Earth Rangers: Building a Greener Future
Earth Rangers: Building a Greener Future

In the woods right outside of Toronto,
you’ll find this 60,000 square foot facility. Home to Earth Rangers, a
non-profit organization focused on promoting environmental awareness
to those who matter most …>>At Earth Rangers, we like to think of
ourselves as the kids’ conservation organization. So we teach kids about
the importance of protecting biodiversity, and then we get them
engaged with different habitat and wildlife protection projects right
across Canada.>>And Earth Rangers empowers kids
with their outreach programs which feature interesting and sometimes
endangered animals. But running an office that doubles as an animal care
facility is challenging.>>So the Earth Ranger’s Centre is
obviously the base of our operations. But we wanted it to be a lot more
than that. Since we talk to kids about sustainability issues, we thought it
was important that we were also walking the talk ourselves.>Being environmentally friendly
means doing the most that you can with as little as you can. We could
just shut the lights off, and the building would use no energy. But
that’s not how we go about our mission. In order to reduce that footprint, the
Earth Rangers Centre incorporated a variety of sustainable technologies
including a green roof, solar panels, an on-site water treatment facility to
allow wastewater recycling, and even “earth tubes” to allow geothermal
heating and cooling. But Earth Rangers knew that the real key to
running a sustainable facility would be the ability to monitor and manage
their total consumption.>>We wanted to find the best energy management solution. And we wanted to be able to measure the
energy consumption, water consumption, and thermal comfort,
but also be able to act upon that data.>Earth Rangers was looking for a
holistic solution to help them manage their energy.>We originally came to Schneider
Electric for two things: we needed better visibility to where we were
using energy in the facility, and we needed better control of how we
used the energy.>So what we got from Schneider
Electric was really the base building systems. We got HVAC control, so
building automation that does heating, ventilating and air-
conditioning; lighting control; security; and the all important to me,
energy management information system and energy metering.>Energy Operation is the software
suite that would enable any customer to make the energy visible
throughout the operation and make informed decisions, about
how to fix problems.>It’s an information system to allow us
access, easy access — very important part there — into the data coming out of
our base building automation system and the energy metering system.>It’s given us visibility as to what’s
actually happening, as opposed to just paying our gas and electric bill
and not really being empowered to really do anything about it.>Earth Rangers’ buildings today
consume 90% less than a traditional building of the same nature.>We are, this year, on track to
consume under 9 equivalent kilowatt hours per square foot. The average
Canadian office building consumes about 35 to 37 equivalent kilowatt
hours per square foot in a year.>Probably the cherry on top is the
recent LEED for Existing Buildings Platinum certification because that’s
proof of how efficient we’re actually operating.>It’s really … it’s a feel-good story
when you bring visitors here to make them
see at-work solutions that really help our customers make the most of their

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