Dying My Mom’s Hair Pink! | Arctic Fox Virgin Pink and Electric Paradise on Natural Grey Hair
Dying My Mom’s Hair Pink! | Arctic Fox Virgin Pink and Electric Paradise on Natural Grey Hair

Hello everybody! Welcome to my channel
I’m Zoe and I’m Suzy, and today we’re gonna be giving her bright pink hair! so today we are going to be using Arctic Foxes virgin pink and electric paradise
as a mixture to dye my mom’s hair brilliant pink. I love arctic fox dyes,
I’ve used them lots in the past. If you want to see what virgin pink looks like
on my brown hair you can click a link right up here, I’ll also leave the link
down in the description if you want to see that. But today we will be dyeing
grey hair, I’ve never dyed gray hair before, have you mom? (mom) Not this gray. So neither of us know what we’re doing, neither of us are professionals, but
we’re going to have fun. First we’ll tell you why I like arctic fox dyes, hand it
over to my mom: Arctic fox is a company based in California that is 100% cruelty free and donates 15% of their profits to help prevent animal
abuse. Arctic Fox semi-permanent hair dyes are vegan, long-lasting, free of
harsh chemicals, and condition while you color. So my mom’s hair is naturally a
level six/seven dark ash blonde but mixed with the grey it’s actually a
little bit lighter so I think this is going to turn out really well. So all
we’ve done is we’ve washed her hair using regular shampoo and allowed it to
dry, and now we’re going to use the colors as conditioner. This is half-and-half, and should we make
it more magenta? Because it’s gonna come out bubblegum I’m sure. Do you want more magenta or more bubblegum? umm umm ummmm. All right we’re gonna add a little bit more Virgin Pink. I forgot to put gloves on, oh my gosh dont forget to put gloves on oh no I got, Oh No
it’s a great start it’s a good start starting strong, gloves on first. All right so this is what color we’re starting off with a little bit deeper than bubblegum pink. Hello everyone, we are back.
So last night I started to feel really sick and now I’m really sick, so welcome
to my couch. Alright I’m just gonna pause it right
here and explain things real quick. I’ve always wanted to do that. So we filmed this about three weeks ago and in this footage I am sick. No, it’s not what you
think and yes, we are all fine now. But I did look absolutely terrible so here’s a
better photo from the same day, just imagine this while I’m talking. Alright,
my mom also told me that if she was to be on camera without makeup, she would be wearing sunglasses. I love you mom, Thank you so much for doing this and letting me dye your hair a brilliant pink! So this is the color; it came up to be like
a bright magenta. We left the color on for about five hours so it definitely
had time to a soak in. Yeah look at that. I thought it was going to be more of
like a bubblegum color, but it’s almost purple. It’s quite purple, why I think
that happened was because the virgin pink is such a pigmented color, and it is
a very purple pink, so I think that just kind of took over from the electric
paradise. If you’re wondering why my hair is a different color that’s because we
also dyed that yesterday. so stay tuned for a future video. So the color: I will
show you in the before-and-afters in indoor lighting. And then the before and
after in outdoor lighting. So I’m not gonna have color updates in
this video but I will leave a comment down below when I do get a color update
if you’re looking for that. Price, shipping and final thoughts: Well mom, what did you think about the hair dye? I love it, I love the way it makes my hair
feel and it’s obviously a good colour too. mmhmm yeah, it makes my hair super shiny I find every time I use it. And it also smells like Swedish berries which is
great. The smell actually lasts as well through a few washes. The 8 ounce bottles that we used today retail for about $16.99 American, actually exactly
$16.99 US and that works out to be about $22 Canadian. If you order online you
obviously will pay shipping, it will be different depending on where you are and
how much you buy. But me, shipping from Florida all the way to Ontario Canada,
I’ve never paid more than $15 in shipping and I’ve never had
to pay customs. Thank you so much for watching and sticking around to the end
of the video! If you enjoyed yourself please be sure and let us know. If you’re
looking for more you can follow me on instagram @unorthodoll, subscribe to
this channel by clicking here, or watch another video by clicking over here.

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    Wow, Sue did a great job with the information delivery! Sounded just like a pro. I love the example you both set with "hey, I don't look my best right now, but that won't stop me, I'm not a slave to my appearance". Love the fun hair colours too – Go girls!

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