Dylan Dreyer Reveals She Was Once A Stock-Photo Model | TODAY
Dylan Dreyer Reveals She Was Once A Stock-Photo Model | TODAY

22 thoughts on “Dylan Dreyer Reveals She Was Once A Stock-Photo Model | TODAY”

  1. mer meh says:

    I wish I could take photos of her in my basement

  2. HardRockMiner says:

    Last time I even watched any NBC news it was hosted by Jane Pauly and Bryant Gumble I believe. Been a while.

  3. Dan Woods says:

    It’s not news….it’s tabloid

  4. Organic Soul Gumbo says:

    I saw this and now i know how she made it on TV.

  5. Larry Hawks says:

    Dylan is so gorgeous and nice personality

  6. Joe Mcmillan says:

    My God Dylan can I please smell your panties.

  7. jamaican wash says:

    Oh Dylan/"double D" Also double delicious!

  8. Lemmy K. Is God says:

    It would be my honor just to have Dylan sit on my face 😝

  9. joe who says:


  10. theinjuneer says:

    Dylan is soooo beautiful..

  11. Anthony Bollini says:

    Okay so if I asked you to take some photos I would take you in my basement what would you do now I'm sure your hubs husband and son would like cats

  12. brewster102 says:

    What ever she is being paid, it should be doubled

  13. kid Rich says:

    My man still remember that picture!!!😊💯

  14. rick padilla says:

    Just……..I hate my life!

  15. John Petrus says:

    Dylan got way hotter as she got older. Some people just do, others unfortunately peek around 18-19 or 20.

  16. Grunthos The Flatulent says:

    I think D is impossibly pretty. I don't know if she's had any work done but she is stunning.

  17. Aramoos Anahita says:

    DEAR NBC….Put Dylan as the main anchor ! SAVANAH is so changeable ! as she is tall and a bit unfit ! I LOVE SAVANAH too …but the job seems to be very hard for her !

  18. Aramoos Anahita says:

    Do not give a whole day to …Willie Geist..on Sundays i guess ..its so boring !

  19. Aramoos Anahita says:

    August girls are the most beautiful in face ….they are the lioness.

  20. V Ling says:

    Shes so photogenic lol. I believe it.

  21. Peter Null says:

    Funny, they're talking about makeup and it's so obvious that Willie Geist dyes his hair…as you can see at 1:05

  22. Northern Wealth Anarchy Perimeter says:

    Dylan is gorgeous

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