Doll Repaint: Olivia Aves Barn Owl Divus Ooak custom
Doll Repaint: Olivia Aves Barn Owl Divus Ooak custom

Hey there welcome to Dollmotion Many of the Divus families have a family member Pyrus and Alex got their sisters. And Penny got one of her dads Except for Hendry who will be getting a family member in this video Olivia Aves She was mentioned in a Divus animation series, as a 15 year old pink barn owl who is Hendry’s little sister She’s also one of the six Divus, as in animal with special powers her powers being mood control If you’d like to know more about the Divus characters I recommend watching the first episode and compilation video But for now, let’s start and make Olivia Aves for a split second, you can fight a pink owl figure and my previous repaint episode If you saw it then you found the hint, good luck finding the hint in this video For this custom, I’ll be using it 23 centimeters obitsu body I usually use it 21 centimeter bodies like for my Pokemon trainers But this body has slightly longer legs Still a tiny doll body Which is perfect because I want this custom to be a young character with the age of 15 for a head I was considering using a Licca head I would really like to use an Ever-After High doll head like I did on her brother but it’s kind of big. Hmm But I think I have idea But first let’s remove the hair by cutting it as close to her head as possible With tweezers, I’ve removed the remaining hairs from the inside To remove the factory painted face I use nail polish remover containing acetone Because owls don’t really have visible ears I remove her human ears and I also take off her nose to make place for a future beak And now let’s do an experiment The acetone head shrinking. Yes, we’re going to shrink this head So we will get a smaller Ever-After High doll head Which will fit better on the smaller doll body To do this: Fill a glass jar with pure acetone and soak the doll’s head in it by soaking the doll’s head in acetone Chemicals like plasticizer will dissolve from the vinyl head I let this doll head soak for two whole days When you take out the head it’s actually much bigger and very flimsy so be careful not to tear it or something After 2 more days of drying, something weird happened Well, it got much smaller than a normal Ever-After High head But also got some major dents in it I’m not sure this is because I’ve removed the ears or there was something wrong with the vinyl of this head Still not really a usable head and funny enough, the neck opening was too small the neck peg on the smaller body so I soaked a new one using a Cupid Ever-After High doll head this time still with the ears and nose on I only soaked it for one day. this head fits much better on a neck peg The only downside of head shrinking is the flexibility They get as hard as a rock. So re-routing is out of the question Lucky, we still have something like wigs Continuing with the body this custom is gonna get wings, so she won’t be needing these So into the spare hand box they go This character is going to get a hot pink skin tone to make it easier to color this body I take it fully apart But before I change the color, that’s shorten her arms and make new holes to attach her wings later With the lino cutter and make three holes in her back One for a future tail and the other two are a stop-motion rig I’ll be getting back to that later. But for now, let’s give her a pink skin tone On this channel, I use several techniques to altering body tones You have the watered-down acrylic paints technique Pastel powders technique The spray-can technique And the airbrush technique All very great but not that effective on the joints Yeah, you don’t really see it on a finished doll, but it kind of bothers me. Paint will always chip off around the joints Until my boyfriend said something Why don’t you just dye the plastic of the body? Which he linked me to his sub-reddit On this sub-reddit, I found a few posts about mechanical keyboard collectors who liked to dye their keyboard keys Yeah, this really made me so curious. So let’s try it on this doll To dye this doll. I use RIT DyeMore. You can use it on fabric but also on plastic This is going to be the first time I’m going to dye a doll. So let’s experiment I bought a second hand pan especially to dye dolls. I got my doll pieces. So let’s move to the kitchen I mixed a dye with hot water Let’s do a little test with fabric. Wow, that’s pink all right And also kind of dark, but the bottle of the dye says it looks much darker when wet So let’s dip in the doll pieces and some more fabric I read on the packaging you have to soak it for fifteen to thirty minutes. I took the doll pieces out after 15 minutes and…well, wow, that’s very red Wow not pink at all. I think plastic have to be soaked much shorter I think five minutes would have been better, but it doesn’t make sense why it’s so red and not more magenta My conclusion is its own pigments that makes the color pink don’t latch on this type of plastic Still I don’t have any complaints, the joints are not flesh-toned any more Still I turned on this doll to be a lobster. I’m going to use a spray can technique to make the doll’s body more magenta Some doll blushing. I seal on the body with a few layers of Liquitex matte varnish Ok the dyeing didn’t go fully as planned but still look at the joints, I’m so happy I’m definitely going to use this technique again in the future The two holes I made in the back earlier, will have to fill in the holes with nuts This gives me the option to attach a stop-motion rig and makes it easier for me to animate her As you can see I cut off her ears and nose again With my last bit of Apoxie clay I formed her a beak, Rito style, and close the holes on the side of her heads When the clay is dry, I sprayed the head with a layer of paint Although her brother Hendry’s a snowy owl I really think it would be fun to make his little sister a barn owl just like their father Barn owls have a signature white face to mimic this I use pastel powders and acrylic paint After a spray with Mr. Super Clear, I start sketching in the face with a water colored pencil I wanted her to have big bright open eyes To give the white face some depth, I use pan pastels and a brush I continued with acrylic paints If you are wondering why I’m named this character Olivia, I think the name kind of sounds like “Owl-livia” But in general, I think this name suits this character An ppen smile will make this face a little bit younger Two black pupils Now that I’m shading the eyes with pan pastels, let’s answer the question of the day How do you create your characters, especially your Divus series? Do you sketch your characters or plan them or do you make them up as you go? Well, I’ve planned out all the Divus characters I want to make this year You can find some of them on the family tree in the community tab, but most of them will be a surprise With probably a mention or a foreshadowing in the Divus series But no, I don’t sketch out the characters I have an image in my head and I know what kind of personality I want to give them and I what kind of dolls and colors I want to use but I do make them as I go Most of the time they look exactly how I imagined them and sometimes even better like with Felicia Do you have a question for me leave it in the comment section and maybe I will answer it in the next repaint episode Back to the face up With a sharp pencil, I draw in eyelashes To seal in the face up, I sprayed it few times with Mr. Super Clear Because of the loss of flexibility in the head I don’t have to worry about to paint cracking when I put the head back on the body This tiny bird needs her wings. So let’s prepare hundreds of tiny pink feathers It’s been a while when it make bird’s wings. It’s very time-consuming But the end results always look amazing One by one I cut the pink feathers in much smaller feathers After a whole day of work, we have a small bowl of tiny feathers Out of self-made special wire, I made an armature for her wings and tail To attach the feathers to the wings I cover the armature with stretchy fabric this actually the same fabric I dyed together with a doll’s body Then we start the long but fun process by gluing every feather one by one with fabric glue To finish the wings I use the leftover fluff of the feathers to complete the wings To match the rest of the body I’m going to give her pink hair I would have liked to give her a reroute but the hard, shrunken head Prevents me from doing that So yarn wefts it is with a hot glue gun a glue on the yarn wefts in a spiral to the top Some hairstyling and two cute hairpins and her hair is done For her outfit I’m going to make her a school uniform I’m using a Licca pattern I own that I heavily altered so it will fit this type of body From leftover it Apoxie clay I make teeny tiny buttons which are painted golden using metal colored ink her whole outfit exists of a skirt a blouse waistcoat pair socks and a tie I also found these cute Hello Kitty shoes which are a perfect match and a reference to a certain cat-boy Olivia fancies To finish her school outfit, I paint on the Alches College crest and she is done It took me more than a year before I made Hendry a family member but she’s definitely one of my favorites Because we have two new characters in the Divus universe. I updated the family tree that has more information about their ancestors and marks which of the characters are Divus. I will also post it in the community tab here on YouTube. I would like to thank my lovely Patrons, without their support. I would have not been able to make any videos here on YouTube And like always like if you liked it and sub if you loved it see you next video bye

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