Don’t go to Georgia – Travel film by Tolt #10
Don’t go to Georgia – Travel film by Tolt #10

100 thoughts on “Don’t go to Georgia – Travel film by Tolt #10”

  1. pila JAMPA says:

    I want to go hahaha next year on Feb 2020 for 16 days

  2. Nia Cheishvili says:

    მოიწონეთ ას კომენტარი,რომ უცხოელებს ეგონოთ რამე ჭკვიანური ვთქვი!

  3. Thea Jojua says:

    ჩემი საქართველო განუმეორებელი❤️❤️😘😘

  4. Gikooo says:

    WTF, you are showing us modern Georgia but talking about soviet Georgia LOL

  5. GioSoxa 22 says:

    This is amazing country i am from there everything is soo beutiful thank u for this video ❤❤🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪

  6. SANS says:

    i'm from dagestan and its beautiful

  7. andria gharibashvili says:

    georgia is even beatiful in the video you showed and you say its still bad plus georgia has a gigantic history it was one of the first kingdoms to be created so… stop the hate against a beautiful lovely country! 🙁

  8. Sali Kacitadze says:

    Georgia has history man an from georgia and i now beter than you my contry silli

  9. KaGe -_- says:

    this video is sarcastic from georgia

  10. Anne Michelle Buray says:

    Hi! Do you have suggestions how to get a tour operator in Georgia?

  11. Wilkins Michael Abbey says:

    Planning on visiting Georgia soon. Anyone living in Georgia now or from Georgia should please contact me. Wanna make some cool friends before i touch down…xox. my email: [email protected] Thanks.

  12. Rosco Kelky says:

    to Georgia from New Zealand beautiful country

  13. ika Life_tv says:

    Что за дичь ??что знаит нту кухни! не современный город ! не красивые виды ! это че з хуйня?? может субтитрне правильно переводит? но пока вижу то что написано ! написано так как будто страна ГОВНО!!!

  14. ika Life_tv says:

    в конценписано не стоит ехать в грузию! в че там прихуели уебки???

  15. TryHard GeoGamerProYT says:


  16. Poached eggs says:

    U wrong

  17. nirantar1976 says:

    Excellent place to visit. Lots of new & old creations to explore. Nice people nice places, very well planned cities 😎😀

  18. Elita Gezalova says:

    Spend your winter in Georgia. Tours around beautiful places of country. CG TOURS COMPANY – Abdur-Rauf: +995593239334( visa, booking hotels, rent a car, transporting). He speaks arabic, english. Call or send a message on Whatsapp for more information.

  19. ana XoX says:

    umm excuse me? what is wrong with georgia? what did it ever do to you huh?🙅🙅🙅🙅

  20. საბა says:

    Ok I will not go to Georgia thank you

  21. gigisha tevzadze says:

    Piece of shit fuck off and don’t you fucking dare to make people change minds and not come here. Piss off and take care of your country asshole.

  22. M K says:

    Nicest people I've ever met, one of the last places in Europe with real values and decency.

  23. Hai Zen says:

    Took me a while to realize that the texts were sarcastic.

  24. Nini Bolkvadze says:

    I em from georgia you bitch fuckin and stupid toaster

  25. dachi bakradze says:

    qartvelivar axla amkacs magra davayri you fuckin bitch stupid loser georgia has infinity churches

  26. Παναγιώτης Πετρουλάς says:


  27. Salome Simonidze says:

    I am from Georgia and my country is one of the oldest country in the world. We have best of nature. we love guests and warmly welcome them. we are proud of our traditions.

  28. Shayne Murray says:

    Just back from vacation in Georgia ( am based in the Philippines)- by far the most beautiful Country I have ever seen, Kazbegi is just WOW!

  29. Dato Aphtsiauri says:

    thx admin!well done!

  30. Maksimilian Brisku says:

    I'm from Georgia and this was posted on my birthday!

  31. arif sultanov says:

    Just like armenia, georgians are thieves and murderers…these two degenerate peoples are poor beggers.

  32. Cesca Yap says:

    Just came across this video! Superb!!

  33. Fellini Travels says:

    we are waiting for you in Georgia <3 Don't use our travel agency 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  34. Atuka says:

    EVERYONE LISTEN! the title is sarcasm!!!! If you just watch the video you will see that they actually like georgia and give a tour of how beutiful it is! now quit whining.

    seriozular uyuret jer videos

  35. Nini _ says:

    I hope these arguments were meant sarcastically because otherwise it would be bullshit

  36. nia murjikneli says:

    “Georgia has no history?”
    Excuse me???

  37. TAYLOR 'D says:

    Is it like Atlanta ?

  38. miltonmoll says:

    Beautifull country

  39. M Mestia says:

    I'm from Georgia but I live in Germany but Georgia is still the most beautiful place in the world at least I think so the people are also nice.And I'm so proud of Georgia .

  40. DEMEGAMERYO says:

    Why wouldn't i go to georgia?wait nvm im already there cuz i am georgian

  41. Rose-anna says:

    I am so glad that the masses of tourists have not opened their eyes to Georgia, they’ll ruin this amazing place. I never thought I’d go but then I had the opportunity to travel there with 4 other professional photographers and …. I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!!! What beautiful place. We did have our personal guide who took us to places tourists do not see. I would recommend this but be sure to get a proper guide and get good walking shoes if you are going on the hiking trips etc. Food is like a little bit of meals made in heaven dropped on our table. I gained a lot of weight and I am a picky eater and well travelled so I know my shit. I love this country.

  42. NIno Tetruashvili says:

    Yea im from GEORGIA and its a very, vErY Beutiful, i dont know y u guys say its bad :((

  43. o k says:

    ფუუუუ საზიზღაროოოოოო🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  44. sapienti sat says:


  45. Gia Giacof says:

    I dont want these idiots to dislike my country! My country is beautiful… so amaizing. Its also known as wine country …
    Leave ai like!☺😀

  46. eye am suffering says:

    what do u mean georgia has no history lmfao. tamar mefe didnt gaickvita celi kartvelebistvis for yall bitches to say this. period

  47. all4hyun n says:


  48. Giorgi Gozalishvili says:

    Shut up why would people not come to georgia idiots its e🅱ic

  49. DAVID ART says:

    All of u saying its a great country . And yes it is . (I live here by the way) but this video !!!!!!! Holly molly its incredible. Awesome filming and editing ❤️❤️❤️🤘🤘🤘🖤🖤🖤

  50. სო ფიკო says:

    Yes don't go to Georgia..We are tired of tourists 😂

  51. Nina Kavelashvili says:


  52. Ruso Dolidze says:

    I am from Georgia 🇬🇪 and don't you dare to say something bad about my country.

  53. Awaz o Andaaz says:

    Will decide later whether to go or not! but the video is extremely amazing! Georgia is beautiful!

  54. Troian Hale says:

    Thanks for this amazing advertisement for Sakartvelo.may you wanted to make people dont like my country but this video is a great proof that Sakartvelo always was,is and will be county everybody wants to visit.

  55. nia kilasonia says:

    I'm from Georgia and please shut up you idiot someone!!!!

  56. Sinny Man says:

    Just a big thank you for making these video

  57. Local Guide says:

    Stunning video!

  58. Luchano 000 says:

    I am from Georgia 🇬🇪 . From this comercial everyone recognizes that Georgia has everything ❤️ Thank you for this amazing video 🙏
    W E L C O M E guys in my country.
    We are waiting for you.
    Enjoy from this amazing place , which is occupied by Russia.
    Love ❤️ will stop ✋🏼 Occupation ❌.

  59. TryHard GeoGamerProYT says:

    why dont go at georgia ? im from georgia and i already know how nice it is

  60. Nicolai Semb says:

    i am from georgia fuck you

  61. alex_-_miro 14 says:

    thank u for supports

  62. Алена Бакум says:

    Love you, Georgia 😘😘😘😘

  63. Mzia Tughushi says:

    საქართველოდან ვარ

  64. eka afaqidze says:

    კაი იდიწე

  65. Egils Balodis says:

    Hoe can you say something like that.😡😡😡 Georgia is a beautiful country and Georgians are wrealy friendly people..

  66. skyclasp says:

    Although there are some fascinating parts to the country, this idea that Georgian people are friendly and hospitable is one of the biggest lies. I have been to over 50 countries now and I have to say Georgian people are the some of the most miserable and least welcoming people on earth. No one smiles, customer service is non existent and some even admit that they are racist.
    I'm agree with not being politically correct but if you want people to visit your country, its people can't behave like this.

  67. andria kobaladze says:

    იდიოტია) his or shis idiot)

  68. Taso Gociridze says:


  69. DJ Oliver says:

    აი ყლეა?

  70. DatGuy says:

    i love sakartvelo

  71. daszenka85 says:

    I agree! Don't go to Georgia, this country is habit-forming! I've been there two times, and I'll be back, for sure!

  72. George Loria says:

    Magical Georgia ! <3

  73. Ray Pich says:

    I am from CAMBODIA.  I am definitely not going to GEORGIA right now, but I will go to GEORGIA in the future when I will be able to do so.  I love all those churches, people and beautiful landscapes. Awesome!

  74. Edisher Khitarishvili says:


  75. Food You says:

    I just came back from Georgia. Been there 1 week, and trust me, you just wanna stay there. From Portugal

  76. KING ALEX says:


  77. Nandan Kumar says:

    What a lovely videography…

  78. nita tv says:

    Im from georgia too საქართველოოოოო 🇬🇪

  79. Chris Albert says:

    I have been to Georgia this year and I can truly say that this place is amazing, the food culture and the people are so amazing and friendly. If you want to experience nature and some historical churches please do visit Georgia. It’s an amazing destination. 👍👍

  80. paata nadashvili says:

    🤬 I AM FROM GEORGIAN M******

  81. Max Gaming says:

    this channel is trash not worth watching any vids

  82. Asim AkaaSh says:

    your are jaliouse to georgia thats was good and colurfull countries why dont go to georgia whate a problem man😒😒

  83. Lost Audience says:


  84. Eng Emad sakab says:

    From saudi , Georgia is The best country

  85. The Momentier says:

    Love it

  86. Maou AMVs says:

    სარკაზმით ამბობს თქვეჩემა რა გჭირთ ცოტა ტვინი გაანძრიეთ …

  87. 李緋 says:

    I literally CANNOT go to Georgia 😢because I’m Taiwanese. Georgia refuse Taiwanese passports.

  88. Justforfun Ssnd says:

    Why not go to Georgia it's and beautiful country there colture religion and nature is out standing I don't understand why should you not go here also there weary friendly

  89. Rezi Kunsonchick says:

    im from georgia

  90. sandro zaalishvili says:

    I from georgia

  91. Edgar Andre says:

    I Love Georgia amazing landscapes and cool people ! …
    gettings from Mexico 😍

  92. Joe Wang TV says:

    Woww, love the place, beautiful

  93. Arthur Momsen says:


  94. Alexis Funtila says:

    Siniraan yung bansang Georgia, kawawa naman!!

  95. Lasha Baldy says:

    Forever georgia


  96. Ward Brophy says:

    Wow! I'm not going to Georgia – just too beautiful

  97. Is this the crusty crab? No this is pin head larry. says:

    SO AM I

  98. Is this the crusty crab? No this is pin head larry. says:


  99. Is this the crusty crab? No this is pin head larry. says:

    ეს ხომ ბოდავს?

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