Dramatic Portraiture & Lighting with Chris Knight | An PRO EDU Photography Course
Dramatic Portraiture & Lighting with Chris Knight | An PRO EDU Photography Course

one of the most important concepts for any photographer no matter what they are trying to create is purpose of the shot what is it about the image you are trying to capture what are the creative decisions we are making what are the technical decisions we are making and why are we making them if you think about portraiture in general we’ve been making portraits for about 15,000 years the oldest one is this carving from the Ice Age and so the more we can explore what different people have done over time and how they’ve done it it’s only going to make us better because it can inspire us are we creating something that uses the classic sensibilities that shape how we view images or are we creating something that is uniquely modern with multiple light sources and so the more you know the more you will have in your repertoire the more you’ll have in your toolbox to create stuff that is uniquely yours you’re going to learn how I light you’re
going to learn the language of light and the tools that we use to make things simple or complex shadow is super important the way you shape shadow contrast, mood, expression the concept of light is easy put light where you want it block light
where you don’t the hard part is knowing what you want we’re going to talk about storytelling and how to craft an image that has meaning and backstory and then
finally we’re going to take those images into post-production and I’m going to
show you how to make an image even better and so you get the whole
experience not just of being on set but you get to see the hows and the whys to
all of the things that we do

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  2. MisterBassBoost says:

    I look forward to more videos.Keep it up!

  3. Eddie Merino says:

    Go Chris, awesome work!

  4. PunkDrunkProductions says:

    Jaw dropping amazing stuff

  5. Besisika Photography says:

    "The more you know, the more you have in your repertoire to create" – So true! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. j cortes says:

    Chris Knight is an amazing photographer. This tutorial will be a good investment for those looking to up their dramatic portrait game. The guys over at RGG know what they're doing.

  7. David Medina says:

    Can't wait!

  8. Stefan Beiganz says:

    great trailer!!

  9. Chris ND. says:

    Extremely talented. I will buy this course soon.

  10. IKILOMALLA says:

    The first ever add we have ever watched in YouTube in its entirety. Watched it, Liked it and you bet we subscribed! What a great story! Goosebumps all over! Well done!

    -Thomas & Titta

  11. punktachtneun says:

    what is the soundtrack?

  12. vlevyberaldo says:

    What an amazing, well put together, inspiring, well produced and just beautiful video! Well done!!! Just loved it!!

  13. M7CVZ says:

    It's great stuff. But for $299, I can get a year of online material and all videos from a photographer like Sue Bryce. Price is about 50% too high.

  14. Ewald Stander says:

    It brought a tear to my eye. So beautiful

  15. adamaj says:

    $300??? Yikes.

  16. Carlos Guimaraes says:

    I can't wait to start watch this Tutorial. Already bought it.

  17. Galvatron says:

    The first add targeted to me that I enjoyed! Please give me feedback guys on my website or instgram shots guys @ pictureriley.

  18. FILMANDGAMES says:

    have a use a fullframe camera ?

  19. Nils says:

    I have to agree with the rest of the comments. I was absolutely spell bound by this trailer! Such a focus to story telling and super interesting compositions. LOVE IT.

  20. Victor Sidharta says:

    Is that Lindsay Adler assisting holding the lamp on 1:30?

  21. Jean Le Guique says:

    Nicely done Chris,! That's the first time I'm enjoying watching an ad.

  22. 懒人手作 says:

    finally! finally! finally! I see some pro photographer using Pentax 645z in photography business!

  23. Marcio Varela says:

    crazy to see how deep the rabit hole goes!

  24. Marshall Wayne says:

    Extraordinary ad. Absolutely love this.

  25. V Dan says:

    Anyone bought this? I'm intrigued

  26. Alin Dumitrescu says:

    First Add I watched twice… amazing.

  27. Mike Lerner says:

    "no matter what he or she is trying to create" cmon

  28. Flying RC says:

    What is this music track??

  29. Gema Anggada says:

    Hi, I want to ask what is the background music name ? Or who is the pianist ? thanks.

  30. Haider irfani says:

    I want to see more and more of this

  31. Mxprod Studio says:

    ok where the setup?

  32. HAMID him says:

    its the best light tuto now

  33. YourTechHelper says:

    Damn what is the name of that effect @2.18 please tell me anyone

  34. Emmanuel Williams says:

    Chris Knight, I have fallen in love with your talent. Your vision will immortalize your name throughout human history.

  35. J Grobshaeusser says:


  36. Kiki Lam says:

    I've watched this like five times for inspiration. If I could afford his tutorial I totally would buy it.

  37. QuartzHD says:

    got the course and now i have a question about camera settings. was it medium format focal lenght or 35mm eq (full frame)?

  38. Ken Cheng says:

    I just purchased your videos! I can't wait! (massive downloading lol). I watched your workshop at that "other workshop" site, but I felt like I wanted more and I'm pretty sure this will cater to my needs!

  39. James Vela says:

    I LOVE the music in this trailer. It feels as though people’s very souls are on the line.

  40. Peter Hicks says:

    What a total waste of the opportunity to get your message accross!
    Here's a photographer with, potentially, something important to say…
    …And I can't hear a damn word because some muffin's pounding a piano right behind him!

  41. Boudoir by YA says:

    Amazing video and I love them all, there are all very inspired me, Thank you.

  42. hzubovi1 says:

    Great Lightning!

  43. Jeff Rifkin says:

    Where do I find Chris’ video courses?

  44. Straight says:

    Why pay for courses when there's an abundance of free stuff on here?

  45. Ken’s PAD - photo audio digital says:

    could you make a video recording of your photo session with a client(not a model) being done outside in early afternoon using strobe or speedlights?

  46. Niven A. Nolte says:

    Thank you.

  47. Día a Día del Cosmopolita says:

    I am reading your book; excellent work.

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