    America you have angrier the most high God . You still believe that you have gotten away with your evil deeds , you have done to the only people who would have stood by you. So now you must pay, you have been given countless opportunities to repent. But all you have done is continue with your evil ways and lies.

  24. averie c says:

    no reports of major shaking? i beg to differ🤨

  25. 97 C says:

    I didn’t know Ethan from the sidemen was in Utah

  26. Carol Martinez says:

    This quake. Was man made from drilling into the fault the drilling punctured into the fault, giving the fault a way to release energy

  27. Aardvark says:


  28. Aardvark says:

    God is mad at Romney.

  29. NycBeauty says:

    Thank God I’m saved. When its my time, I’ll be with Jesus.

  30. CEO Loadded says:

    Distraction after distraction

  31. JC 40324 says:

    Send them all a check, Mitt.

  32. TraeMund says:

    This just in the Yellowstone super volcano has just erupted.

  33. Donald Tucker says:

    Earthquakes and Pandemics in Utah ? " GODS WARNING "

  34. Bruh Bruh says:


  35. cutegirlxox 25 says:

    Funny how they put the movie 2012 on netflix scary

  36. DTex34 says:

    Please save us DOOT man. The apocalypse is coming

  37. Joaquin Lomeli says:

    I'm still waiting for my $1000 check, hurry up!!!! Lol

  38. A B says:


  39. Bob Smith says:

    It’s Mitt’s Fault!👈🤣

  40. Karissa Sandoval says:

    I hope they are ok..

  41. toonamivhs 2 0 says:

    We have abused mother nature for far too long. We have violated and destroyed mother nature's gift to us. This is why she is warning the only ways she can.

  42. Nathan TK says:

    I think this is bio warfare between China and America. Than war will begin. Across the globe, probably 3rd world country. Think Spanish flu during ww1

  43. davernrush says:

    I mean, an epidemic doesn't mean other natural disasters will just magically stop. People need to chill the heck out. Though I guess maybe the location is odd.

  44. Everything_Outsiders says:

    Bruh this scared me so freakin' bad 😅 I'm still too anxious to sleep. Keep thinking I'ma feel another aftershock. Probably just me cuz I'm 99.9% anxiety lol

  45. Everything_Outsiders says:

    They should do this every morning. Woke me up way faster than my alarm ever could

  46. Lance McGowan says:

    Corona Virus: stop trying to steal my spotlight

  47. AC says:

    Ha! Remember how we all were so relieved about the end of 2019!? Now it seems so quaint.

  48. Karol yt says:


  49. TheAmusingOddities says:

    God damnit Sam And Dean🙄

  50. Jake Wolf says:


  51. blessedjohn says:

    Love our Leader in the White House for being proactive and looking out for America!

  52. JP says:

    America is never mentioned in the book of Revelation…. Sooooooo we have to go at one point or another.

  53. jay long says:

    It's the apocalypse


    Hello people this is all been prophesized in the Holy Bible please we maybe the generation to see The Return of Jesus Christ. Put your trust and faith in him repent and turn from sin.

  55. Bigwill30 says:

    It's sad but happy that they r reporting other things besides the virus

  56. Luis R says:

    Its the end of the world.

  57. Christy Mccullough says:

    That's where the FLDS is right

  58. TheEmeraldKryptonite says:

    Global News: earthquake strikes the United States. (Plague inc.)

  59. oiuet souiu says:

    Sending love to salt lake City Utah….. Y'all stay strong 💪💯

  60. David Marvel says:

    Earthquakes, sickness, locust swarms in Africa near the middle east? I've read about this before.

  61. Melo says:

    bruh 2020 just ain’t it

  62. Cactus Boy says:

    Still can’t believe people are ignoring the fact that all this what’s currently going on is listed in the Bible, ppl don’t want to admit it to continue living their sinful and ignorance life…:/

  63. LeCeaseDaProducer says:

    Get ready to activate the division

  64. William Poole says:

    Utah? The pedophile capital of the earth.

  65. JalenR. says:

    How tf does Utah get an earthquake?

  66. QuinnyLs says:

    This is just an average Wednesday on Earth.

  67. Jeff Sharp says:

    God will straighten out those Joseph Smith cult loving #*#@*…..

  68. Das Boot says:

    Gahzilla in diverse places

  69. rick payne says:

    It’s because of you ELECTING ROMNEY!!!!!!!!!

  70. JLe Vlogs says:

    2020 is teaching us all a big lesson! It’s no longer about money, fame, and power! It’s about how humanity can lift each other out of these tough times. God had spoken

  71. Thanos the Mad Titan says:

    It is inevitable.

  72. Heather Fowler says:

    It was horrifying. It’s kinda shocking for Utah to be in an medium sized earthquake like this. Stay safe, and Be prepared. ❤️

  73. Michael Tarver says:

    What's shaking saltlake?
    Ima head over to see yellow stone now if we gonna see a big eruption…

  74. Zach Figueroa says:

    What's crazy is Corona isn't the worst virus on planet Earth right now. It's human beings. And Mother Nature knows that.

  75. thassa lot of sodium says:

    we’re in the end times now

  76. Dr. Gainzzz says:

    Haven't really seen anyone mention it so I will but its more of a question, dont the mormons believe that the angel moroni will will blow his horn during the last days. Strangely enough this earthquake knocked his horn out of his hand and an earthquake happens damaging nothing else on the statue but his horn? Very strange folks!

  77. joshua patterson says:

    Guys I thought all we have to do is pray

  78. Elizabeth Taylor says:

    White Hats getting rid of Black Hats & Globalist underground bases!!!!


  79. zombie place says:

    I was in the earthquake for 5 seconds I live in murray

  80. joey0077d says:

    Duck cover and hold when that happens.

  81. Bacon Wraith says:

    I slept through it, my fiancee woke me up after it was over and told me and i was like lol you're fine babe there's nothing xD

  82. MG11 says:

    The end of times has begun

  83. David Tee says:

    Turn and repent to G-d and realize we are all relying on a miracle at this point. Recognize that only the almighty G-d and save us, not Trump, not the scientist not the vaccine not the warm weather. Pray and return all the way back to the lord.

  84. David Acosta says:

    Cant wait for the world to end!😁

  85. Michael Previs says:

    That trumpet fell signaling this is the end of days

  86. freakjob0 says:

    Where's your Joseph Smith now?

  87. Markedzie says:

    That's great, it starts with an earthquake…

  88. nieooj gotoy says:

    Could it have been all the panicked shoppers running through supermarket doors when they opened?

  89. campercasado says:

    It was crazy. Then we had aftershocks all day long.

  90. Jon Aichs says:

    5.7 is not even worth talking about.

  91. Baldoxxx4000 says:

    At least Earthquake is real, unlike some fake news about a plague

  92. John Rettig says:

    The only difference between Utah in the Bible Belt states few years back .

    Is that down south when the earthquake hit .
    They had a Bible in one hand and a jug of Moonshine in the other yellin Here We Go !!!!!

  93. jimmy delgado says:

    Kung flu .hilarious

  94. Double live Gonzo says:

    It’s cause of Mitt !!!!!

  95. bcvbb hyui says:

    I woke up with a back massage in quarantine without having to go in public so I’m not mad.

  96. dolimi jotoo says:

    Let’s see here. Locusts in Africa, plagues, wars and rumors of wars(Iran) and now earthquakes. Seems I’ve read this before

  97. Soinas Doyi says:

    That's just the beginning. More to come and tornadoes and hurricanes .2020is going to be unforgettable crazy year all over the world.

  98. bocoy noiu says:

    I'm about 35 miles north of SLC and right now we are still getting after shocks!

  99. Ash qelon says:

    goodby tinker bells witchcraft castle!

  100. PkinPkinPkin That person says:

    Hi was asleep in the earthquake

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