DOJ won’t pursue criminal charges against Andrew McCabe
DOJ won’t pursue criminal charges against Andrew McCabe

100 thoughts on “DOJ won’t pursue criminal charges against Andrew McCabe”

  1. Where's Hunter says:

    Department of Fake Justice

  2. mike peterson says:

    Hope a crowd mobs him every time he shows his face in public.

  3. Jeff Hale says:

    Do you really believe that any arrest will happen. Listen to the MSM when TRUMPS
    tweets thank you to Barr for standing up for what is right. Everything goes
    nuts. Trump can’t shut down the MSM. He’s only in control of approx 50% or more
    of the Voting population. The facts of wrong doing are out there for anybody
    who wants to see them. But, TRUMPS people can’t control the situation. The Wrong
    doers arrest and convict because they have the power. Trumps people are doing
    the best they can with what powers they have, his pen. There is not enough military
    to control the whole country so forget martial law. We are divided and weak and
    we support the MSM by watching them so we are of no help. How do you think this
    will end. Really. Nobody but TRUMP could of moved the ball this far down the
    field, nobody. We need to be thankful for what he has done and what he can do.
    Vote in 2020 and take back the house. Do you really think there is enough of
    congress to get things done. We had the house in 2016 what did they accomplish.
    What is the Senate really doing to help Trump right now. Everybody’s
    investigating but nobody is arrested. All the people who support Trump say they
    are helping him. They are all on the band wagon beating the drum, But nothing
    gets done. Everything is just hanging there waiting for someone who can close
    the deal. As much as we want it Trump does not have the power to close these
    deals. He needs the DOJ which is still mostly crooked and the FBI which is such
    a great and honorable organization. Barr and his people aren’t on this like we
    think. Look how he responded to the PRESIDENT about his tweet, read between the
    lines. There is NOT a bunch of investigations already done that are going to
    bring about arrest. We need to be thankful for what TRUMP has accomplished and
    give him our respect and prayers.

  4. Mark Yaske says:

    Corrupt FBI will remain corrupt. We have lived in a secret police state all these decades. And it will continue into the future. It is under the control of the Dems.

  5. Mc E says:


  6. Unleashmywealth says:

    But 900 years for Mr. Stone, Roger !

  7. Randall Peterson says:

    The Trump fake, phony, sham witch hunt against yet another innocent American while pardoning and/or dangling pardons or reduced sentences to the guilty. Gee, interesting timing. Right when Trump is especially sloppy while trying to conceal his revenge interventions after the witness-less impeachment trial. We wouldn't want to be too obvious.

  8. We The People says:

    It’s all Corrupt to the core. Pack it in Mr Trump, you working against a Stacked House, you will not over come a Corrupt DOJ, FBI, CIA. JFK found out the hard way, They murdered him. If you keep poking around in the DOJ you will be next on the list.
    Mess around in the Swamp the Alligators will eat you.

  9. Mc E says:


  10. Tonya Byrum says:

    Barr is swamp just like I thought. Wow.

  11. Dave F. says:

    That's the trade-off for him to keep his mouth shut on whatever he has on HRC, et al.

  12. Ray Love says:

    Ainnnnnt nobody gonna turn me around….turn me around, turn me around. Aint gonna let nobody turn me around…keep on a-walkin', keep on a-talkin', gonna build a brand new world.

    Iiiiiii cant let the swamp, turn me arounnnnd, turn me arounnnnnd, turn me around.. Aint gonna let the swamp turn me around… I'm gonna keep on walkin, keep on talkin, gonnna build me a brand ne world.

    I'm not gonna let the fake news turn me around, turn me around, turn me around. I'm not gonna let the fake news, turnnnn me around, turnnnn me arounnnnd. Turnnn me.arounnnnd. gonna keep on walkin', keep on talkin, gonna make me a brand new world….

  13. Ed B says:

    What!!! General Flynn, Roger Stone were ruined by these scum swamp dwellers they need to be charged for every crime!

  14. All Day says:


  15. Michael D says:

    This sucks, he should be in prison

  16. steve Sun says:

    Where's Barr in this? Looks like he's not doing his job.

  17. mimseydemon says:

    Trump's own people dropped the case. So of course Fox viewers, always desperate to prove themselves to be worthless brainless scumfucks, whine about "the swamp" and Obama.

  18. Dru Babineaux says:

    I’m guess he’s gonna be a cooperating witness.. they have bigger fish to fry

  19. Laurell LaurellBay says:

    Mc cabe…meet durham…bye bye…

  20. Mike Smith says:

    Oh yea trust In Barr I don't trust any of them

  21. victor portocarrero says:

    l been saying that AG Barr is a TRAITOR since he got the job…DOJ is BIG part of the DeepState…It's very bad that our President does not seeing it that way…!!

  22. FYRFOX198 says:


  23. Ari Lin says:

    I guess he needs to change his name to Roger Stone to get 9 years for lying

  24. Mark Bogardus says:


  25. Jack Steward says:

    Very disappointing ! Justice has not been done . Looks like the swamp needs further draining. Or did McCabe roll over on other criminals at the fbi ?

  26. Trigger Man says:


  27. Ronald Hayes says:


  28. xPHATSNAPSx says:


  29. Mack Galliher says:

    The American people need to get rid of both sides the democrats and republicans are corrupt to the core it’s disgusting what these power hungry people have done to our beloved country and government!

  30. Ken Mullins says:

    okay so what are we going to do to him next? give him back pay or poke him in his finger with our eye? what do you think. I am sick of this crap

  31. Paul Donnelly says:

    AG Barr is weak and wimp . Trump need get a tough AG who have big balls like big guy Matt former acting AG!

  32. Holmes245 says:

    The DOJ is a joke. To expect them to bring justice against one of their own isn't going to happen. More like DOC – the Department of Corruption.

  33. Maria Eastham says:

    I call BS, and it will continue to happen. If you are a Democrat you can get away with anything.

  34. oxy cdn says:

    Boom, Deluded Donald was wrong again!

  35. MEC4LIFE Smiley says:

    Look more and more Barr's mission was to cover for the Traitor's. While looking independent. So sad.

  36. Robert Bierwirth says:

    I was hoping for Sedition

  37. Derick Miller says:

    Now we know Mcabe threatened to take down the house of cards if indicted. People the swamp is much bigger than we realize. This is war!

  38. Is that a thing? says:

    So now that the justice department. Has nothing on him. Except harassment now it's time for him to hire. A civil attorney And Sue the taxpayers For harassment good job Trump….

  39. Dan Godbout says:

    The dirty cop gets a discount on the law while the rest of us would go to jail.

  40. pensive introvert says:

    Wonder no more why AG Barr threw a farewell party for Mr. Rothenstein instead of indicting him. The fix is in for all the plotters.

  41. Agents Links says:

    FKN bastarrds

  42. Jose Fernandez-Leon says:

    News Alert! They just found Lady Justice stuffed in a freezer, looks as if She has been dead for some years. It will take more than resuscitation, but a virtual Resurrection to bring her back to life, if possible. And her veil was noted to have been removed. Suspect DemRats at work, courtesy of the Swamp dwellers.

  43. MYLH says:

    Communists or Hussein Obama appointees, they’re both the same. The system is broken. Repubs are feckless as usual.

  44. Teddyp Haith says:

    Because they don’t have a case….congratulations u played yourself!!!! Stooges

  45. Teddyp Haith says:

    Now give him his pension for his service….

  46. Mike B says:

    Well this is Bullsh_t The Swap Criminals are still in charge.

  47. Doris Hodge says:

    I hope General Flynn's lawyers can get some relief for him. He was charged with lying to the FBI even though the agents interviewing him said they thought he was not lying. His rights have been trampled and his life and finances almost ruined just because he was a Trump ally. Now this lying scumbag, who the OIG recommended criminal prosecution for, is being let off without a scratch and is enriching himself as a television commentator, further spreading his lies all because he is an OBAMA ALLY. One of the hallmarks of America has always been equal justice under the law. No more. If you are a Democat with the right connections there is no corruption that requires prosecution. But, if you are a Republican who the deep state wants to punish, they can just make up charges and have you go bankrupt trying to defend yourself. Then they'll LET YOU plead guilty to stop the persecution. This country is doomed.

  48. Frank Wasbetter says:

    Nothing to see here folks, the swamp talks care of its own. If youre a Trump ally though you get 7-9 year recommended sentences and put in solitary confinement for white collar offenses. What a joke

  49. king kong says:

    There was no charge to brought from the beginning. Now go and get your retirement money and sue

  50. WaryAmerican says:

    CRIME DOES PAY…We The People see it today EVERYday.

  51. Derek Lee says:

    Total exoneration!

  52. Mike B says:

    The President should Fire every U.S. Attorney.

  53. Aries 51 says:

    Meaning maybe he's singing like a canary??

  54. Dave G says:

    HAHA!! Comey, Hillary, and McCabe all roam free while Trumps cronies rot away in prison. LOVE IT!

  55. Denzo D says:

    The swamp in the DOJ is still full of corrupt creatures that AG Bill Barr could not totally eradicate. He really needs help to disband the "Secret Society" in the DOJ and FBI whose members have sworn to protect each other no matter what.

  56. Where's Hunter says:

    Where's Lindsay Graham, you gonna take that ?

  57. bigwaverider says:

    UNBELIEVABLE, Deep state keeps winning and the American people get no JUSTICE. Let's hear from William Barr about this debacle.

  58. Linda Musel says:


  59. Joseph Brasington says:

    Can't lock the corrupt Democrats up, got to save the space for all the Republicans. Our justice system is completely broken, Democrats are completely above the law.

  60. Jason V says:

    We need a real Justice League. But no tights, we wear comfortable black camping pants. And all applicants must have “black bagging experience”. Anyone got any leads on cheap “black site” properties. 😂

  61. Truth Wins says:

    American justice banana republic style. It doesn't look very credible to the world. If this carries on America may fall.

  62. Starr Pendergraft says:

    Was it McCabe that spent $70,000. of our hard earned tax $$$ on a table ? Whether him or someone else… they should repay OUT OF THEIR WALLETS, to the deficit….that WE, the taxpayers are responsible for !

  63. Clyde Triplett says:

    I’m sick of the swamp

  64. Altair Zielite says:

    Has Andrew turned to save his skin? Is he going to throw Barry under the bus?

  65. Clyde Triplett says:

    We can’t get fair law

  66. Jorge Torres says:

    This is an strong statement about who is in control of the justice department, the swamp or the rule of law.

  67. flash001USA says:

    Told ya… I said this the day Bill Barr took the position for Attorney General. This Attorney General is about as real as a bowl of plastic fruit. Attorney General Barr is a Bush era Deep State "Fix-It" man and his only job is to keep a lid on things until Trump is removed from office in 2020 when the Democrats steal the election. If Trump does win in 2020, he will be A lame duck president because the Democrats will not only keep the house, but they will take back the senate in 2020 Not because the American people want them, but because the American people are just plain dumb and they won't raise a finger when corporate interest buy the Democratic party back into power… Mark my words. I predicted this and I was correct. I am the modern-day Youtube Nostradamus… EVERYTHING and I do mean everything I've called has hit with a 90 + percent accuracy.

  68. Always Late Productions says:

    How does one get charges dropped? Probably sang like a bird.

  69. Richard Johnson says:

    sick but the dems claim no ones above thee law what a joke FREE ROGER STONE

  70. sandra burke says:

    Seems Democrats are THE UNTOUCHABLES

  71. Vaughn Westerby says:

    Of course no charges, he’s in the “CLUB”, they don’t eat their own in the “CLUB”!

  72. Danny Weaver says:

    William Barr should be arrested for this!!!

  73. Rod Johnson says:

    And yet Flynn and others are prison bound for lying!!

  74. thru theboringbox says:

    im starting to think this whole thing is a sham being pulled on us by an AI system and they are ALL playing along to its script.. years ago, i saw a video about an AI system that could scrape the internet and predict the future with amazing accuracy. After they reported that it was turned on, i never heard another peep about it.. it has now separated us into categories and is telling each group what they want to hear.. idk what its ultimate goal is but it is leading us all like the pied piper seemingly to our own destruction. How else could Q (Quantum Computer AI) know such things years in advance with so many proofs?.. "future proves past".. i dont think fallible "man" has the capability to do what Q has been doing… it looks like it wants a civil war when i see both sides getting off the hook EVERY time… the comments here are exactly what it wants.. anger. just like the anger on the other side when impeachment failed… anger, anger, anger, 2A retribution,.. i keep thinking about the movie Wargames.. "Do you want to play a game?"… but i could be wrong,.. maybe mccabe flipped.. who knows anymore.. when the whole world is confused, "the C_A has done its job"… sound familiar?

  75. Le DAR says:

    He probably flipped!!!

  76. Michael Ellis says:

    He's a Domino. They have to keep Barry and HRC above the law.

  77. Ab Normal says:

    American people just got shafted hard.

  78. matt morris says:


  79. Lajos Baranyi says:

    Do you feel the slap in your face? Is the deep state spit dripping from you face? Are you not angry that traitors go free and old man are scheduled to be sentenced to due in prism for a crime that never was?
    Something is deeply wrong with the justice we all cherish: it is dying, or maybe as well be dead. To make sure it stays dead, you must give away your rights, the furst and second and after those, all if them. All of them, all of you, slaves.

  80. Big Bang says:


  81. David olinger says:

    No one will be charged for anything. They never are.

  82. tim tim says:

    Unbelievable !!!

  83. Gino Lorenzo says:

    the luciferian society Is no Joke

  84. ekphotography says:

    Yet they want to give Stone 9 years!!! Go figure!

  85. Speed says:

    So let's name all the Democrat-Communist that can't be arrested starting with Hilliar and ending with McCabe.

    TRUMP is the only one in office not on the take . …….

  86. Paulette Teel says:


  87. MrFetusPretzel says:

    Department of Injustice !

  88. Bobby Bee says:

    Didn't he lie under oath? If Stone spends anytime in jail for a lie during an illegal investigation this prick must too.

  89. Jon Hart says:

    The the special prosecutor will. He better or We just may.

  90. daniel shaw says:

    Was this decision by DOJ to throw off scent of the Stone sentence stuff?

  91. Daniel Holm says:

    We have an injustice department. That is all.

  92. Mark Callicoat Sr says:

    What a farce! Are any of these traitors going to be jailed? So what’s going to happen? They’ll be narrowed down to one person? And that’s who’ll take the fall? Well I HOPE ITS OBAMA!

  93. Sea Eagle says:

    The US will go down with unequal justice.

  94. Jeff Stewart says:


  95. dcmfox says:

    The moronic comments are sad and show what a poor education system we have

  96. Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor says:


  97. Louise Stubois says:

    He obviously has made a deal. Look for more to come.

  98. Briane Alt says:

    There is no justice in our government this lil sleaze slimey beadin eyed scumbag liar should be under the JAIL

  99. Anthony Luciano says:

    Its fine there will be firing squads once they completely ruin our republic we wont need too give trials fpr the corrupt.

  100. Unmasking Fools says:

    Yes people law is not applied equally

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